Roxanne POV

She's never been Little Miss Perfect, that position is already filled. She's never been the one to follow by the rules, listen to authority and she's b never /b believed that avoiding sin is the only way to Heaven; If that's the case, someone better reserve her a seat in hell. She's never been good, never been sweet and giving, she's just Roxanne. As long as Meg and Lenny are there for her, whom else does she really need anyway?

Her favorite drink is margaritas, but if you give her a glass, she'll drink it. It may burn going down her throat, or make her dizzy all night, but she'll take it. Who is she to turn down a good drink? A splash of vodka, a twist of lime, a shooter or rum...

She's not a virgin anymore. She lost her "innocence" in the back seat of the car, with the windows fogged up and the parking lights on. The leather seats squeaked every time they moved, and she tried not to laugh; It was supposed to be some serious moment. After it was over, she didn't feel very different. She realized her innocence left with her father walking out, left with her first cigarette, her first drink, her first cuss word, not her first time. She told Meg to wait for someone special, because she knows Meg will regret it if she doesn't; But Roxanne, well, she'll manage just fine with one notch on her headboard.

Margaritas, that slide down you throat, chased by salt and lime. Sometimes when her mind starts to wonder, when she starts thinking all philosophical about her life, she downs a couple and forgets. Girls like her aren't supposed to be that smart anyway.

She loves makeup; Bright lipstick, dark eyeliner. She loves to flip the ends of her hair, wear short skirts and boots. She wants to be sexy, and dangerous, the girl all the guys drool over; Their tongues hanging out like dogs. She lives for that.

Glitter, smoke, diamonds, lights, music...She belongs in the spotlight, just like Lenny. More than Lenny...More than anyone.

Margaritas, that slide down your throat, chased by salt and lime. Sometimes when her mind starts to wonder...she downs a couple and forgets. Dreams are for the foolish, and that's the part she plays.