time can't heal

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9 – glum

"Steer clear from the sweets, Mr. Athha," a snort passed from Aki as he told himself the exact words the dentist gave him earlier. "Fat chance in hell that'll be" he declared as he shoved a piece of toffee candy in his trap, sucking the sweetness in his mouth. He was just walking home from the dentist's. He had gone there to have a cavity filled...and now that all that was done, it was now time to stop an ice cream parlor and satisfy the needs of his sweet tooth. There was no better way to lose the taste of dentistry in your mouth then sweet ice cream dripping with hot fudge.

Deciding that his mom's diner would have good enough ice cream, he decided to change directions and was now heading for said diner. He was about to make a right turn, when—


"Lurie, whoa, talk about coincidence."

Lunamarie stood in front of him in all her loveliness. Was there any better sight than this…besides a hot new red sports car?

"Aki, we need to talk, pronto!" Lunamarie said, something in her was disturbed, no doubt. Aki raised an amused brow. "Well, of course, Lurie. Let's talk at the diner. I'm craving for one of mom's sundaes with the works"—

Lunamarie shook her head fervently "We can't go there, Aki!"

"Why not?"

"Because, well…umm it's just because I said so!"

"What? Are you having PMS or something?"

"No!" Lurie spat, her face all red like the desired hot new red sports car in Aki's dreams, but now should not be the time to think of that. Lurie was acting strange.

"Okay, let's hear what you have to say, Lurie. And could you speed it? I'm starving."

Taking a deep breath, she looked at him straight and a voice that tried to stay in control, she uttered. "Aki, I think you're mother's having an affair."

"So let me get this straight…you think my mom's having a secret affaire de amour?" Aki found himself snickering at the last three words that came out of his mouth. Lunamarie arched an eyebrow. "You find this funny, Aki Nara Athha?" She had just finished explaining to Aki of what she had overheard.

"No, Lurie, I find this hilarious!" With that, a shot of laughter came from Aki, he was laughing so hard that he was clutching his stomach.

Placing her hands on her hips, Lunamarie tapped her foot with impatience, a deadly glare sent to the laughing Athha boy. "This. Is. Not. Funny."

"Lurie, chill. Did they actually say my mother's name?" He asked, his tone in amusement.

"Well, no, but"—

"What about the guy's name?"

"They didn't! But Aki, like I said, they said your name. I repeat, and I'll quote, one of them said 'Maybe for her but I wonder if her son, Aki knows.'

"Aki! It's too slim of a possibility to be just a coincidence or some sort. You can't just shake this off. You're mom might have a secret boyfriend. She wasn't even at the diner! For all you know, she could be with him right now. Aki"— Lurie stopped there.

After what seemed like an eternity, the smile on Aki's face slowly fell, his bright eyes suddenly turning ominous, with that change, Lunamarie felt a little scared. She even noticed how her legs began to shake a bit. Aki rarely had this look. Usually, when he was upset, he'd just start acting like a jerk and avoid everyone. From what Lurie was seeing, she could right away see that he was really, really upset.

"Lurie," he spoke at last "…you don't know what you're talking about." And he walked past her; his shoulder knocked hers as he left in a hasty exit. Lunamarie just stood there; she stood still and motionless like a statue, she stood there like a lifeless object. The only signs of life she was showing were the tears streaming on her face.

"Why is it…" her voice produced her words with aching and sorrow. "Why is it…I can believe all your lies…but you can't accept what you hear from me…Why, Aki?"

She didn't get any answer.

"God, I am so going to miss my deadline!" Meyrin Hawke ran as fast as her feet could carry her. She was carrying her files and was making her way to her office building as much haste as a jackrabbit.

"I knew I shouldn't have stopped by at that restuaraaaaahhhh!!!"

She then found herself on the cold pavement. Her paperwork scattered. "Oh God, Oh God, why now? This is so not my day!" Meyrin struggled to collect her papers but some were caught with the wind.

"Is anybody going to help me?!" She screamed at the passing and uncaring people who went on with their business, ignoring Meyrin as they passed.

"Damn it!" Meyrin cursed, reaching for a paper. "This should be a situation where a handsome man offers to help. Too bad this is real life."

"I quite agree with you there." A voice spoke, and a hand picked up one of Meyrin's paperwork. Meyrin's eyes strayed her gaze from the delicate hand holding the paper to the face of its owner. Ethereal immediately came to Meyrin's mind. The woman had an ethereal face, where blue diamond eyes sparkled on her face, rosy lips lacing it. And she had loose flowing pink hair cascading down. This woman was beautiful…more beautiful than her.

