A/N: I know it's been a while (SO sorry for taking so long!), so here's a super quick recap:

-Barnabas/Angelique finally confessed their feelings for one another, and they prepared to make love (I know I promised I'd write a love scene, but I just couldn't…I have to be at least a little attracted to the male character, and since I'm not the slightest bit attracted to Barnabas, it wasn't gonna happen. lol)

CH 5: Betrayed

Gazing down upon Barnabas' resting form with a deep fondness, I lightly stroked his cheek before leaning forward and pressing my lips against his forehead. It was now a quarter 'til nine, and I knew I had to depart before Mademoiselle Josette came for her English lesson.

Drawing my petticoat over my head, I then staggered into my pantaloons before fetching my frock from off the floor. I felt Barnabas' sleepy gaze burning into my back, my head slowly turning so that we finally locked eyes.

"Are you leaving so soon, ma chéri?"

I smiled, yet nodded in spite of my desire to do otherwise. "Yes, mon amor, I must…Mademoiselle Josette will be here shortly."

Seeming to take my meaning, Barnabas hurriedly slipped into his clothing before walking me to the door, my lips curling upward in a smile as he placed a quick kiss upon my forehead. "Go quickly, my sweet Angelique" he urged. "God willing, I will see you again very soon."

"Oui" I agreed. "With God's help, we shall never be parted."

As we said our goodbyes, I entered the hallway and shut the door quietly behind me, my back resting against the oak surface as I giddily cast my gaze heavenward.


Smiling dreamily, I barely noticed Marie's reproachful look as we continued to peel potatoes for the du Pres' lunch, my voice now hushed and sweet as I inquired, "Marie, have you ever been in love?"

Startled by this question, the redhead nodded slowly before acknowledging, "Oui, ma cher…doesn't it seem that love has been passing through this house far faster than the plague as of late?"

"Whatever do you mean?" I demanded, now fearful that she had discovered my secret.

Eyeing me strangely, Marie questioned, "You mean you haven't heard the news?" When I shook my head, she laughed before sustaining, "Monsieur Barnabas and Mademoiselle Josette became engaged earlier this morning – the former is returning to Maine right as we speak so he can prepare for the wedding."

Feeling the color drain from my cheeks, I turned on my heel and burst out the kitchen door without another word, the chickens whooping and clucking angrily as I rushed through them in order to reach the docking bay.

"Barnabas!" I screamed, "Barnabas, do not leave me!"

Frantically waving my arms toward the retreating ship, I felt tears stinging along my lashes once I realized that he would not stop…that he had lied to me about our love.

With a sorrowful wail, I dropped down to my knees and wept, for I had given my heart and soul to that cruel American. He had taken my innocence, and in so doing left me a broken and hollow shell of the woman I once was.

Wiping at my swollen eyes, I then vowed that Barnabas would be mine, and that he and my mistress would regret their decision for the rest of their wretched lives.

A/N: And you know what happens from there…Angelique goes nutso and brings about the downfall of those poor Collinses. Sorry for the cop-out, but this one was difficult to find inspiration for…thankfully I managed to finish it – hope you enjoyed, anyway!