Title: Ivy

Genre: Horror/Suspense

Rating: PG-13

Warnings: Rated for use of some cuss words and graphic details.

Summary: "There is an ancient prophecy that tells of a child that will have the power to bring about the Apocalypse and when the world needs the child most, the young one will forsake it. This is the year the world is said to end."

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Title: Ivy

Chapter 1: The Dreaming

By: Serena


Crystal blue eyes stared up at two teenagers who were standing in front of a door leading into a creepy old house. The crystal blue eyes belonged to little five year-old Danny Fenton. His hair was black and he wore a white shirt with blue shorts and white shoes all the while carrying a little bunny plushie that had violet eyes. The two teenagers were around the age of sixteen. One was a girl that had long chestnut-colored hair with emerald eyes and she was wearing a white tank top with light pink bellbottoms and white sneakers. The other was a boy that had blonde hair with sky blue eyes and he was wearing a light blue shirt with khaki shorts and sandals. It was starting to get dark outside as the sun was slowly setting. The two teens opened the front door of the house and entered. Danny followed close behind them. Once they were all inside, the male teen shut the door and looked around the room they were in. The room was dark but you could still see as the sun's light was shining through a lone window. There wasn't much in the room. There was just four steps in front of them leading up to the other side of the room that had two doors. There was also two candles on either side of the steps, but they weren't lit. The female teen looked at the other teen with a little worry on her face.

"John, I don't know about this." she said quietly.

John looked at her with a reassuring smile. "Don't worry, Mary." John said. "We won't get in trouble or anything."

"It's not that, it's just...I don't think we should have brought Danny with us." Mary said. "What if he wanders off and gets lost? Mr. and Mrs. Fenton would kill me if they found out that I lost their son!"

John still didn't looked worried. "Already solved that problem. He can just wait here at the entrance, we'll take a quick look around, and then we'll come back and take Danny back home before his parent's get home and find out."

Mary still looked worried, but she nodded her head in agreement with John's idea. She turned around and knelt down in front of Danny. She smiled at him.

"Danny, me and my friend are just going to take a quick look around and I want you to stay here. Okay?"

Danny looked at her and, despite the fear that was creeping along his spine, he nodded his head yes.

"Otay, 'Ary." he answered.

Mary smiled and ruffled his hair before standing up and following John further into the house. Danny watched them leave as he sat down in front of the door to wait. He sat there and waited and waited and waited for the longest time, but Mary and John didn't come back. It had gotten really dark since the too teens had left. Danny fell asleep sometime during the wait.


Fourteen year-old Danny Fenton opened his eyes slowly. At first, he didn't know where he was but soon realized that he was in his room. He sat up and looked at his clock. It read 7:35 a.m. He sighed. He needed to get ready before he was late. He thought back to his dream...that's what is was, right?

'Was that a dream? It seemed so real. No...no, it wasn't real...it couldn't have been. I didn't even know those people or that place. It was just some weird dream that I'll never have again.'

Even as Danny got up to get ready for another boring 'sure-to-filled-with-ghost-hunting-and-being-hunted-by-ghosts-and/or-ghost-hunters' day, he couldn't stop thinking about the dream. It was just that it had seemed so real and...familiar? That place and those people seemed strangely familiar...but that was impossible. He had never seen that house or those people before in his life. Right? Now that he thought more about it, the teen in his dream named 'Mary' reminded him of someone...but who?


Clockwork stared at a time portal, which was showing events occurring within the time stream, with concern on his face. He didn't like what he was seeing. He's seen many things that he didn't like, but this...this was the worst of them all. He continued to watch the portal as something else was shown on it that made him look away. No...he couldn't let this happen. It was far too horrible for him to just let happen. Two ghosts that each had a green eye for a head came floating in.

"This cannot happen!" the first one, Observer 1 said.

"It will mean disaster for us all!" Observer 2 said.

"I know." Clockwork said sighing. "It has to be stopped, but we may not be able to prevent it. One is already loose and has been for years, but the door hasn't been opened yet. The seal is still there, but it might not be for long."

"That creature cannot be loose! It will find the one with the Sight and when it does, our world is over!" Observer 1 said.

"Something must be done!" Observer 2 said.

"Everyone, both ghost and human, are in danger!" Observer 1 said.

"Everything will be destroyed if something isn't done!" Observer 2 said.

"I know." Clockwork said irritably. He always got really annoyed when the Observants pointed out the obvious over and over again. I mean, really, didn't they think he got the damn point?

"Then what can we do!" both Observants asked at the same time.

"You two can do what you're both supposed to do and observe. You're both Observants. You both observe. I will handle this." he answered. "Now, go back to your duties. I have to go visit a few old friends."


Danny stared off into space as his teacher, Mr. Lancer, gave one of his many 'very-interesting' lectures.

'Can't he ever talk about something interesting?' Danny thought. 'When watching paint dry is more interesting than what you're saying, it's time to shut up!'

