Hey.This is my first Hm fic,so I dont know how it'll do.Lol,I love the show,so I think it might be okay.So,ya lets just start the story now.

Chapter 1:Morning Miley!

Miley woke up to the familiar rays of the sun shining through her windows.Today was the first day of summer vacation and her,her father,Jackson and Lily were leaving to go on a trip to L.A the next day where she would be trying out for a movie ((As Hannah Montana)).She had planned this trip to relax and just enjoy vacation,but her and Lily had fould out that try outs for the movie Teenage Forbids,((I couldnt think of anything else,lol)) were next week.Her and Lily had read over the plot of the movie,and thought it was perfect for Miley.Lily had somehow persuaded her to try out for it as Hannah Montana.But they were keeping it from her dad and Jackson,and if she got it,then they would tell them,but if she didnt get it,then they wouldnt tell.Since they were leaving the next day,Miley planned to spend the whole day with Oliver,just the 2 of them.Now,normally this would have been a little weird to spend a day together,just the 2 of them without Lily.But since they wernt going to see each other for the entire vacation,this was important to both of them.What she and Oliver had was special,and she didnt want to ruin their friendship in just one summer.He was the first friend she had met when she first moved here ((Made that up)).I know what your thinking,what about Lily?Well,Miley had met Oliver first,but was closer with Lily.Probably because Lily was a girl,and in my opinion at least,is that if your a girl,its easier to share secrets and feelings with another girl instead of a boy.She got up,took a shower, and got dressed.She wore a red and white tank top((Red with white letters)) that said "Secracy girl",a pair of light jeans that hugged her curves perfectly and some white and red DCs.She then went downstairs for breakfast.When she got down there,her Dad was in he living room area,trying to write a song.

"Hey Miles"


"So,what do you have planned for today?"

"Uh,I'm just planning on hanging out with Oliver all day"Miley said,pouring herself a bowl of cereal.

"Isnt that the kid who loves you?"

"Dad,he loved Hannah Montana,till he found out it was me, come on Dad,hes my best friend,leave him alone"Miley said,hardly believing her self that she just said that.

"I know sweetie,I'm just joking.What about Lily,arnt you all gonna spend time together?"

"Well,I thought about it,and since I'm spending the whole summer with Lily,me and Oliver figured we wanted to spend some time together,just the 2 of us."

"Wait,your blowing off Lily for the Oakin boy?"A familiar voice from the stair way came distant but clear as crystal.

"Shut up Jackson!"

"Son,shes right.Plus,you have all summer to bug her about it anyway"


"Just Kidding"


Miley finished her cereal and walked over to the door.

"Bye"She said


"Bye"Jackson said"Have fun on your date"He murmered just loud enough so Miley could hear.

"Its not a date!I hate being the only girl in the house,thank god Lily's coming to L.A or I might die"She said before she shut the door and headed off to Oliver's.

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