Rated: G Genre: Short Story/Humorous Author: BloodEngel Written: July 8, 2005

Poor Poor Yami

Summary: The Fic I promised to write Yami in "In Which Yami Malik Stalks BloodEngel" Neh heh. Yami's having a VERY bad day. Poor poor Yami. (I'm making fun of him if you can't tell.)

Chapter One: In Which The Promise is Kept (Intro.)

It was five something in the morning and BloodEngel was being bored…Again. Let's not get into the whole 'bored talk' like we did before all right? All right. And I just want you to know I really don't think you're a moron. You understand that, right? Good. As long as that's cleared up, now let us move on.

Suddenly and without warning BloodEngel had a gun thrust to the back of her head. "WHERE'S MY FIC!" Cried the voice of the angry Pharaoh.

BloodEngel immediately recognized the voice, "Oh, Yami. You're back from Never Seen Again. How…Nice." The Pharaoh could sense the lie in her sentence, for after coming back from Never Seen Again he had been blessed with special magical powers. Magical powers which could defeat BloodEngel! What was this magical power? He had a gun, you moron…Sorry! I didn't mean it! I didn't mean it! That's it, come on back, there ya go.

BloodEngel gulped with fear. "I'm going to write your fic right now. Why else would I be up at this hour?" Yami foolishly believed BloodEngel but followed her up the stairs to her computer nonetheless. BloodEngel sat down and with a gun being pointed at her head began to write…

Poor poor Yami.

("Blah Blah Blah.") Yami or BloodEngel talking while BloodEngel writes