Meyrin was always conscious of herself and how she looked. All her years, her older sister, Lunamaria, had always overshadowed her. Lunamaria was more stunning, she was more athletic, she was smarter, and she was more appealing to everyone around her. Meyrin recalled all the times Lunamaria took the entire spotlight during family parties and such; Lunamaria was the belle of the ball, even in Meyrin's birthdays. In fact, the only reason students from her school attended her birthday party was to "check out the hotter Hawke". She felt a pang of pain when people called her "the other Hawke girl". Meyrin had to live with that everyday; she never hated Lunamaria, because her older sister was always very kind with her.

So it was always hard for Meyrin to believe that one day in the office, Kira Yamato, nicknamed "hot-as-hell-bachelor" approached her and talked to her. Not about business or the usual "hey, how's it going" but he talked to her…and flirted with her! He chose her. The other Hawke. He chose her out of all the women in the office who were all better looking and sexier than her.

Ever since with Kira, Meyrin began to have confidence boosting in her. But as Meyrin stared at the beautiful pink-haired lady, her confidence was nowhere to be found.

"Is there a problem?" The woman asked in her melodic voice. Meyrin shook her head.

"No, umm…thanks for the help."

"You're welcome. It's hard to find people who still assist these days, here you go, hmm…I think we got all of it."

"Umm…yeah, thanks for the help, Miss…"

The beautiful lady smiled a heavenly smile.


"Athrun, I think we should stop…" She gasped as her husband sent a shiver of excitement as his hands splayed on her hips, his mouth warm and moist on her neck. Cagalli bit her lip, her hands grabbing fistfuls of his blue hair.

"Shhh no one's around, not Kira or our son"

Our son. The way he said it made Cagalli believe of a full family again. Something she wanted after he had left. Those words rang beautiful in her ears. Further ecstasy came when his hands began sliding up her inner thighs as his mouth came lower and lower down her chest.

"God. You're beautiful." She felt him shiver, and she knew she was making him feel this way. After all that happened between them, she still had that power to make him so weak with what he called 'sheer sensuality'.

Athrun kept caressing her, kissing her in the places that engulfed her in pleasure. Mapping her body was a skill burned in his mind. God, she drove him to the edge.

She moaned out in satisfaction, in desire, and it drove him further to the edge. The way her body responded to his made him feel like he was living in a dream.

"Cagalli, tell me what you want. Now." He said huskily as they engaged in a rather fierce French kissing.

"I want you to"—pounding footsteps interrupted what she was about to request.

"Mom! Where are you?!" It was Aki, and he sounded angry. "Where are you!"

Horror destroyed the loving moment they were having. "Athrun, you have to go hide." She told him, her voice shaking. Athrun immediately took himself into the bathroom, silently closing and locking the door.

Cagalli pulled her robe from the bed and immediately put it on, she was just securing the belt of the robe when Aki began pounding on her bedroom door.

"Mom! Open up! Mom!"

"Aki, what's wrong with you? You could wake the dead up, damn it." Cagalli remarked, trying to sound her usual self, as she opened the door revealing a scary and angry son of hers. "What's gotten into you, kid?"

His glare could kill thousands. "Who is he?"


"Who's the man you've been secretly seeing, damn it!!!"

Cagalli's color drained from her face and her eyes widened, her mouth partially open. God, how did he know? She had been trying to keep it discreet and clean.

She didn't say a thing…but the way she looked answered what Aki feared to know. Aki's hands covered his eyes. "God"—he moaned in agony, as his knees weakened and he slid on the floor.

"Aki, I"—her hand reached out to him but he slapped it away. Rage burning in his face.

"How could you, damn it!"

"Aki, please!"

"You've been screwing around, haven't you!"

"Aki, shut up and listen to me"—

"How could you let yourself be a whore?! How could you degrade yourself like that! How could you! Shit, mom, why"—

For the first time in her life, Cagalli Yula Athha Zala slapped her own son across his face, the look of disbelief on his features, the dampness of his tears on her hand.

"I am not a whore…" She said steadily and softly, meeting his eyes with her fierce golden ones. "I have not slept with anyone outside my marriage. Aki, do you hear me? I am not a whore."

What happened next was a blur. One minute, Cagalli was watching her dumbstruck son crying on the floor…and the next she found him wrapping her arms around her legs, his sobbing intense that she almost couldn't understand his words.

"I'm sorry. I'm so sorry…God, I'm sorry…sorry…"

Cagalli stood there dazed with relief. Her hands subconsciously stroking her son's golden hair, as he continued to weep.

"I'm so sorry, mom…I'm so…"

"Shh…it's okay."

But Cagalli wondered if it really was okay. She was still betraying her son. It was true that she wasn't a whore. After all, sleeping with your husband didn't make you a whore, did it?