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The last of the Evans Blood

Prologue - (Mcgonagall & Dumbledore's pov)

..:Mcgonagall's pov:.. -

I remember that day very well, the day I found out that Lily had another sister than Petunia, the muggle. If I remembered correctly, the headmaster, Dumbledore was surprised too.

I called out, "Jasmine Evans!" and took a double look. Sure enough, there it was 'Evans'. I always thought Lily had only one sister. I glanced quickly at the little girl sitting in the stool with the sorting hat on top of her head.

"GRIFFINDOR!" shouted the hat after five minutes.

As usual, the Griffindor table erupted in claps and cheering but none of them where louder than Lily.

When the little girl stood and made her way over to where Lily was. I looked at her carefully, yes she was Lily's sister indeed, she had blackish/red hair and livid green eyes. The different was when you looked at Lily's eyes, you saw intelligence and courage, but with Jasmine's eyes, you saw intelligence and mischief, just like Potter and Black.

Wait..Potter and Black?

Oh Good Lord..not another troublemaker!

I chuckled at what I assumed she'll be, a long time ago. I can't help but wonder ' what is Dumbledore thinking of keeping Jasmine a secret from Harry?' After all, he has a right to know that he used to have 2 aunts before that terrible thing happened.


..:Dumbledore's pov:..-

Jasmine Evans, she was bound to follow her sister's footsteps and her brother-in-law also.

What a darling child she was, full of curiosity and mischief, always looking for a way to step out of her sisters' shadows but when she achieved it, it was a terrible cause. What surprised me was that Lily's parents made such good judgements of their names.

Petunia - a pretty common flower that varies in different colors on it's moods. Just like Petunia, she is common with different moods but because jealously rules her heart, she doesn't look pretty. Only when she lets go of her petty jealously will she be.

Lily - a delicate white flower, it has many names such as tiger lily which is the nickname that Jasmine uses for Lily because of her fiery temper towards James.

Jasmine - also a delicate flower, comes in purple and sometimes rare in diffrent colors. Yet this flower isn't at all as it seems just like Jasmine.


Even though Jasmine was still a child when that happened, she never really was one to start with.

She was a prophetic seer also and a cursed one at that.

Or she used to be.

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