Title: Figments Forever

Parings: Harry Potter/Voldemort

Warnings: Spoilers, slash, angst, sex scenes (later) and language as well as general evilness (on Voldemort's part)

Summery: Love is the most powerful force on this earth. It seems Dumbledore's constant nagging has finally gotten through- Voldemorts decided to test it. Forced into a relationship he knows it wrong Harry must fight Voldemort, Death Eaters and his own traitorous emotions for, as Voldemort cruelly points out, how can someone be expected to kill the only man they've ever loved?

Authors note: Part four of four! Wow! One heck of a ride it's been! Thanks to my reviewers- all 92 of them! Thank you! And, in advance, to all the ones that will review this one. Sorry this chapter's late; I was in Perth for a wedding (nice place! I'd never been and it was beautiful- if flat) so please refrain from killing me. I like this ending but if I have a popular enough demand for it I will write an alternate ending (maybe more than one. I can think of a few. They'd all be in one chapter though). I really hope you all liked this story and please do read my others. Now repay my kindness and read and review! Not mine, poems are.

They say love conquers all
But does it win you battles?
Does it win you drawn out wars
As your gun, it rattles?
Love can cease the worse despair
Or cause it with a word
Can love heal a broken heart?
Or make you fly just like a bird?
They tell me that it conquers all
Family, young and friends?
Interracial, black and white?
Lasts until the end?
They preach to us that this is true
They give us lies for fact
But love, it isn't easy
And it won't let you back
Some things, they can be more vital
Some things surpass it all
There are different kinds of love, I know
But it escapes me what they're for
Which one are they speaking of?
And in every single war
What is it that solders mean
When they yell "Love conquers all!"?

Part Four- Love Conquers All

There was a meeting that night

Mostly is was just Voldemort checking up on all his various projects and ensuring that they went as they planned- which was, naturally, completely and totally to his satisfaction. That meant no mistakes. Voldemort didn't tolerate mistakes well

Harry, as usual, sat at his feet, Voldemort luxuriously stroking his long fingers through his ebony locks. Harry, far gone enough to admit it, leant into the touch and tried not to purr in content and pleasure. He had some dignity left, after all.

He had, surprisingly, been tempted to tell Voldemort about the battle scheduled the next day. He was only (yeah right) in love, though, and that did not make him an idiot. And telling Voldemort and ruining the Order's advantage would be an idiotic thing to do.

The reports finished and Voldemort dismissed the Death Eaters looking quite satisfied. Harry got to his feet immediately, causing Voldemort's hand to fall limply past the chairs arm. He stretched, since sitting in such a way for so long cramped his muscles, and watched as Voldemort got gracefully to his feet, his eyes following Harry's movements with a rather odd glint. Harry instantly dismissed it

"How can you stand all these meetings?" Harry asked, stretching his arms above his head and starting for the door "Some of them are ridiculously boring. You'd think a Dark Lord would have more fun—and I don't mean torturing muggles"

"World domination isn't easy Harry" Voldemort said lightly, following him "It's a lot of work"

"So I see" Harry acknowledged "Personally, I wouldn't bother. Better things to be done with one's time"

"But you're a Gryffindor" Voldemort pointed out calmly "World domination would never occur to you"

"Sounds too odd" Harry protested with a crocked smile "Hi, I'm Harry Potter and when I grow up, I want to rule the world! Mwhahahahaha!"

"Stick to Quiddtich" Voldemort said, actually chuckling

"I miss flying" Harry said, sighing sadly

"Perhaps when I trust you enough, I shall let you fly" Voldemort allowed

"Really?" Harry asked, not believing that

"You are mine. What pleases you pleases me." Voldemort said simply

Possession, Harry reminded himself, not fondness.

"That would please me" Harry admitted, a little difficulty "I love flying"

"I always keep my word Harry" Voldemort said "And I shall"

Harry guessed that unlikely with the Final Battle tomorrow and the plan he had in mind. Still, he had reached his room and was eager to drop the topic. It was odd listening to Voldemort promising such things as to let him fly

"We'll see" Harry allowed, turning to open his door

A hand on his forearm stopped him and, gently but firmly, turned him around. Harry found himself pinned to the door by not only Voldemort's arms but also his fiery ruby eyes. Heat soared through him as Voldemort leaned in and, roughly, claimed his lips.

