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Title: Ivy

Chapter 6: Deadly Visions

By: Serena


Danny's eyes opened to see the foggy sky above him. For some reason, it seemed closer than normal. He ignored it for the time being and tried to sit up only to realize that he was floating. He fixed himself into a, what would have been, standing position. He didn't know how he was floating. He didn't remember changing into his ghost form.

'Where am I and when did I change into my ghost form?' he thought.–he looks down and realizes that he is, in fact, not in his ghost form–'Okay...I'm not in my ghost form. am I floating?'

Danny took in his surroundings. The entire area was deathly silent. The sky was barely visible for it was blocked by a dense fog. He could see some mountains in the distance, but nothing else...and then he looked down. He gasped. Below him was a sea of what looked like blood.

"W-What the-? W-What is tha-? I-Is th-that blood?"


'What was that sound?'

Blood red water dripped down from snow white hair.

Danny saw a figure wading through the sea of red. 'Who is that?'


Acidic green eyes stared at the scene before them.

Danny's eyes widened as the figures eyes glanced in his direction. 'That's not possible..'


The figure, now seen as a young male, looked at Danny and smirked as his eyes shone with mixed emotions for a fraction of a second before his face returned to its blank look and he resumed staring straight ahead.

'M-My ghost half?'

A choked gasp for air.

Danny turned his head in the direction the choked gasp came from...

...and started crying.

Phantom continues to wade through the water as the bloody figure of a woman stares up at him.

The woman was Maddie Fenton...

...she had her throat slit and blood was gushing out from the wound.


"Why?" she asked Phantom.–she took one last choked breath of air–"Why?"

She died.

Danny started crying harder when he realized that she was dead. ""

Another female figure saw Phantom wade through the water.

The figure was Samantha Manson...commonly known as Sam...

...she was being crushed by a large boulder that had fallen on top of her.


She outstretched her left arm to him as it was the only thing besides her head that she could move.

She was having a hard time breathing.

"Why did you"–she inhaled with difficulty–"do it?" she asked him.

Phantom didn't answer her, but only passed her by as she let her arm drop and took one last breathe as her violet eyes closed forever.

At this point, Danny had his hands on both sides of his head and was shaking his head as tears continued to stream down his face. "No! This isn't real!"

Phantom continued wading through the water until he finally stops in front of a ghostly figure dressed in blue.

Beside him lay a broken staff...the top of which resembled a clock.

It was the Master of Time, Clockwork...

...with a large metal spear impaled in his chest.


Clockwork stared up at Phantom and, with some difficultly, he spoke.

"You've made...your...decision." he told Phantom. "The world...has been...sentenced to...damnation."

Danny stared at Phantom and shouted at him. "What did you do!"

Phantom didn't move or even try to speak.

Danny let his arms fall to his sides. ' it...what did I do?'

He just listened.

Clockwork spoke again.

"Even I...did not see foresee...this." he continued to tell Phantom. "I suppose...that this was...meant to be...or it would not have...happened."

Phantom remained silent as he clasped the spear with both his hands.

'What is he doing?'

Clockwork laughed bitterly.

"You promised would never...become him...and you didn't." he said.

And just before Phantom ripped the spear out of him, Clockwork said his final words.

"You became worse."


And then world went black.


Danny awoke abruptly and sat straight up in his bed panting like he had just run a marathon. His eyes darted around his room as he tried to figure out where he was. He soon realized that he was in his room, but he was very confused.

'Was that a dream?' he thought. 'It didn't feel like one.'

He looked at his clock. It read 5:49 p.m.

'Maybe it was another one of those visions that Ivy told me about.'

He hugged his knees to his chest. That dream...or whatever it was...had really shaken him up. His mother, Sam, and Clockwork all dying...the foggy sky...the sea of red...but most of all, his ghost half. "Phantom" as Danny had started calling him when he was referring to just his ghost half. Phantom had seen him. Danny was sure of that, but he was the only one. His mother, Sam, and Clockwork didn't even seem to notice him at all. Only Phantom. But why? Why just him? And what was up with that look that Phantom had given him? Danny shuddered as he remembered that look. It was almost...the look was...well, he didn't know what to call it. It seemed like so many emotions had flashed through those acidic eyes in that fraction of a second, but one had stood out. Obsession. Danny didn't know what to make of it. The look just seemed...obsessive...and he wasn't sure why. He sighed.

'Maybe I should tell Ivy.' he thought, but after thinking on it some more, he decided against it. 'No. I shouldn't tell her. It would just worry her and she already has enough on her mind without me adding to it. Speaking of which...'


As soon as the words passed his lips, Ivy appeared before him. She smiled at him.

"You called?"

Danny nodded his head. "Yeah. I...kinda...woke up early and I was wondering if you would tell me why you aren't with the rest of the Others? If it's okay."

Ivy smile faded somewhat. "Of course. I...did say that I would explain that after all."

She glided over to sit in front of him on the bed.

"Well, I suppose that I should start from the beginning." she said.

"What's the beginning?" Danny asked.

"The war between the Ghost Zone and the Otherworld." Ivy stated as she waited for Danny to say something else and when he didn't, she continued. "As you know, around 368 B.C., a war broke out between the ghosts of the Ghost Zone and my kind, and, in truth, the reason the war happened isn't clear, but what we do know is that some of the ghosts grew jealous of us and began to spread false rumors about us to turn the rest of the ghosts against us. At first, they just ignored us and generally didn't associate with us, but after awhile, their king, Pariah Dark, declared war and launched an attack. We weren't prepared for it. We were slaughtered. The ghosts didn't spare anyone. They killed woman, children, men, and even animals. To be completely honest, the whole attack is a blur, but we do know what happened. Afterward, Pariah Dark called the ghosts back after confirming that we were all destroyed. Thus, the war, as Pariah Dark said, ended that day. They closed the door to our world and forgot about us."

Danny stared at Ivy in confusion. "But if you all died and the war ended, then why did the book say what it said? And why are you still here?"

Ivy gave a creepy little smile. "Because Pariah Dark was wrong. He failed. The war didn't end that just started."

Danny remained silent and nodded his head to urge Ivy to continue and she did.

"Truth be told, the war would have ended had it not been for our...awakening."

Danny blinked. "Awakening?"

"Yes. That's what he called it anyway."

"He? You mean someone helped you? Was it a ghost? Who was he?"

Ivy stared at Danny for a few moments before she smiled her creepy smile once again. "Yes, someone helped us. It was really unexpected. You know him, actually."

Danny's eyes widened. "I know him? Who is it?"

Ivy just smiled. "You'll find out eventually. Anyway, after our awakening, we could tell something was different about us. We were stronger in many ways. To make a long story short, he gave us the power we needed to defeat the ghosts...if only those nameless ghosts hadn't of shown up, we would have won the war. These ghosts used their power to throw us back into our world and sealed off the door connecting our world and the Ghost Zone. And that, Danny, is when the war truly ended."

"Well, that explains a lot...but not why you're here and not sealed up in the Otherworld."

Ivy sighed. "Yes, well, I was supposed to sneak into Pariah Dark's castle, along with some back-up, and eliminate him...but that blasted king somehow found out about it and set a trap for us. We were captured, but managed to break free and we fought with the king and many of his followers, but during the battle, our powers struck with the ghost king's powers and it somehow opened a portal between the Ghost Zone and the human world. I was sucked into it. That's why I'm here and not with the rest of my kind."

Danny was silent for a while as he allowed everything Ivy had just told him to sink in. It made sense and he didn't think Ivy was lying to him. Why would she?


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