The old Riddle house in Little Hangleton was alive with the sounds of a party. Residents of Little Hangleton found this a bit odd, as they all believed the house to have been abondened years and years ago. But tonight, that wasn't the case. Most just assumed some local punks had broken in and started a rukus or something. Police were called, but nothing was done about it.

Inside said house, the Dark Lord Voldemort and his loyal Death Eaters were throwing themselves one of the biggest parties they'd ever had. It was the one year aniversery of the death of that fool Albus Dumbledore.

Times were good for the Dark Lord. He hadn't heard anything from that Potter brat in a long time. Rumor had it that he had dropped out of school. Probably ran away from the wizarding world in fear of Lord Voldemort. Good ridence he thought. One less thing to worry about. He never did find out the contents of the prophecy, but that really didn't matter. Dumbledore was gone, Potter was missing, and the wizarding world feared him. He was gaining ground fast. Recruitment was at an all time high. Life was good.

At about midnight, a couple of his death eaters started rolling in a large box. It was wrapped in colorfull wrapping paper.

"What's thissss?" Voldemort hissed out.

"Package came for you my lord. There's a note." Death Eater #107 replied as he handed the Dark Lord a card.

The card read "Congradulations. A gift from me to you."

As soon as Lord Voldemort finished reading the words on the card, the large present exploded. Fireworks started shotting off all over. The top flew off and springing forth at him, was a naked Albus Dumbldore, screaming "SURPRISE MOTHER FUCKER!" (of course, this wasn't the real Albus Dumbldore, or even a real living person.)

Apparently Harry Potter, savior of the light, had discovered 'the power the dark lord knows not'. For that day, Tom Riddle, also known as Lord Voldemort, died of a massive heart attack.

Soon after, parties similar to the one previously mentioned, started popping up all over Great Britian. And the quesiton on everyone's mind, 'How did Harry Potter do it?'