Harry's arms snaked leisurely around Voldemort's neck even as Voldemort's went possessively around his waist. They leaned heavily on the door as tongues entered the equation and Harry used his arms to draw Voldemort even closer to his body, as though to draw him in. The obvious erection digging into his hip only excited him further and, feeling mischievous, Harry angled himself and thrust into it. Voldemort hissed and, the next thing Harry knew the door was opening and they were stumbling ungracefully into the room, the door closing firmly behind them and locking itself with a short wave of Voldemort's wand. And all this without ever ending the kiss.

Voldemort finally removed his lips only to apply them to Harry's neck, who gasped helplessly under the sensations plaguing him. They made their way slowly to the bed and stopped just before they reached it to strip each other of their clothing.

Voldemort's robe was the first thing to go, quickly followed by Harry's shirt, now devoid of buttons. Voldemort's hands explored the exposed skin not even feigning tenderness. The movements were rough and encompassing and totally mind blowing. His pants and boxers came off next, peeled off as one with startling efficiently. Voldemort ceased his movements for a moment to look admiralty at his body, as one would study a breathtakingly beautiful piece of art, and Harry used the pause to rid Voldemort of the rest of his clothing. His skin was white (of course) and looked remarkably fragile, especially around his stomach where the ribs stood out quite clearly. His body, like Harry's, was marred by the occasional scar, one right along his nipple. Harry licked it. Voldemort hissed. Harry found himself thrown hastily on the bed and was sprawled awkwardly upon it.

Voldemort approached him with the look of a hunting lion. Harry realized, rather distantly, that he must be the pray. But then Voldemort's body was on his and skin was touching skin, lips touching lips and hands touching everything and anything they could reach. Thought became a thing of the past

It wasn't loving. It most certainly wasn't gentle. It was rough and hasty and so achingly urgent. Harry felt a need deep within him as Voldemort sucked his neck, fingers tracing along his inner calf, and wondered what it was. He was quite sure Voldemort would know, though. Voldemort knew almost everything

"Please" He whispered, throwing back his head to allow those devil lips better access "Please"

A hand roughly caressed his backside and trailed downwards. Harry gasped and, thrusting a hand down, yanked Voldemort up for a heated and frantic kiss, one that he lead. Voldemort groaned, his erection a throbbing need in his side. Harry bucked into it and Voldemort hissed

"You're a virgin?" Voldemort asked, voice oddly strained

"Yes" Harry said simply, too swamped by heat to be embarrassed

Voldemort did not comment on that. Harry saw his eyes spark, however, and deduced that this pleased him. It would, Harry thought a little bitterly, he wants to own all of me, after all, completely and totally. He's too bloody possessive to share.

Warning! As you may have guessed following is S-E-X! You've been warned!

Those thoughts were hastily forgotten when he felt a finger brush his entrance. A shiver ran down his spine and Harry had to suppress a moan, just barely managing it. Then a lubricated finger (Harry really loved magic) entered him. Harry's eyes closed of their own accord as the finger moved in and out of him at a steadied pace. It burned, and Voldemort was not being as gentle as he could be, but the pleasure was incredible. Then another joined it. And another. The flexed and turned and danced within him and Harry felt the intermix of pleasure and pain so closely that he lost sense of which was which.

Then they were removed

Harry fought the urge to groan. He knew something else was coming. Something better. Much better

"Look at me" Voldemort hissed. Harry could only obey. Voldemort's eyes were alight with possession, lust and pleasure. Harry was sure his own eyes were glazed with all the emotions he was feeling, but he locked his gaze obediently, and did not look away.

Slowly, but certainly not with any care or love, Voldemort entered him. He hissed in the face of the sheer tightness and Harry hissed from the sheer size. It was an odd feeling, being filled so, and it caused pain as well as pleasure. Then, Voldemort was totally sheathed. He paused a moment, as though to adjust himself, then pulled out and, quite smoothly, pushed back in. Harry groaned and Voldemort repeated the motion, slowly picking up the pace.

