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Necessary Evils

Story by StormDancer

It is not light that we need, but fire; it is not the gentle shower, but thunder. We need the storm, the whirlwind, and the earthquake.

She says she can do anything. Most people believe her. She makes the impossible Possible, the world safe from evil. She balances school, cheerleading, family, and crime fighting. Kim Possible can do anything and everything. She saves everybody, she keeps civilians alive. They say she is the heroine of the world, the one who makes it right.

And if she believed that, she'd be less than a person, a ruined girl. There are casualties of her fights. There are times when she loses, when the world is nearly destroyed because of her miscalculations. And some say that without heroes, there would be no villains. People die because of her. People die, get hurt, are ruined.

Kim Possible cannot do anything. Sometimes she makes mistakes. But like any hero, she forgets that. She thinks she can do anything, and that's what makes her great. Her confidence makes the world safe. But every time there is a sufferer, every time someone else takes a hit, she remembers. And after that rude awakening, she recedes to a teen with blood on her hands. And she makes sure that she'll do better next time, that eventually she will be able to do anything. So she pushes to become the best. Her drive makes her want to become the greatest. But every time she thinks she is, she loses and someone else gets hurt.

And so we torment her. We drive her crazy. We humiliate her, we show her moisturizer covered face to everyone in town. We embarrass her in front of her boyfriends, especially if we don't approve of them. She can't beat us. We get away with all our pranks. We remind her that she doesn't always win. We make the rude awakening as painless as an inherently painful thing can be. We show her that the world isn't hers to defend. We let her take her anger out on us tat she feels for herself. We let her wash off the blood on us. We're just as important to her as Ron and Rufus and Wade are, though they wouldn't admit it. We keep her sane. We make her remember that she's only human, and sometimes her best won't be enough. She says we torture her. She doesn't realize that by causing her pain, we're actually taking some away. We're showing our love in the way she needs it most. We do our part to keep the teen hero on the streets, and to keep our big sister with us. And she realizes it, subconsciously. We're siblings. We fight, we hate, we scream, we love. Blood's thicker than water, and so Jim and I, the infamous tweebs, keep at our thankless task, reminding our heroine that she's more than a crime-fighting machine, she's our sister. And we do our best to keep her that way, using our necessary evils to keep Kim Possible alive.

Authors Note- again, I thought Jim and Tim didn't get enough credit