just something i made up while in course about kai remembering about something that happened at the abbey with him and black dranzerwhen he was younger

I watched silently as she span in lazy circles in the middle of the room

we were all lined up behind the protective sheild faces pressed up against it staring as if in some kind of trance

i watched as test blade after test blade was launched and then soon quickly destroyed

5 minutes later the black blade was still spinning strong in the middle of a sea of broken blade parts

i couldnt tear myself awayfrom the sight of that beautiful blade it was intoxicating

she was so powerful it was inticing i felt her call out to me teliing me that i could have her all to myself all i had to do was reach out my hand

my tiny hands pressed against the plexiglass harder trying to reach her but it was no use i wasnt strong enough

she called out to me again 'try again young master' so i pushed again with both hands against the plexiglass NO!

I cried out as i was pulled roughly away i saw her fading from my vision i reached out my hand willing her to come to me

i saw her wobble ready to fly through the plexiglass and into my outstretched hand

she lifted into the air and flew towards me YES!

Nearly there...

Kai sat up sharply eyes wide

'no not that blasted dream again thats the 7th time' he sighed and rubbed his eyes with his hand

he looked over at the digital clock beside his bed the glowing numbers read 4:15 am he sighed swinging back the covers and standing up

he quickly dressed and grabbed his beloved blade heading outside he swiftly launched his blade he stared as she span in lazy circles on the ground

'4 years old and power hungry' he sighed once again as he thought back to the dream that had plagued him for a solid week now

'grandfather why did you put me through that i was just a little kid'

i watched as she continued spinning faster

'Dranzer my fire phoenix you've always been here for me how could i have even thought of using black dranzer how could i have even used her i trust you dranzer your my best friend how could i have let you down how can i live without you'...

she flew right through the plexiglass and past my outstretched hand i turned as boris caught her in his hand he smirked down at me

"Black Dranzer is a powerful bitbeast you could never handle her but maybe someday you will."

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