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Jealousy Hurts

Chapter 1: Prologue

One sunny day a hazel- hair colored girl was walking down the hall from her dorm. She usually has her hair in pigtails and you can say that she is normal except for one thing. You see this girl holds a unique ability; she has of what they call an Alice. An Alice is a special ability some people are gifted with. These people go in a certain academy, the Alice Academy. Upon entering this academy she has been living a low-class life and usually will complain, this happens because of her being a no star. But after a while she began to cope with her lifestyle and now is trying to earn more stars.

This hazel-hair colored girl's name is Mikan Sakura. She would usually be seen skipping and humming a lively tune, but today's Mikan Sakura was different.

She stopped walking in the halls when she accidentally lost herself in the huge halls again. Not knowing where to go, she looked at her both sides...trying to remember landmarks. She then turned to her right side...and saw Ruka's dorm room. Her eyes then widened as she remembered the stuff that happened to her.

"...Ruka..." Mikan said.

In the past 2 months, Ruka has been acting coldly towards Mikan...Almost not talking to her, and he even looks at her like she's not his friend.


A day in April, Ruka went to Mikan, while they were alone in the classroom.He grabbed hold of her and threw her to the wall.Locking her between him and to the wall.

"Wha--What's wrong?"Mikan said to the boy who wasn't really like that.

"Tell me! Why do always just ignore me? You always just talk to Natsume...always hanging out with him and Hotaru and Yue...You just care about him and not me!"Ruka said with complete anger in his eyes.

"Actually, you're wrong. I'm not ignoring you or anything. I just treat you and Natsume equally! Remember when it was the dodge ball day and I was looking for some players and I said that I just wanted you and Natsume to start smiling?" She said with a confident smile and feeling that she would calm Ruka down and believe her.

You don't get it! I don't want you to treat us equally! it's because...because..."Ruka said while his bangs were covering his face.

"Because what?...Ruka?" Mikan said while having a worried and confused face. She couldn't understand how Ruka is feeling right now.

Ruka then started speaking and spat the words: "You see Mikan...I...I like...!" He was then cut off when:

"Good morning Ruka and Mikan." Hotaru said calmly... The door burst inside so loud that the chalk pieces crumbled to dust!

At this point, Ruka then QUICKLY SEPARATED from Mikan and walked calmly to his desk, beside Natsume's of course...

Natsume then came in and gave a blank look at the classroom that meant to say "mornin'"

Despite knowing that his best friend was there, Ruka just had his head low and he had his bangs covering his eyes.

'Huh? What's wrong with Ruka?' Natsume thought.

"What are you doing there at the corner Mikan? You usually just put your head down on your desk and snore 'til the bell rings..."Hotaru said while a puff of clouds came from her back and showed a picture in her mind imagining Mikan snoring and sleeping on her desk.

"Invention number 035, Imagining machine projector .It shows on a puff of clouds what you are currently imagining in your mind. There is also another kind, the Imagining machine Projector Laser lights. It shows what you are imagining through laser light in the air." Hotaru said calmly while introducing her new invention.

Mikan just went to her seat and stared blankly at the blackboard the whole day...