Anonymous Attraction

A sequel/follow-up story to "Wayward Desire."

By Ticklesivory

AN: If you haven't read "Wayward Desire" I encourage you to. It's not vital to have done so in order to understand this story, but there will be several references made to its plot and certain things will be better understood if you do go ahead and read it.

Thank you for your attention. Now, please sit back and enjoy the show. : )

Chapter One

The bright yellow sphere propelled its way through the darkness of training room seven on the second level of the Jedi Temple. A blue lightsaber moved back and forth in rapid succession preparing and taking aim at the projectile. Scattered about the room were other shafts of light in different colors, all humming and harmonizing with the approaching laserball.

The laser chorus was suddenly interrupted by a high-pitched chirp that all the padawans in the room recognized. Its abrupt sound interfered with the concentration of the young Jedi aiming at the ball of yellow light and his blue 'saber arced through empty space.

"That's a miss, Skywalker!" A voice from the far end of the training room called out excitedly.

With a slightly aggravated wave of the young man's hand, the lighting in the training hall immediately powered on. Anakin Skywalker unhooked his comlink from his belt and glared at it.

"Yes Master?" He spoke into the transmitter, trying to sound as patient as he could.

"Anakin. I thought you were going to clean up our quarters today. It's a mess. There are engine parts everywhere."

"I am, Master." The padawan breathed deeply to suppress his frustration.

"Today, Anakin." The voice on the comlink insisted.

"Today, Master. I'll be there in ten minutes."

The sixteen-year-old Jedi Padawan replaced his comlink and powered down his lightsaber.

"Sorry guys," he said turning to his friends. "It looks like I've gotta run."

Another padawan, the same age as Anakin but not nearly as tall approached, handing him the now inactive laser ball. "With all respect, Anakin, Master Obi-Wan needs a hobby."

Anakin chuckled in agreement. It seemed that every time he had an opportunity to hang out with his friends, Master Obi-Wan inevitably interrupted him for one thing or another.

"Geez, Ani." A young Twi'Lek female padawan said, approaching him from behind. "What was it last time? Finishing your astronavigation paper?"

"Which wasn't due for another three days." A tall Bothan male noted.

"Have we ever been able to complete a game?" Padawan Trell, a human male and one of Anakin's closest friends asked.

"You know my Master." Anakin replied with a grin. "Business before pleasure."

"Well, maybe a little pleasure would do him some good." Joked the Twi'Lek named Dimi.

Anakin smiled at the thought of his Master partaking in anything pleasurable, other than his constant reading of antique books whose titles Anakin couldn't even interpret.

"Yeah Ani." Chuckled Padawan Trell. "Sounds like you need to get your Master laid."

The young Jedi padawan's head shot up. "What did you say?"

Trell swallowed and looked at his friend closely. "He needs to get laid?"

A broad smile slowly crept across Anakin's face. "That gives me an idea! Thanks Trell."

His friend looked slightly confused as Anakin good-naturedly slapped him on the back and hurried from the training room.

When Anakin arrived at his quarters, Obi-Wan was sitting in his favorite chair by the window, the black-framed reading glasses that he always wore having slid down his nose, one hand absentmindedly stroking through his auburn beard, while another held onto a heavy book. Probably, some type of ancient Jedi philosophy that would put him to sleep if he could even get past the first page, the young man thought.

Anyone unfamiliar with his Obi-Wan would have thought him to be too absorbed in his reading to realize that someone had even entered the room. His Master hadn't looked up or moved a muscle. But Anakin knew better. There was no sneaking in past curfew with Obi-Wan. He knew this from experience.

"I'm here Master." Anakin announced as he hung his robe on the hook by their door.

"It's been twelve minutes." Obi-Wan pointed out without bothering to look up from his text.

Anakin kept his eyes on the wall over Obi-Wan's head. He had also learned through experience that his Master could tell whenever he rolled his eyes in exasperation. Obi-Wan seemed to have a sixth sense about it.

"Sorry Master." He replied instead.

Anakin took a quick glance about their common room, noting that there were only a couple of parts lying on one of the side tables. Not a mess at all compared to when he had reassembled his entire speederbike on the common room rug. And Obi-Wan hadn't complained at all about that.

This thought reaffirmed his plan and Anakin walked over to the sofa next to his Master and sat down.

"What is it?" Obi-Wan asked, still not looking up.

Anakin formulated his thoughts carefully. He wasn't quite sure how toapproach this subject.

"Master, do you ever think about women?"

Obi-Wan's eyes shot up and he removed his spectacles, closing the book he held in his hand. "Haven't we had this discussion before?" He peered at his student, one eyebrow arched in curiosity.

"That's not what I mean." Anakin hurriedly explained. There was no way in the galaxy he was going to sit through another one of his Master's dissertations about the mating rituals of the bantha.

"Don't you ever want to go out and have fun?"

"Your idea of fun and mine are not the same, padawan." His Master commented dryly as he stood and placed the heavy volume back on the shelf behind him.

"Come on." The younger Jedi urged. "Surely there is some pretty Jedi Master you can spend some time with. What about Master Secura?"

"Not interested." Obi-Wan answered quickly as he walked away.

"Okay, then. Uhm. Master Pell?"

"Very funny." Obi-Wan quipped, heading toward the small kitchen to get a drink. Anakin rose and followed him.

"Then who?"

"Cut it out Anakin. You know I don't have the time."

"Ha." Retorted the young apprentice from the doorway. "We've been at the temple for two tenths now. That's plenty of time."

"All right." Obi-Wan drank down a serving of juice. "I don't have the inclination. And besides, I don't date other Jedi. Our schedules would never coincide and we'd never see each other."

That was true, Anakin thought. But there had to be somebody.

"A non Jedi, then. Okay." He smiled brightly and snapped his fingers. "How about a politician?"

"Anakin. You know how I feel about politicians." Obi-Wan retaliated, brushing past his apprentice, grabbing his saber and utility belt off of the table.

"Yeah, yeah. You don't trust them, but besides that. This one's a real looker and you already know her."

Obi-Wan glanced over at his apprentice in confused curiosity.

"Padmé Amidala. She's recently moved into an apartment here on Coruscant."

"Has she?" Obi-Wan replied, not looking the least bit interested.

"She's a senator now, you know." Anakin continued to bait.

Obi-Wan smirked and chuckled quietly. "And I've no doubt will fill the role perfectly." His cynical remark was but a murmur and his apprentice had obviously and thankfully not heard it. The boy had always liked Padmé for some reason, but then Anakin didn't know what the young woman was capable of.

"No thanks, Anakin." He insisted. "Don't you have chores to do?" Obi-Wan reminded his young charge as he donned his robe and moved out the door.

"Yes, Master." Anakin droned disappointedly as he watched his Master leave, but he wasn't about to give up. He simply had to find someone to occupy his Master's time other than him. And soon.