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Chapter Six

Brooke heard the shower being turned on in the bathroom connected to Peyton's bedroom and sagged onto the bed at the sign that Peyton was occupied in there. She didn't know why but she felt jealous and threatened by this mysterious creature Mr Chase Williams.

Who was he? How rich was he? How did they meet? Were they more than just friends? Did they sleep together? How exactly did they feel about each other? And the one that was really playing on her mind: Why hadn't Peyton ever told her about him?

She looked up at Peyton's ceiling and sighed, everything was so confusing and this Chase was just going to confuse it all up even more. One thing she knew for sure though, she loved Peyton Sawyer and Chase Williams (whoever he was) could go to hell if he thought about flirting, wooing or making out with her girl.

She didn't realise her eyelids were getting droopy again or that she was falling into a peaceful slumber until she was already asleep.

When Peyton emerged from her hot shower she smiled at the sight she was met with: Brooke Davis peacefully sleeping on her bed on top of the duvet. And she was just so adorable, she was even drooling…Wait! Drooling? On her covers? NO way!

"Brooke! Get your slimy ass mouth off of my covers." Peyton said pulling the duvet from underneath her body making her tumble onto the ground. Brooke's face was a picture and it made Peyton almost wish she had set the web cam back up just so she had evidence of it. She couldn't suppress her laughter anymore and that was met with a raised eyebrow from Brooke.

"Alright I was going to go all angry moody Brooke on you but how could I when your stood there dripping wet in nothing but a towel…" Brooke bit her lip and smiled. "Damn Blondie you're hot." Peyton felt herself blush a little at the appreciative glances she was getting from Brooke.

"Yeah well I left enough hot water for you to have a shower, so hop to it." Peyton said playfully trying to get her hair as dry as possible. She almost didn't catch the mischievous playful smirk playing on Brooke's face. She raised an enquiring eyebrow and was jumped by Brooke.

Brooke took her head in her hands and crushed their lips together and shoved her tongue forcefully into her mouth, causing her own teeth to catch on her bottom lip. Soon after, as her own tongue started massaging Brooke's she tasted the recognisable tint of coppery blood. Soon enough the kiss was full of passion and they both needed air. The begrudgingly backed away. Peyton felt dazed.

"Wow." She sighed and soon enough Brooke's mouth had found hers again, playfully nipping on her bottom lip, kissing her wound better. Soon her towel was forgotten and they were headed back to the bathroom. Brooke, with Peyton's help, quickly undressed and they shared their first shower together.

Ever since the disaster in Peyton's house Lucas had been feeling sorry for himself and in that moment when he realised that nothing was going to change by him just sitting there, he got up and grabbed the keys to his truck.

As fast as he could, without breaking the law or crashing, he sped to Peyton's house. Without even bothering to knock he headed up into her house and towards her bedroom. He heard giggling and the shower on. Her bedroom door was open so he decided with his subconscious that it wasn't an invasion of privacy and stepped through the doorway.

Her familiar room was a comfort to him and so was the way her scent lingered in it all the time. He spent little time pondering on her room and headed towards the bathroom, he knew he shouldn't, she was in the shower after all. But he told himself he wouldn't go in. He'd just listen to her laughter and then call her out. Before he could though the strewn clothing caught his attention. It hit him like a brick on the head, she was sharing a shower with someone that wasn't him. The fury and jealousy ran through his veins like fire and he felt the need to punch something or the guy that was in there with his girlfriend.

Just as he was about to call them out something he never expected in a million years to happen – Brooke and Peyton exited the bathroom together. In two identical white towel dressing gowns. He looked from Brooke to Peyton and finally he realised what had been happening in the shower. He realised why they had become friends so quickly again. Something he couldn't give either of them, that was why it had never worked between him and either of them. He couldn't give them the other one. They were into each other. He had to laugh at the situation though, his two ex-girlfriends, the ones he had been in an awful triangle with were now together. And the look on both of their faces…it was definitely the sort of story they would all later laugh about.

"Luke." Peyton whispered. Not confirming or denying what they all already knew.


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