I TOLD You to Never Leave Fanfiction Lying Around

By Crazyroninchic

Summary: Another day, another ridiculous Sue to scar the canon characters for life with…no, I'm not laughing evilly, why do you ask? ) Sequel to "Never Leave Fanfiction Lying Around."

Chapter One: VERY Short—Ye Be Warned. They won't all be this short, I promise. I just wanted to prove that I was still writing…XD

Eowyn was talking with Arwen until they parted ways—i.e. Eowyn was going back to Rohan for a visit…and extensive therapy…But the point is, before she left, a fateful question was asked.

"So, how did you know all about the Sues, anyway? I know how I did, but that's another story…"

Arwen merely shrugged, or the Elven equivalent. But that was really to mask the horrible feeling of traumatizing memories coming back to the surface. It was a lot like food poisoning, if you add shortness of breath and near heart failure to the mix. Yeah, like that. She saw Eowyn, Eomer, and Faramir off, maintaining a calm demeanor while contemplating running off the highest level of Minas Tirith.

It all made sense now. Her surprising knowledge of the travesty known as Mary Sue—something she should never have had to know about. Her brothers were there, and many others…the details were fuzzy as her mind swam, but she had a pretty good idea what had happened. Should she talk to them about it? Should they share in her misery?

Or, Arwen thought, should I protect them by remaining silent and letting them live their lives in blissful ignorance?


As she banged uncharacteristically loudly into the room where some of the others still remained, Elladan and Elrohir—had they only known—should have been kissing the remainder of their sanity good-bye…


I'm baaack! Muahaha. Sorry the first chapter is so short, I figured I should post it. I'll try my best to be good about updating.