Harry was nothing but a fast learner and soon he was thrusting up to meet Voldemort's trusts as they steadily increased their speed. Then, on a particularly angled thrust, Voldemort brushed something deep inside him and Harry; try as he might, could not contain his cry of pleasure. Voldemort's eyes sparked and he smirked slyly and angled himself so that he hit that spot ever thrust, hitting it with more force each time.

Harry could not contain the cries. Such a thing seemed impossible and he thrust even harder, searching desperately to increase the friction against that delicious spot. Voldemort's hands gripped his waist tightly and, following his lead, Harry put his hands firmly on Voldemort's lower back. The pace became frenzied. It was so fast, so very fast, and it seemed as though it was only getting faster. Harry was trapped in a world of ecstasy, a world of utter pleasure, one that consisted only of him and Voldemort and those two red eyes holding his captive.

Harry felt something, a serpent or a coil, tightening within him. He had never felt anything like it before and was intensely curious what would happen when it sprung. The faster they thrust, the more the snake coiled and soon Harry was thrusting even harder to get it to spring, not really knowing what would happen, only that it would be wonderful, better than anything so far. The eyes held his as the snake coiled ever tighter and Harry moaned, his lips moving helplessly, almost against his will

"I love you" Harry whispered brokenly, knowing all Voldemort's dreams had come true. Voldemort smirked victoriously and thrust harder than ever

The coil sprung

Ecstasy that Harry had never known flooded him like life's blood. It was heightened further at the sensation of Voldemort spilling his seed deeply within him. They grinded together helplessly, ridding the waves till the end to finally collapse in exhaustion. Harry felt Voldemort pull himself smoothly out and heard him preform a lazy cleaning spell before lying beside him. Then sleep was digging in its iron claws and dragging him down, down, down…

Figments Forever
(You can look now)

A loud crash awoke Harry from his slumber.

Well, jerked would be a more adequate word. He woke abruptly and with quite a jolt to hear the sound of shouting and blasts coming downstairs. The space behind him was, quite obviously, empty. Voldemort had obviously heard the sounds before him (assuming they had been going on for a while) and had apparently gone to investigate them.

He believed he knew what Voldemort would find. What he didn't believe was that he just slept with the Dark Lord. Not only that, it had been bloody amazing. Not that Harry had much experience but that it had been that pleasurable disturbed him.

Another shout from downstairs reminded him of the more pressing matter than the loss of his virginity to the evilest wizard that ever lived. The Last Battle was occurring and, instructions or no, Harry was going to bloody well fight. He was darn sick of being helpless.

He got up and donned some clothing with quick efficiency, making his way to the door.

It was locked

Obviously, despite Harry's declaration last night, Voldemort still didn't trust him. Stubborn bastard. Harry put a hand to the lock and whispered an unlocking charm. The lock clicked and Harry smugly opened the door. The noise increased significantly and Harry wondered if there were muffling spells on the door. He eyed it suspiciously but another shout and explosion distracted him. With a sigh, he closed the door behind him and made his way towards the noise.

It seemed they had chosen the meeting room as the battlefield. Appropriate, seeing as it was the largest room and had only the single exit. Harry entered it, trying to appear as confident and as composed as he could. He was ignored at first but then a Death Eater saw him. He paused, obviously puzzled. Harry belonged to Lord Voldemort after all, and harming him was a punishable offence. Not to mention that he didn't seem to actually be doing anything except walking.

He gained other attention soon and, despite the urgency of the battle, the eyes followed him anxiously, waiting to see what he would do. Voldemort and Dumbledore were in the centre of the hall, duelling madly. Harry approached them at the centre. Voldemort was the first to notice him and, incredibly, paused

"Harry" He said shortly, and that got Dumbledore's attention

"Harry" He said, with much more kindness

"Hello professor" Harry greeted coolly, eyes still on Voldemort, looking at him critically "Your unharmed, Tom?"

"Yes" Voldemort said, appearing amused once more "What is this fixation you have with my health?"

