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"Dearly beloved were gathered here today as we depart Satine from this world"

Christian heard the priest say as the Zidler started to look at Christian as he diverted his attecion to everybody else of the moulin rouge as tears trickled down his eyes .

"Christian are you alright" said Toulouse patting on Christians back

"yes Toulouse I'm fine" Christian said as he looked at the coffin infront of him

"in the name of the father and of the son amen"

" amen" everybody said as Christian walked away slowly looking back a few times as they lowered Satine inside her grave.

Christian looked back as he saw Zidler walk past him as he started to follow were he went in the grave yard as a 21 year old girl greeted Zidler at a distance.

As he looked more closely at the girl he started to notice that she was slim her hair color was dark golden and it was long almost to her waist and she wore a black long dress.

They both started to walk as he saw Zidler start to talk as they walked over towards were he was as they slowly came to a stop.

As I started to look at both of them i saw the girl smile back at me as i started to see Zidler grunt at me "umm Christian i have a few things to talk to you one is about Satine" he said as he slowly embraced the girls shoulder "yea Zidler you wanted to speak to me"

"Christian did Satine ever tell you that she had a daughter"

Christian looked suprise at Zidler

"no she never mentioned it"

Christian said as Zidler started to smile at him "well then its a good thing that you'll get to know each other"

he said laughing as i slowly smiled as i saw the girl with a worried face as "well Christian this is Fleurette Satines daughter" he said as he started to point at the girl next to him "hello Christian its very nice to meet you" she said as she slowly shook my hand"

as they started to walk away as Zidler got ahead of them

in the distance a car was parked as the duke slowly peeked at Christian and the young lady that he was with

as he saw them start to walk away as Zidler walked further than them

"so so now my young lover you see Satine die yet you are perverted in every sense"

he said as he slowly closed his door as he slowly started to untie his blouse

"I want him dead that bloody bastard took everything that i wanted and now look at him he's with another girl dam him that writer"

he said as he started to see his man servant Warton as he cooled down again in his chair as he looked back at the writer and the girl.

"I would also like to know who is he with in the meantime i will ask Zidler personally who she is" he said with a grin in his smile.

"drive" he said as he slowly the car started to get away from the grave yard of paris.