a/n: A Luserina-centric drabble after the events in the War Room.

Disclaimer: Check the legal documents all you want, Suikoden V is most definitely not mine.


"I'll do anything you want, Your Highness!" Luserina shut her eyes, feeling too ashamed to even look at the Prince.

After a while, she heard the Prince. "Okay!" She grimaced; surely he would throw her out for being remotely related to such trash like her brother. But instead, she heard a soft and warm voice. "How about a smile, then?"

She opened her eyes and look at him in disbelief. "A… smile?"

The Barows daughter stared at the mirror.

She noticed the ever remaining frown that she had on her face. Coupled with the worry, anger, and fatigue, her eyes looked empty. In the peace of her room, she pondered on the last moment she had truly smiled.

Even as a child, Luserina was very perceptive of her father's suspicious deeds and she hated it. She hated seeing her father acting like a fox and even influencing her brother with his tricks. She didn't know what he was doing, but seeing him acting like a snake then in an instant acting as if nothing was wrong, it made her sick.

She had taken shelter in her mother's arms. It was because of her that she truly smiled. Everyday she would run to her dear mother and pour out her problems until she felt happy again.

But as years passed and her mother grew weaker, Luserina's smile slowly turned into a frown. She watched from the sidelines, helplessly watching her mother slowly die and her father scheme.

Soon, her smiles were no more. She could do nothing. She wanted to help someone in some way, and she did. But none of it meant anything to her. The two main problems were still there in front of her nose but she did nothing but watch.

She hated it.

Even now, she didn't really put an end to her father. The Prince did. All those times she could've done it, the Prince did it.

She was grateful for it, but she also felt empty about it.

The Prince and his friends were able to uncover Barrows so easily in a short amount of time, but she was unable to do so in the entire lifetime she had known her father.

She felt so useless, only to carry the shame of her family on her back. She wanted to help someone, be someone, and do something to affect someone.

But, as the Prince's request rang in her head, she felt different.

She felt safe, no longer feeling unsure.

Just like the times she spent with her mother.

She felt like someone who was happy and content.

It was as if by her happiness alone, she could help people. If she was burdened by worries, how was she to help anyone? Her mother faced all of Luserina's tears with heavenly patience and a smile. Her mother was able to stand and smile, for both Luserina's sake and hers. But she couldn't do that for anyone, not even for her mother.

How was she going to help anyone if she couldn't even help herself?

Luserina stared at her mirror reflection.

Slowly, the ends of her mouth rose like her heart.

How's this, Your Highness?