Harry raised an incredulous eyebrow at that, considering the tie the potion had created "I care about it a great deal, Tom. You should be more careful"

"Harry" Dumbledore said, sounding vaguely uncertain "Come here, my boy. We've come to rescue you"

"You can't" Harry said simply. He approached Voldemort and stood by him. Voldemort laughed, no doubt enjoying the look of total heartbreaking sorrow on Dumbledore's face. Harry placed a palm on Voldemort's chest and he looked down, seeming surprised to find silent tears trailing slowly down Harry's cheeks. They had the Halls attention now

"Harry?" Voldemort said, making the name a questioning caress. Harry shivered and let out a little sob

"I'm sorry" Harry whispered in anguish "I really am"

Voldemort looked at him in confusion, not seeing any weapon but knowing something was going on. Something was going to happen. Something he had to prevent

"You love me" Voldemort said, a statement not a question

"Yes" Harry whispered, though the single word echoed throughout the hall. The silent audience rustled at that

"You would only harm yourself," Voldemort pointed out

"I know" Harry said softly

"Why?" Voldemort asked simply

"Because you claimed to know love" Harry said, the tears refusing to stop "But you don't. You don't know how consuming it can be. How it can override everything. How even a love produced by a potion can last through the ages. You don't know that, Tom. Most of all though, you don't know that some things are more important than love. The safety of the wizarding world is more important that my happiness. My love for them is greater than my love for you. You forgot to consider that, Tom. You forgot to consider that love is the most powerful force on earth and so pure that some, like myself, are willing to die for it. I will so thousands don't have to"

Voldemort's eyes blazed at him, looking directly into his, but they blazed not with fury, but a deeper emotion that Harry did not attempt to analyse. It helped, Harry supposed, that Voldemort did not return his love. He was a possession, not a person, and he was Voldemort's.

"I'm sorry" Harry said, tilting his head up in a silent question. Voldemort answered, dipping his head to meet Harry in a kiss. Harry did not hear the rushing of whispers. He did not hear Dumbledore gasp. He did not pause to wonder why Voldemort would kiss him when he knew what it would mean. He did not pause to wonder at the complexities of his love. He simply summoned up every shred of love he felt for the man, holding him tightly as they kissed, and managed to utter two singled words into the kiss, before they were lost forever in the recess of their moving mouths

"Avada Kedavra"

Voldemort fell silently and, as the world went black, Harry fell with him.

The last thing he heard was his name being called

Then there was only darkness

Figments Forever

Harry walked a road

He didn't walk it alone. In fact, he didn't even have to look to know who walked at his side

"Did I do it?" Harry asked, never slowing in his pace. He had to keep walking

"Yes" His father answered, "You sacrificed a great deal"

"Love is filled with sacrifice," Harry said simply

"I can certainly attest to that" His mother said softly, voice full of tears

"Its over though now? It's done?" He asked

"Yes" His mother confirmed softly "Its all over now"

"The world can heal" James added gently

"I really loved him. Potion or no, I loved him," Harry whispered, staring into the distance where the road seemed to stretch on forever. He wondered that he didn't find this situation odd

"We know" James said, not condemning him for that. Harry was grateful "But it's alright now. And we're almost there"

"Where are we going?" Harry asked, with childish curiosity

"Home" Said his mother as she took his hand. James followed her lead and took up the other "We're going home"

There was a bright flash of light and Harry smiled as it embraced him

And he was going home…

Figments Forever

Severus Snape looked at the young body in his arms and sighed

Harry had been young. Far too young. One shouldn't die at such an age, let alone sacrifice his life for the good of all.

"He was a brave child," Dumbledore whispered, silent tears streaking gently down his face

"He is not a child," Severus said, matching his tone "I don't know if he ever was"

"His ability to love always was remarkable" Dumbledore sighed

"The Dark Lord underestimated that" Severus commented, never taking his eyes of the man in his arms

"He underestimated many things" Dumbledore said "and because of Harry, the world can heal again"

Dumbledore walked away, obviously overwhelmed by his own emotions. Severus studied the face; relaxed in a way he had never seen it. It was as though he had only gone to sleep. Severus knew, would be a fool not to, that Harry Potter would be a name remembered and revered for many years to come for the sacrifice he had made that day. It seemed horribly sad that a boy so young should be forced to make it. He smirked faintly at the child who had been the bane of his existence for many long years and who had just, quite literally, saved the world

"Good job, Potter" he whispered into the emptiness of the hall, "Good bloody job"


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