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The Fantastic Quartet

Ginny Weasley sighed as she sat in the back of the dungeons of the sixth year potions class. She sat beside Harry Potter, whom sat beside Ron Weasley; he was sat beside Hermione Granger.

At fifteen, Ginny found her self studying with the sixth years instead of the fifth. She had studied hard and had earned grades almost to the same standard of Hermione's. Meaning the headmaster and her head of house, they had granted her permission to skip a year, and join Harry, Ron and Hermione in year six, after she had gained eleven owls over the summer holidays.

They were currently brewing a complex potion, a potion that would give them the ability to take on any form they saw fit, for an hour. If said potion was brewed wrong, it would either kill them, or leave them horribly disfigured.

Of course Pansy Parkinson-Zabini, whom was married to Blaise Zabini after she had become pregnant by him in their fifth year, she was not aware of this; she of course had not been listening to Snape's lecture. Meaning what she did next, was done unknowing of the ending consequences, she having not intended to course any serious harm, only to humiliate them, and give them a brief spell in the hospital wing, nothing more.

When Harry and the other three went to the front of the class to get a test tube each, in order to test their completed potions, Pansy placed a complex invisibility charm on her self, that her husbands father had taught her and Blaise over the summer.

She quickly took a potion phial out of the pocket of her school robes and opened the stopper before quickly tipping some of the phials contents into each cauldron before quickly making her way back over to her seat, and removing the spell.

Her husband and Draco Malfoy grinned gleefully and nodded to her, on a job well done. They sat back and waited for the annoying quartet to be humiliated. The three Slytherin's watched and waited with anticipation, as the quartet filled a test tube full of the now tainted potion.

They waited with barely concealed glee, glee as the four Gryffindor's brought the test tubes to their lips, before quickly downing the bright neon blue substance. At first nothing happened. That within seconds ceased to be the case when all four teens screamed loud blood chilling and curdling screams of immense agony.

They fell back off of the bench and landed hard on the stone cold dungeon floor. They felt every cell in their bodies screaming in fiery agony.

Many people screamed as they watched the most horrifying thing occur. They watched as every vein in Harry's body was visible and glowing the colour of fire. He was sweating rapidly as his head shook from side to side rapidly.

Ginny was covered in deep purple veins. Her faced was scrunched up in sheer agony, agony like she had never known or thought possible to exist. She felt like she was on fire, also like her veins were being drenched in ice at the same time.

Ron on the other hand was covered in aqua coloured veins. His head was thrown back and his mouth was open in a silent howl of agony. He was going insane, as his eyes rolled back into his head.

Hermione violently shook on the floor, as her veins flared a bright startling blue. She shrieked loudly, as she continued to tremble violently, her hands clenched at her sides in tight fists.

Snape looked genuinely terrified, as the colour drained from his already pale white complexion. He felt like he was going to be violently ill. It truly was a horrendous sight to behold. He had seen and done many vile things, but this was the ultimate horror for him.

Snape quickly dismissed the class. He then fired call Albus, who then call Minerva McGonagall and Madam Poppy Pomfrey the school matron.