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The next day they were off to L.A. So far, all they had done was check into their hotel. The next day was the movie auditions, and Miley was so nervous that it wasn't going to work that she almost told Lily that she wasn't going. Of course, that got Lily a bit...mad?

"Why can't you go?"

"Because, He'll figure it out."


"When I'm gone most of the time!"

"Miley, remember what we agreed to do if you made it?"


"Tell him! And besides, that won't even be for a couple of weeks at the least."


"You can do this! You've snuck out to go to the movies before, and you never got caught."


The Next Day

Miley stuffed her wig into her purse before going over what she would say to her Dad if she got caught one last time. Lily was still in the bathroom trying to get her wig on perfectly. When she came out, Miley wrote a note to her Dad, stuck it on his door and left before he could wake up.


We went to the beach for the day, don't bother coming

to look for us. We should be back before the reservations

for the reseraunt expire, but if we're not then call Lily's cell.

(I wont have mine on probably)


Miley & Lily.


Miley had just gone in to audition, and Lily was left waiting outside. She looked around the small room she was in, only consisting of 9 chairs and a few people. Then she saw the strangest thing. Oliver was sitting in a corner. She decided to go over and say hi. She walked over, and just stared at him until he finally looked up.

"May I help you?"

"Oliver! Its me, Lily!"She whispered



"Since when do you have purple hair?"

"Its a wig dummy"


"I'm here with Miley. She auditioning right now"

"As Hannah?"


They talked for another 10 minutes before Lily saw Miley coming out. She dashed back to her seat just as Miley came out of the door.

"Lets go"


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