Danny's eyes were feeling very heavy. He was so tired. He hadn't been able to get much sleep last night. Apparently, Skulker thought it would have been hilarious to trap Danny inside a bubble that he couldn't phase or break out of and take him to Vlad the long way! And of course by 'long way', I mean Skulker went all the way to Wisconsin and 'suddenly' decided that he wanted to go to Vlad's through the Ghost Zone! So, Skulker went all the way back to Danny's house, went through the Fenton Portal, took his sweet time finding the opening to Vlad's portal, and then went in only to piss off Danny even more by informing him that Vlad wasn't there right now and that not only did he not know when Vlad would be coming back, but that Vlad had never asked Skulker to capture Danny. Danny had then preceded to cuss Skulker out for three and a half hours straight using words both he and Skulker never knew that he knew. In other words, it had been a rough night. He could just fall asleep right here and now.

'I'm so tired.' he thought while his eyes slowly closed. Then, without knowing it, he fell asleep.


Danny opened his eyes and stared across the room. It was really dark and still there was no sign of Mary or John. He was becoming really worried while wondering why they hadn't come back yet. He hugged his little bunny plushie and buried his face into it's stomach. He was scared...and he wasn't sure why. There was just something about this house that was scaring him. He stayed that way until he heard a sound. It sounded like someone was crying...and the crying wasn't very far away. It sounded like it was coming from one of the other rooms. Curiosity got the better of the little five year-old as he stood up and followed the sound of the crying voice. He walked up the four steps and walked to the other side of the room where the two doors were, not even noticing that the two candles were now lit. The crying was coming from the second door...the one that Mary and John had taken. He opened the door and found that it lead to a hallway, where the crying voice was a bit louder now that he was getting closer to it. He walked down the hallway which lead to another door and opened it. The crying voice was louder now and it's source was sitting on its knees and holding its face in its hands facing away from Danny in the middle of the room. It was a woman. She had long, wavy black hair and she was wearing a long white dress with white dress shoes. Her skin was about the same color as Danny's except that it was pale and her whole body had a strange white aura around it. Danny looked at her with concern. He didn't know who she was, but he felt sorry for her. He quietly walked over to her and tapped her shoulder which was surprisingly cold.

"Wady, why are you cwying?" he asked her.

The woman abruptly stopped crying while lowering her hands to the ground and turned around to see who had addressed her. Upon seeing Danny, she stared at him with wide eyes which Danny noted were a deep green color.

"You can...you can see me?" she asked him.

Danny thought it was a strange question for her to ask, but answered anyway.

"Uh-huh. I can see you." he answered.

She continued to stare at him for a few more minutes; like she was observing him. Then, she lifted her left hand off the ground and took his right wrist as if to feel for a pulse. After a minute, she let go.

"You're alive and it's not your time to die yet, but you can still see me." she stated.

Danny looked at her in confusion. What was she talking about? He didn't dwell on that thought for long as he remembered that she hadn't told him why she had been crying.

"Wady?" he asked. "Why were you cwing? Did you wose something? Or get huwt?"

She looked at him as a smile formed on her face. He was so young and he couldn't help her, but she could tell that he wanted to.

"No, I'm not hurt and I didn't lose anything. I'm just lonely. By the way, what's your name and how old are you? You seem a little young to be out at this time of night."

"I name is Danny and I this 'any." he said as he held up four fingers to tell her how old he was.

"Really? You're that many?" she said amused by his way of age telling. "Well, it's nice to meet you, Danny. My name is Ivy and I'm afraid I don't have enough fingers to tell my age."

"I wike your name, Ivy." Danny said.

"I like yours, too."

"Ivy?" Danny asked. "I wooking for I babysitter and her fwiend. Her name is 'Ary and her fwiend's name is John. Have you seen them?"

Ivy frowned. "Yes, but they're not here."

"Where'd they go?"

Ivy smiled. "Nowhere important. Do you miss your mommy and daddy?"

Danny nodded his head yes.

Ivy continued smiling as she scooped Danny up in her arms and stood up. "Then, I'll take you home."

She seemed to glide as she walked. Danny liked her. She was nice.


"Mr. Fenton!"

Danny awoke with a start. He had to look around for a minute to figure out where he was, but then he remembered that he was in school. He looked at Mr. Lancer, his teacher and the one who had addressed him. Lancer glared at Danny.

"Asleep again, Mr. Fenton? This is the eighth time this week!"

The bell rang and all the students, except for Danny, left to go to their next class. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Sam mouth the words, "We'll be waiting for you outside." Before she left. Danny looked at Lancer who was less than happy with him.

"Mr. Fenton, I should just give you another detention, but I feel that this is something that your parents should know about."

Danny stared at Lancer and was about to say something when he saw someone standing behind his out-of-shape teacher. It was a woman and she looked just like the woman in his dream. She was staring at Danny with her deep green eyes that seemed to call out to him. She held out her left hand toward him and started speaking to him...only no words came out. Danny just stood there staring into her eyes. Completely forgetting everything and everyone around him.

"Danny?" Mr. Lancer asked curiously. He noticed that Danny had been staring at something behind him for a few minutes and turned around to see what he was looking at. He saw nothing. He turned back to face Danny, who was still staring at the same spot.

"Danny, stop ignoring me. That won't work." he said seriously.

When he got no response from Danny, he started to get a little worried.

"Danny? What are you staring at?"

Still no response.


Still nothing.

"Danny!" Lancer said raising his voice.

Nothing and after a few seconds had passed, Danny's eyes became half-lidded until they closed completely and he fell to the floor unconscious.



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