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It was during the next meeting of Organization XIII that I heard of your death. Axel bragged about "purging the Organization of traitors" as if he was doing us a kind favor.

It took every fiber of my very being to keep me still in my chair as he prattled on with his boasts.

Deep inside, I felt another emotion... of pain and hate... of anger. I wanted to rip and tear at the man before me, the man who snatched away my one true chance at happiness, my one chance at having a "heart"...

And yet, I sat silently, obediently, becoming a slave to Axel, the Superior, and their lies.

How ironic it was, when I heard of your passing, I felt as if a part of myself died too. I was never able to fully recover.

The happiness and carefree attitude that I used on my fellow Nobodies was nothing short of a mask... a mask shielding the bitter face of a man with nothing left to loose.

I hated the castle now more than ever, as did I hate its inhabitants.

I cared not if I lived or died. I even took some of the Superior's jobs with the hope that maybe I would die. After all, death would be better than living the sham of a life I kept up now...

There was only one thing I lived for- my silent grudge against Axel. What he did to Zexion was unforgivable.

I only had one thing to ask him...

Why didn't he just kill me too?

Chapter Five - Finale

It had felt like slow torture, sitting with the few remaining members of Organization XIII. After Axel had spoken of the "traitors" he disposed of, the Superior announced what they would be doing for the time being.

None of this really reached Demyx's ears. Even though he was sitting with his fellow Nobodies, it seemed that the blonde was elsewhere in his thoughts. The pain from hearing of Zexion's passing was relentless, though Demyx refused let such feelings show on his face.

He patiently waited for everyone else to leave after the Superior had dismissed them. Axel was the only one lagging behind. He knows I want to speak with him. Demyx thought as he drummed his fingers on the arms of his chair.

Finally, when the others had left, Axel walked towards the blonde. With a simple look, the pyro passed Demyx up, not stopping for any form of conversation.

Demyx leapt up so fast his chair turned over. He clenched his hands tightly and shouted. "Axel!"

The fiery redhead stopped, but didn't turn around. Instead, Axel put his hands on his hips. "Yeah?" Was the lazy reply that came from him.

"Why-" Demyx started, but was interrupted by Axel, who turned around and glared at the younger Nobody.

"Don't start with that Demyx, it's really pathetic."

Axel's narrow eyes seemed to burn into Demyx. Even though what had happened with Zexion was causing Demyx so much pain, it seemed that Axel was proud of what he had done. His eyes showed no mercy, and his mouth was twisted into an unmistakable grin. That was what pissed Demyx off the most.

"How could you do something like that! He was one of us!" Demyx's voice seemed to get louder with every second he realized that he was staring into the eyes of Zexion's killer.

"Well, you know what they say- Orders are orders." Axel said, coyly. His eyes danced around the room, showing that he was now clearly bored with the situation.

Demyx felt as if his teeth were cemented shut from clenching them. "How can you be so... so...-"

"Heartless?" The pyro finished Demyx's sentence with a raised eyebrow. "Come on now, Demyx, I'm not a Heartless. I'm a Nobody. A Nobody with no feelings and no regrets of ridding this Organization of filth." Axel's eyes locked with the blonde's. "Got it memorized?"

That was the last straw for Demyx, who summoned his sitar to his aid and rushed forward. But no sooner did he preform this action, Axel had Demyx pinned up against a wall. He used one arm to pin Demyx to the wall by his neck, the other holding the arm with the sitar useless at his side.

"Now, now... why so hotheaded all of the sudden? After all of the work Zexion did in his final hour to make sure you wouldn't get killed... you're going to put all of that to waste?" Axel mused, enjoying the look on Demyx's face as he struggled to get out of his grip.

Using the hand next to the sitar, Axel broke one of the strings on it and smiled. "He tried so hard to keep you out of harm's way, but you still throw yourself into it despite his sacrifice. How... sad."

With that, Axel let go of Demyx, who fell to the floor at his feet, seemingly crushed with thoughts and emotions buzzing in his head. Smirking at what he had just done, Axel turned on his heel and left the blonde to his sulking, a smile set upon his face.

It had been a long, drawn out year of hell after that. Demyx had gone out of his way to stay away from Axel after what had happened between him, but the anger of what happened in the past still burned brightly within him.

However, there were larger matters at hand now. Since the Keyblade Master known as Sora had awakened from the memory sleep Namine placed him in, the Superior was quick to say it was now a time to put their plans into action.

Even though he was doing his part for the Superior and the Organization, Demyx couldn't have been any more unhappy with himself. The way he lived was a sham compared to his days with Zexion. Now, instead of the laughter and lightheartedness he had known a year ago, everything was replaced with living a false life of sarcastic comments and witty one shots at how messed up the Organization was for choosing him to do certain tasks.

Though Demyx did complain about most of the jobs he was given by the Superior, he ended up taking them regardless of risk because once away from Castle Oblivion, Demyx could be whoever he wanted to be without the watchful eye of Organization XIII bearing down on him.

But things lately had taken a turn for the drastic. Sora was becoming more aware of their plans by each day. Demyx had already messed up when confronting Sora once already, and he halfheartedly felt that Axel would be showing up any day now to get rid of him for being such a failure to the Organization.

In his mind, Demyx just didn't care any more. What was the price of his sarcastic words and failed attempts to reawaken Roxas? Death? Death was the only thing Demyx wanted now. More than anything, he wanted to be at Zexion's side again without worrying about what anyone else would say or do. More than anything, he wished for this sham of a life to be over with so he could finally spend some days in true peace.

Demyx was constantly thinking of all of these things, though he probably shouldn't have been thinking about death and dying when he was getting his assignment to intercept Sora in Hollow Bastion. Demyx had a sinking feeling inside of himself that he was being sent on this mission to accomplish what the Superior asked of him or die trying. In his state of mind, the later wasn't sounding so bad.

Demyx was really thinking of going through the battle with Sora halfheartedly, but changed his mind when Sora accused him of not having any real emotions or feelings because he was a Nobody. For the first time since his scuffle with Axel almost a year ago, Demyx was compelled to fight someone.

Even though Demyx gave it his all, Sora still managed to beat him with the help of his teammates Donald and Goofy. The blonde's body was jolted with pain, and even though it was his wish to die, Demyx cried out in agony as his body crumbled in defeat.

But amidst the pain he was feeling, Demyx was happy. When the Keyblade kid turned his back on the defeated Nobody, the blonde smiled to himself. "I'll see you... after a year of waiting, I'll see you again..."

You always had that strange grin on your face, as though you found something deeply amusing.

I was told that some young blonde had entered this place with a big grin on his face, as if he were happy to be dead.

I knew it was you.

I followed your scent, and even though I hadn't seen you for a year, I remained calm when I approached you.

"You're late." I said.

"I know." You said.

Even as I embrace you now, I know nothing will ever come between us again. Through life alone, life as a Nobody, and death had kept us apart for so long...

We were finally together.

And that's how it will always be, now and forever.

I asked you, just once, for you to let me hear it. Just once, I wanted to hear you say it.

You said without hesitation.

"I love you."

I said it too, deep down inside. I'm sure you heard it.

I love you too.

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