Chapter 5

"This place is creepy." Wally decided.

He, along with Dick and Donna were huddled together in a deserted alleyway in the crime-laden town of Hub City, better known as the home of the Question, or as Wally recently liked to refer to him as, Crazy-Wacko-Stalker-Guy. Wally knew it was a long nickname, but it fir the faceless man, who was indeed a crazy-wacko-stalker-guy. After Wally, Dick, Donna, and Barbara had viewed the tape, Wally comm. Link had mysteriously buzzed, and Crazy-Wacko-Stalker-Guy had stated if they wanted any more information, to come to Hub City the next night at exactly 11:49 PM. How he knew that the former Teen Titans plus one had just finished watching the tape was beyond Wally's thinking capacity, but it further cemented the Scarlet Speedster's opinion that the Question was actually Crazy-Wacko-Stalker-Guy. Barbara had declined going with them, saying she had a dinner with her father. Wally thought this was best. He didn't want her or Dick either trying to kill each other or playing tonsil hockey at the same time.

"Don't you all think this place is creepy?" Wally asked, looking for clarification from his two best friends.

Dick gave Wally his 'What-Are-You-On?' stare. "I'm from Gotham City. I now live in Bludhaven. They make this place seem like Sugarcandy Mountain."

"What's Sugarcandy Mountain?" Wally inquired. He was completely lost on that one.

Donna rolled her eyes and Dick shook his head. "Haven't you ever read…no, you don't read…forget it…it's nothing. Just a nice place where animals are happy."

"You know, just for that, I might now help you anymore." Wally said, crossing his arms over his chest, trying to give his impression of a Bat-glare.

"But then it wouldn't be fun for me." came an ominous voice from the shadows.

Wally, with lightning fast reflexes, turned. Donna actually jumped, grabbing onto Dick's arm. Wally took slight notice, but shrugged it off. When Donna became startled, she usually went to Dick. Much to everyone's relief, Crazy-Wacko-Stalker-Guy stepped out of the shadows, a fedora topping his head and a trench coat wrapped around his body.


"Hello, Cra-- I mean, Question." Wally greeted meekly, barely keeping himself from referring to the faceless detective by his new nickname.

"Flash." Crazy-Wacko-Stalker-Guy nodded his faceless had at the Scarlet Speedster. "Nightwing. Troia."

The was a pregnant silence where the heroes just stared, staring at one another. Wally looked around, not sure if he was the one who was supposed to speak. Crazy-Wacko-Stalker-Guy sure wasn't going to say anything. Donna had let go of Dick's arm, but she was silent. Dick was just glaring, and Wally wondered if it was because that the faceless man had managed to surprise them so easily. Dick didn't like being surprised. Wally found out that fact when he organized the Titans to throw a surprise birthday party for him. Dick had thrown a bang-a-rang at the cake, blowing it up. Wally then learned that surprising Dick Grayson was not a good thing, but then again, he also learned that blown up cake actually does taste good, contrary to popular belief. Wally broke himself out of his reverie and realized that no one was speaking, yet. It was getting really annoying. Why wasn't anyone speaking?

"FINE!" Wally snapped. Dick and Donna turned towards Wally. "What? You all weren't saying anything?"

"So you're helping us now?" Donna asked, raising a perfectly manicured eyebrow.

"So, will one of you three ask me what was on my tape? If not, I'm sorry, but I'll leave. I have a date tonight." Crazy-Wacko-Stalker-Guy began to turn away, but Wally sped in front of him.

Why was he doing this again? If Wally remembered correctly, he hadn't wanted to join Dick and Donna. He didn't want to snoop. But somehow, they had managed to make him say yes. Wally really hated them at times. Stupid Dick and Donna. "Okay, Q-man, we saw the tape."

"I know."

"It was awkward." Dick finally spoke for the first time since Crazy-Wacko-Stalker-Guy arrived. "But I'm not sure I believe it completely."

"Why not? Do you not trust me?"

Donna stepped in, trying to offer her opinion. "Well…it was just…I didn't know he could do that…and seeing him do that…I mean."

"What she's trying to say is, how in Jimmy Corrigan's name were you able to get a tape of Batman, Mr. Has-A-Stick-Shoved-Up-His-Ass, singing?" There was a nervous laughter from Dick and Donna at Wally's interjection, but the awkward silence returned. The Question was staring at them, at least Wally thought he was staring at them, with, if an expression Wally imagined would be quite similar to Dick's 'What-Are-You-On?' stare.

"What, c'mon, you have to admit that was awkward!" Wally exclaimed. "And the fact that he was singing in costume. What was that all about?"

"What I'm wondering about is how you got the tape." Dick growled, obviously not trusting The Question. "Batman certainly would make sure that he would destroy all of the tapes, before and or after he did that."

"Be nice." Donna snapped at Dick, who crossed his arms, still giving his impression of the Bat-Glare, but she hastily turned away, adding, "it is a good question, though. How would you get the tape?'

"You'd be surprised about the things I can find, Donna Troy. The tape, let's just say I happened to be passing by the Iceberg Lounge when the certain incident occurred." The Question answered cryptically. "Do you think that I wouldn't have noticed when Batman called a surprising amount of heroes, meta-humans, into Gotham, his city."

"So you went to Gotham."

"Naturally. I was at the Iceberg Lounge when I saw him singing. I managed to find a tape before Zatanna wiped them all."

"And how does that help us? You said you know the real reason why we're looking for evidence. How does this help us?"

"You don't know?"

"He was singing, that's all."

"He was singing for her."

Wally, whose attention had been dwindling since Dick and Crazy-Whacko-Stalker-Guy began thier tête-à-tête, was snapped out of the land of daydreams and back into the conversation. So Bats was singing for Wondy, Wally thought, now that's new. And the sand part of the whole situation was the fact that he couldn't even bait the Caped Crusader with the news. Otherwise, he might wake up with a bataran shoved up his…

"But why would he be singing for Diana?" Donna demanded, her interest seemingly piqued.

"You must find out that for yourselves." Crazy-Whacko-Stalker-Guy answered, turning away from the Titanic Trio.

"Yeahbutwha?" Wally was dumbfounded as to why the faceless man was leaving. He wanted to help them, didn't he? Why would Crazy-Whacko-Stalker-Guy give him the tape if he didn't?

"I bet you don't even know why he was singing." Dick cut in, a smug expression on his face. "That's why you won't tell us. You don't know."

"Oh but I do know, Dick Grayson" Dick looked as if he had been struck when his name was mentioned. "But I don't feel like helping you much anymore. After all, you are Helena's ex. I believe I've done enough."

And with that the Question was gone.

"Well, great job, Short Pants!" Donna smacked Dick on the back of his head. "You being you kept us from getting any more information from him."

Dick rubbed his head, frowning at the former Wonder Girl. "It's not my fault he decided to act like the jealous boyfriend."

"Bet he has tapes of you two having sex."


After a moment of silence, Donna broke the silence, "So what do we do now?"

"Well, we do what we do best, Wonder Babe."

"Take over the world?"

"Wonder Babe?"

"We visit the Dibnys."

To Be Continued...