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Summary: Nightwing and Troia hire Flash to find out what's going on between Batman and Wonder Woman.

Author's Note: Why am I writing this? I honestly don't know. But Dick, Donna, and Wally are my top three favorite heroes. What can I say, I'm a Titan fan through and through. I don't care if in DCAU continuity if Wally wasn't in the titans before the League, this is my fic. So I'm taking liberties. Hope you enjoy the story.

Friends, Family, and a Thing Called Love
Chapter 1

"So, did you two catch the monster movie marathon that was on last week?" Wally West asked, as he slurped down an iced mocha while reaching for another piece of pizza.

"Wally, we did not ask you here to talk about…monster movies." Dick Grayson sighed as Donna Troy, who was sitting next to Dick, nodded.

Wally glanced conspiratorially at his two friends. When he had received a call from Donna that she wanted to meet up with him, and that Dick was coming as well, Wally had thought nothing of it. Donna had informed him that Dick wanted to eat at Joe's Pizza Shack, in San Francisco, the pizza place where they had eaten back in their Titan days. Wally was surprised the place was still around, but didn't complain. He'd met a lot of cute girls at Joe's.

When he arrived at Joe's, he'd found Donna and Dick seated at a lone table on the balcony of Joe's. Like him, Wally's two friends were dressed incognito. Although it was mid summer, Dick wore a leather jacket, a navy polo underneath, with long black panted. Sunglasses covered his eyes, which were a baby blue color. Donna, on the other hand, seemed dressed for the weather. She was dressed in a beautiful pink floral print sundress that accentuated every curve on her beautiful body. Her dark hair was curled and a silky white scarf was keeping it out of her face.

They greeted him cheerfully and the trio ordered their food from a petite blonde waitress whose name tag read 'Call Me Mindy'. They discussed various topics while waiting for Call Me Mindy to return with their pizzas, both large pepperoni with extra cheese. Call Me Mindy looked stunned that the three friends could eat so much, but then again, she hadn't the faintest idea that Wally West was actually The Flash and former Kid Flash, and could down three large pizzas if he truly wanted to. Dick told stories of his latest adventures in Blüdhaven and his relationship with Barbara Gordon, who also happened to be Gotham City's Batgirl. Donna, bright eyed, enlightened Dick and Wally about the places she visited while following her career as a photographer and Troia both. Wally also told Dick and Donna about the vivacious television reporter, Linda Park, who seemed to have a 'little' crush on Central City's finest. But when the food arrived and Call Me Mindy left, things changed. Dick and Donna's countenance changed to a more serious look and Wally soon found himself slightly intimidated by his two friends.

"You guys didn't invite me here to catch up, did you?" Wally asked raising an eyebrow.

"Hate to say it Wally, but no." Donna answered, an apologetic look crossing her face.

"We have very important matters to discuss, as in cape business." Dick replied, his voice dropping.

Wally leaned into the table, closing in on his two friends so no one could hear his urgent whisper. "Does this have to do with the Titans? Is everything okay? My God, is Blood after Raven again? Is Deathstroke at large again? Bats mentioned to me that he escaped from Blackgate again. I know I'm in the League, but once a Titan, always a Titan."

Wally, who felt that the situation was life-threatening, was surprised when Dick and Donna burst into waves of laughter. Confusion swept over Wally, as he saw his former teammates and best friends laughing at him. If something was going wrong with the Titans, they wouldn't be laughing, would they? Dick and Donna had been founding members of the team back when they were Robin and Wonder Girl, and had both led the Titans at various points in time, so they couldn't be laughing if something was wrong. Wally felt slightly relieved, but still confused "So, what is going on if there isn't any Titan trouble, because to tell the truth, I'm lost."

Dick regained his composure first, while Donna tried to hide her giggles behind her hand. "The Titans are fine, Wally, don't worry. Everyone is okay."

"Especially Raven." Donna added, smirking "Especially since we caught her and Gar making out on the…"

Dick cut Donna off before she could continue. "Like I said before I was rudely interrupted, everyone is fine. They'll be better if you, Donna, don't feeding the gossip mill."

"I'm hurt, Dick, I'm really hurt." Donna said, pouting her lips and batting her eyelashes.

"Okay…Okay…" Wally sighed. "So what is this all about if it isn't about the Titans? And Gar and Raven were making out on top of what?"

Donna opened her mouth to speak, but Dick covered her mouth with his hand, ending further conversation on Donna's part. Donna furrowed her brow in annoyance as Wally chuckled. Donna was known as one of the biggest gossips in the superhero community, whether she liked to admit it or not. This piqued Wally's attention though. The way Dick and Donna were behaving told Wally that what they were going to tell him wasn't as important as he thought it was. Otherwise, the friends wouldn't be as carefree about their conversation as they were being.

"Donna, when I take my hand of your mouth you will not say a word." Dick said slowly. "Dou you understand me?"

Donna nodded, rolling her eyes at the same time. However, when Dick let go his hold on Donna, the former Wonder Girl, shouted, "On the medlab tables!"


"Would I lie to you?"


"Well, I'm telling the truth now."

"And by 'we' caught them kissing…"


"Kory, Vic, and I."

"Guys…on topic please…"

"What were they going on the medlab table?"

"Blood showed up and…"


"AHA! So I was right about Blood!"

"Whatever, Wally."

"TITANS!" Dick shouted, gaining Donna and Wally's attention. "On topic."

A light blush crossed Donna and Wally's face as the regained a more serious countenance. Donna leaned back in her chair and grabbed another piece of pizza while Wally helped himself to his iced mocha. Dick straightened himself and began to talk. "We called you here to ask you a question."

"A very important question." Donna added.

"That involves superheroes?" Wally questioned, raising an eyebrow.

"We, as in Donna and I, need to know…"

"If there may possibly be anything going on between…"

"It's okay if you don't know…"

"But it would be very useful if you do know…"

"Spill guys, what do you want to know?" Wally asked, his interest rising.

"Is the anything going on between Bruce and Diana?" the two heroes asked in unison.

To Be Continued…