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Chapter 5 - untitled

Jasmine's pov

'After that,I can never remember what Dumbledore and I were talking about. All I can make out is that we were talking about a vision, an important one by the looks of it. When Lily asked me what we were talking about, I told her what he told me.

Puzzled, she said "It looked more serious to be that, judging the way Dumbledore was so serious. I know you never kept scrects from me, don't start now Jasmine."

We never talked about that and when it somehow gets switched to that subject, we'll quickly change it.

June came and with it, the exams. The fifth years and seventh years started studying every night as long as possible. Lily was the worst about studying, I swear if it weren't for me nagging her to go to sleep or to eat, she would've fainted or something. Hopefully, the exams blew over, taking with them, only a few victims.

Jasmine quickly walked towards where no one can see her, a table who sat one person, reading a heavy book. Eyes twinkling, she gently put her hands over his eyes and asked, "Guess who?"

He chuckled, "Jasmine, I need to finish studying for the last NEWTS I'll have to take."

Jasmine pouted, "Why? You could probably pass it half-asleep Remus!"

"Yes, you're probably right but just in case, please let me study."

Jasmine sighed and left.

'I began to have terrible headaches, as I get fuzzy images of the past or future. That had never happened to me before and it took it toll on me. How I wished I didn't have this so called "Gift" but life is very cruel. All of it started after James had proposed to Lily on graduation day and... she accepted.

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