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Ok people, I am not that great at dueling or anything, and I don't know how a duel works half the time, or the card's attack/defense points at times. I also will be making up a deck (and I mean making up) for The Soul Taker.

"Hey guys! Did you hear the news? A couple of girls disappeared!" Syrus exclaimed, as he walked up to his friends.

"Really? Who?" Jaden asked, while they headed for class.

"Not sure. But they were Obelisks, and they disappeared after they took a walk near the ocean."

"Syrus, you shouldn't believe everything you hear." Bastion said, joining them.

"For once, I agree with him." Chazz said, which surprised all of them.

As they sat in their seats, Jaden said, "Hi Alexis!" She didn't answer.

Jaden asked, "What's wrong with her?" to Chazz.


After class, Jaden went up to Alexis, who seemed to be in her own little world.

"Alexis? Hey Alexis! Wait up!" As he was about to go up to her, Zane stopped him.

"Jaden, that's not a good idea. She's really troubled right now."

Zane told them to follow him. As they stepped outside, Jaden could see Alexis's figure walked away.

"Why isn't Lex with her friends?" he asked.

Atticus came up next to Zane. "Because", he started, "The girls who disappeared were her friends, Mindy and Jasmine."

"So that rumor was true?" Chazz asked surprised.

Zane nodded.

Syrus came up to them. "Guys, I hear another rumor that it was a girl who took them. She was wearing a necklace, and Mindy and Jasmine got sucked in! I think it's true, Rosa saw it!"

"You mean the same Rosa who would never tell a lie as long as she lived?" Bastion asked.


"Who comes up with that?" Chazz asked.

"Not sure…" Bastion added in.

"Might as well believe you." Chazz stated, leaving a confused Syrus behind.

Alexis walked outside near the ocean.

"Why does everyone have to be taken away from me?" she asked herself.

She let the ocean calm her nerves. It always relaxed her for some reason. She loved the ocean, and no anger or sorrow could get in the way of that.

"Huh, you could be a very interesting card, considering you like the ocean. You'd be perfect!" Alexis looked up to meet a woman, probably sixteen.

What was really interesting about this woman was that she was a mermaid. Her tail was light blue, as well as her short, neatly cut hair. Her face was a cream color, much like Alexis's, and she had navy blue eyes. Her top was strapless, but designed with waves. On her arms, there were bands, which were part of her outfit. Around her slender neck, there was a necklace with a mermaid tail on it. Her tail was splashing in the water.

"Who are you?" Alexis asked alarmed, and stood up.

"I am the Soul Taker, as your friends in this school call me."

"You? You took my friends?"

"Of course."

"You'll pay for that!"

"Fine, we shall duel. If I win, I get to have your soul. But if you win, I'll give you your friends back and be on my way!"


"Alexis!" Alexis turned to see Jaden, Syrus, Zane, Chazz and Bastion on the cliff. "What are you doing? Who is that?" he yelled form the top.

"Hello. I am the Soul Taker."

"So you are real?" asked a surprised Syrus.


"And you're a mermaid?"

"Very good dear. Now quit with the questions. I have a duel to get to."

Alexis and the Soul Taker both prepared themselves and said, "DUEL!"

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