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Summary: Shonen-ai of sorts. The twin's passion for music sparks great things.
A/N: A little sappy, a little fluffy. All the good stuff smushed into a little drabble. Oh, and some OOCness. God, I've made Dante seem like such a pansy O.o


When they were younger, Vergil played the piano. Dante was captivated by it; he'd stand in the shadows of the hallway and watch his brother practice. He loved the pure and passionate sound Vergil could coax from the instrument, a truly beautiful sound.

So Dante took up an instrument of his own – the cello. He was determined to become better than his twin. At first, it was a struggle of power, seeing who could keep the attention of their mother the longest. However, as Vergil practiced hour after hour, Dante would sometimes sit behind him, and plunk out the same tune by ear.

A bond was formed. Very soon the two wouldn't play separately anymore, it was always a duet. A spectacularly brilliant duet. The passion emanating between them and their music was endless; perfect. They could extract every dazzling emotion from a person's psyche as they played, just by running a bow or hand over strings or keys.

It all went away the day Vergil died. Dante set aside his cello, and vowed never to play again.

There was only silence in the dark.


It was years later that Dante learned of Vergil's real fate – his brother was alive and out there. He didn't know what to think; was he worth the search, worth the work? Was such a dead love worth rekindling?

Vergil thought so. There was a theater in which the two had occasionally performed in, broken down and shut away. Vergil was much more attracted to the place than Dante, and would come and sit for hours at a time in front of the shatter piano as he used to do, not playing a single note. Twins do think alike at times.

Dante appeared there one day, following the rumors of a Sparda demon in town. Silently, the two stood apart, Vergil at the piano, Dante at the door. Vergil reached a hand forward, playing a simple tune with the few keys left. It was horribly out of tune, but it broke the silence. Dante was racing down the aisles, leaping onto the stage and clasping his arms tightly around his twin. He was sobbing without abandon, face pressed into the older man's jacket. Vergil smiled pleased. As Dante's tears subsided, he peered up at Vergil's sharp face that looked so much like his own.

"Play something. Anything. It's all I've wanted to hear for so long."

"Only if you play for me, little brother. And you can't use the excuse that you don't have an instrument. I've waited too long."

Dante laughed and leaned over his brother, repeating Vergil's simple melody very quietly.



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