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AN about the naming of Well La De Frickin' Da:

Well with this being an abuse story anyone would think that it would have a name like Freedom or Escape. Something that would need motivation to get, but there are so many abuse stories out there, as I'm sure you're all aware of, that it just seemed overdone.

When I was naming this story I was trying to think of something that would catch someone's eye. They would see the summary and think "Oh, well this is just another abuse story. La De Da." Hence the title.

I know some people probably see this and think that I feel as if abuse is just la de da, but I don't. It sad that the people who are suppost to protect the victim end up harming them. Believe me, the name had nothing to do with the story itself, but more for the content it was written. Something that would leave the readers guessing.

Hopefully this didn't offend anyone. If it did I'm truely sorry.

Well La De Frickin' Da


All was quiet in the little town where Kagome Higurashi grew up and it even seemed peaceful. That is, to everyone that didn't know how Naraku Higurashi treated his daughter ever since the tragic accident that killed his wife and son. And absolutely no one knew about that.

Kagome stood in front of the bathroom mirror with tears streaming down her bruised face as she hurriedly tried to cover them up with makeup. She winced when she dabbed too hard a fresh one.

"Girl! Get down here now!" her father yelled from down stairs. She bit down on her lip to keep from crying out.

Kagome rushed down the stairs, not wanting to get into deeper trouble than she already was in for reasons unknown to her. She slowed her pace when she got him in sight and timidly walked toward him. "You called for me Dad?" She could tell by the countless number of empty beer bottle on the ground that he was intoxicated and Kagome hated it when he was drunk.

Her father carelessly tossed another empty bottle across the room, then looked up at his daughter. "Pack your shit. We're moving."

Kagome looked at him in confusion. "What? Why?"

Naraku gaze on her hardened with rage. "Are you questioning my judgment, girl?" he yelled as he stood up and staggered over to her. Kagome took a step back as she recognized the look in his eyes. He reached out and grabbed her by the hair. "Are you running away from me, girl? After all I've done for you? Provided you the clothes on your back and a roof over your head and you have the nerve to ran from me?" He drew his hand back a slapped her across the face.

Kagome felt her body tense as his hand struck her face. She wanted to cry, but her pride wouldn't let her lower herself to that degrading level. She felt him throw her onto the floor, then reel back and kick her in the stomach. Kagome grunted in pain. "You are a worthless piece of filth! I wish you were never born! My life would have been so much easier!" he hollered as he kicked her continuously.

Kagome squeezed her eyes shut and let the attacks come. It was pointless to struggle. It only made the beatings longer and fiercer. She just wanted it to end.

After a while, her father got bored with her and sat back down in his chair. "Get dinner started." he demanded as Kagome pulled herself off the ground and limped toward the kitchen with her hand of her stomach, "And bring me another beer!"

They sat in the living room and ate dinner while watching a TV sitcom. Kagome eat very slowly. She was nervous and she wanted to ask him what he meant about them moving, but she was afraid of getting another beating.

"As I said before, we're moving tomorrow and you'll start going to your new school tomorrow as well." Naraku said as if reading her thoughts.

Kagome nodded in response. She didn't know why they had to move. They lived very contented here. Maybe he was afraid that someone would catch onto his abusive side. That was probably it.

As far as the new school went, it really didn't matter to Kagome. She was quiet and didn't make eye contact with anyone. She had no friends or even companions. Her father had strictly forbidden it and she knew that boyfriends where out of the question.

"Go pack your shit," her father told her as he threw his trash onto the floor. Kagome started to go up the stairs when he added, "and when you're done, get your ass down her and pick up this mess."

"Yes Dad." she said as she went up the rest of the stairs and into her room. She looked around her pitifully small room. Kagome sighed as she filled up one duffle bag with everything she owned.

After she zipped it up, she walked back down stairs and started picking up the messy living room. Her father had drank himself asleep yet again and was now lying on the couch. She walked over to him and stared at him. All she wanted was for him to love her. Why couldn't her love her like he use to when her mother was alive?

She shook her head of the heartbreaking though and finished cleaning. Then she walked back up to her room and fell asleep on her comfortless mattress.

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