That night Shadow decided to go to a bar. Once he stepped inside everyone just stopped doing what they doing and had their eyes on the black hedgehog that walked through the door. 'What the hell are they looking at?' Shadow walked towards the counter as the tough men still had their eyes fixed on him. Shadow had heard most of their comments about him, but he decided not to do anything about it.

"That's the guy that killed that Street Punk Lance", one said.

"I heard he's the toughest guy in Mobius", another said.

"He doesn't look that tough, but he sure looks evil."

"I bet yea I could pound the living shit out of him."

Shadow calmly sat on the stool patiently waiting for the bartender to come.

The bartender finally faced him trying to look friendly. The bartender was a grey rhinoceros with green eyes. "Can I help you?"

"Yeah just give me a regular beer."


While he was getting the beer a female voice called out to Shadow, "Hey handsome, long time no see."

Shadow looked beside him and saw a black female bat wearing a long black dress with black mascara and red eyes. "Do I know you?"

The bat giggled, "Of course you know me. Don't you recognize me, Shadow? It's me Nails."

Shadow began to take another look at her, "Nails, you...changed..."

"Yeah you don't look too bad yourself."

Shadow decided to change the subject, "So how's your sister?"

"You mean Rouge? She's fine, she's just taking a little vacation. She won't be back for a long time."

The bartender set his drink on the counter.

Shadow began to drink it.

"Is it true?" Nails asked.

Shadow looked over to her, "What is?"

"Did you kill the leader of the Street Punks?"

Shadow set the glass of beer down, "Yes."

"How brave of you. You must be really strong."

Shadow smirked, "You think I'm strong huh?"

"I see that you act a lot different the last time I saw you. I still have that silly crush on you." She leaned over and slid her hand on his leg.

Shadow stared at her while she did it. He took her hand away from his leg, "I noticed."

Nails smiled at him and he smiled back.

Shadow then felt someone tap his shoulder. He quickly spun around and saw a biker pig that looked like he wanted to fight. Shadow saw the rest of his gang behind him, looking like they were trying to avoid the fight. "What do you want?"

The biker cracked his knuckles, "I heard you're pretty tough."

"If you want to put it that way."

"I want to fight you right here, right now."

Shadow seemed calm about the challenge, "You challenging me? Heh, what a joke."

The biker grabbed his black coat, "You got a smart mouth on you, you know that? Time to teach you a lesson. I'll show you tough." He raised his fist in the air ready to hit him.

"Don't touch me", Shadow took his hand and pushed the biker towards the other side of the room.

He hit the wall with his back hard. He quickly got up and took out a pocket knife, "You're gonna pay for that, hedgehog!" He ran towards him with the knife in a stabbing position. He tried to strike the knife at him, but Shadow had grabbed his wrist. "You think you're a real bad ass don't you?"

Shadow smirked and snapped his wrist causing the biker to drop his knife to the floor.

The biker yelled in pain as he fell on the floor holding his broken wrist.

Shadow stood from the stool and took his knife off the floor and stabbed it in the biker's neck.

The biker no longer yelled. He just lied there on the floor bleeding from his neck.

Shadow looked at the rest of the gang with an evil smile, "You wanna challenge me as well?"

"You're gonna pay for killing him!" One shouted. He took out a chain and swung it at Shadow.

Shadow held out his hand and caught the chain. He pulled on it and swung it at the wooden table. The biker was sent flying into the table breaking it.

Shadow faced the rest of them with a smile, "You're boring me to death."

Another biker decided to fight him, "I'll give you death!"

When he ran up to him, Shadow had his hand in his chest where his heart was. He took his heart out of his chest and squeezed it then the biker's heart bursted in his hand. Shadow dropped the heart on the floor with blood coming from his hand, "Anyone else?"

The rest of the bikers got scared and started to flee. They ran out the bar screaming.

Shadow then heard a gun clicking behind him. He knew it was the bartender, "Put the gun away, I'm no threat to you."

The bartender was shaking the shotgun in his hands, "You...killed them. What are you?"

Shadow turned his head and faced him, "I am Shadow the Hedgehog. Don't worry I only kill those that intend to piss me off. Just put the gun down."

The bartender slowly lowered the gun as Shadow sat back down at the stool. He backed a way and secretly reached for his phone. He turned around and started to dial while Shadow was talking with Nails. He then heard ringing behind him. He heard Shadow answer in the phone he had.

"Detective Hedgehog here."

The bartender dropped the phone to the floor. He turned to face Shadow who was putting his cell phone away. "You work for the Chaotix!"

"Second in command actually."

The bartender felt like he was going to faint.

Shadow grabbed the bartender by his shirt, "Don't tell no one I was here got it? If you do, I'll have your blood on my hands instead of his." He pointed at the corpse of the biker that had his heart taken out.

The bartender nodded quickly, "I won't tell the cops, I swear!"

"You had better", Shadow pushed the bartender on the floor. He walked out the bar with the black bat following him.

Outside of the bar, Nails decided to say goodbye to Shadow. She placed her hand on his cheek, "I guess we should go our separate ways huh?"

"We should, by the way tell your sister I said hi."

Nails thought that Shadow had liked Rouge since he asked about her so much. "Sure I'll tell her", she said with disgust.

Shadow began to walk away.

"Shadow, wait."

Shadow turned to face her.

Nails walked up to him and kissed him lightly on the lips. She broke away before Shadow had the chance to. She smiled, "You thought you could get away without a goodbye kiss didn't you?"

Shadow was surprised with her kissing him. He didn't really enjoy the kiss, but he smiled anyway.

"Bye." Nails began to walk away leaving the black hedgehog deep in thought.