I do not own Inuyasha. But the poem is mine!

A poem about how Inuyasha feels about his depressing past.
The rips and tears,

The punches and scratches,

My heart has been through them all,

Don't seem to hurt anymore,

It's like,

I've gone numb,

I couldn't love,

Even if I wanted to,

My heart is numb,

And my life is numb,

Go ahead,

Tear my heart,

Rip it into pieces,

And then try to make it whole again,

I won't feel any of it,

Even if you could find all the shattered pieces,

And one by one,

Glue and tape them back together,

I would still be numb,

Even the droplets of rain,

That fell from my eyes,

Could never be dried,

I can't hear what you are saying,

I can't make out your face,

Even if you were to slap me,

Or knock me completely out,

None of it would register,

All of it would go to waste,

Because I'm numb...

"Inuyasha?" Kagome asks.

Inuyasha and Kagome are out in a field in the dead of the night, watching shooting stars go by.


"Why won't you open up?"

"I'm numb...Kagome..."

"Let me make you feel again," Kagome whispers as she embraces Inuyasha.

Slowly, Inuyasha embraces back and his heart can feel the little warmth that Kagome is offering.

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