Love vs. Pure Blood

Chapter 1 – First love

After lunch, Harry Ron and Hermione walked down to the dungeons, took their usual seats at the back of the classroom and took out their potions ingredients. Snape swept inside, slamming the door behind him as he strode to the front of the class.

'Today we will be making a complex potion which I doubt many of you will be successful in creating,' he said, looking purposefully at Harry, 'It is called Morphordia, and will allow the drinker to render themselves temporarily invisible. If you aren't careful, your potion may well make you vanish completely from this earth indefinitely. You have two hours. Start.'

Ron gave Harry a sideways glance and muttered, 'you'd better make yours good mate, I wouldn't put it past Snape to slip you some of your potion. He'd love for you to vanish completely.'

Harry grinned and used his wand tip to create a crackling fire underneath his cauldron.

After ten minutes of silent work, Harry sat down to chop his billysprouts and said to Ron and Hermione, 'What about this ball thingy eh? Know who you want to go with?'

For some reason both Hermione and Ron went scarlet.

'No idea,' Squeaked Hermione.

'Er...just well, you know, I thought I might ask…nah I'm being stupid,' stammered Ron.

'Who?' asked Harry.

'Well, I mean there's no harm in asking her I suppose. It's Fleur.' said Ron going even redder.

Harry and Hermione both suppressed grins.

'Well what about you Harry?' said Ron, rapidly changing the subject.

'Oh come on Ron. It's obvious who Harry want to go with.' said Hermione.

'It is?' said Harry in surprise.

'Well of course,' Hermione replied, 'You've fancied Cho for ages haven't you? I've seen the way you look at her.'

'Oh, er right, I guess it is obvious,' Said Harry. 'I'd love to go with her but she's bound to go with someone like pretty-boy Diggory. Why would she go with me?'

The three friends had obviously not kept their voices low enough, because at these words, Draco Malfoy turned round from the row in front.

'You're asking Chang out Potter?' He hissed, 'Let me know when you do it, I want to be there, it'll be the best laugh I have all year, you've got no chance.'

'Shut your mouth and mind your own business Malfoy.' said Ron, heatedly.

'Ohhh Weasley, are you jealous that your boyfriend doesn't want to go to the ball with you?' said Malfoy.

Ron lunged forwards and grabbed the front of Malfoy's robes just as Snape walked past.

'Detention Weasley, I do not tolerate fighting in my class.' He said.

Fuming, Ron let go of Malfoy, who turned back to his potion, smirking.

Half an hour later, they stepped out of the dungeon and made their way up to the great hall for dinner. Just as they reached the entrance hall, Harry spotted Cho walking down the spiral staircase. Hermione grabbed Ron's arm and steered him into the great hall, leaving Harry and Cho alone together.

'Hi Cho,' said Harry, feeling self conscious of all the people walking past into dinner.

'Hi Harry, How are you?' she replied.

'Oh, you know, alright considering I just had double potions.'

'Yeah I've heard that professor Snape isn't keen on you.'

'Not keen is a very huge understatement.'

Cho giggled and said, 'Are you looking forward to the Hogsmeade visit tomorrow?'

'Yeah, it'll be nice to get out of the castle,' he said, 'actually, I was wondering if you'd like to come with me?'

'Oh Harry I'd love to!'

'Great. That's really great. I guess I'll see you tomorrow then.'

'Yeah, see you tomorrow.'

Harry walked through to the great hall with a big grin on his face and enjoyed his shepherd's pie much more than he normally would have done.

The next morning Harry awoke and dressed and went down to breakfast with Ron and Hermione. He was too nervous to eat, and only just managed to gulp down a goblet of pumpkin juice.

Fred and George sat down opposite them and helped themselves to huge portions of bacon and eggs.

'Not hungry Harry?' asked George.

Before Harry could speak, Ron said, 'He's got a date with Cho Chang today.'

Fred let out a long, low whistle. 'How did you manage that mate? Cho's one of the best looking girls in school!'

'I dunno really,' said Harry, 'maybe she wasn't thinking straight when she agreed to go with me, what if she's regretting it?' he said, now starting to panic.

'Don't be silly Harry, you've got lots of great qualities, why wouldn't Cho be interested?' consoled Hermione.

Harry stood up and said, 'I guess I just have to go for it,' before striding towards the entrance hall.

'Good luck!' the others called after him.

Cho was already in the entrance hall, waiting for Harry, looking extremely pretty, but nervous. Harry walked up to her.

'Hello,' he said.

'Hi,' she replied, looking suddenly happier, 'I thought you weren't going to make it.'

'I wouldn't have missed this for the world.' He said.

She smiled at him shyly and they made their way through the grounds and down the winding lane to Hogsmeade.

Harry was surprised at how easily the conversation flowed as they were soon having a heated discussion about which team was better at quidditch, Gryffindor or Ravenclaw.

They walked straight into The Three Broomsticks and Cho sat down while Harry went to buy two butterbeers.

They were soon talking again when a small boy approached their table. He looked too young to go to Hogwarts so Harry assumed he must live in the village.

'You're Harry Potter aren't you?' he asked.

'Er, yeah,' he said.

'Can I have your autograph please?'

Harry felt his face flush. Why did this always have to happen to him?

'I don't have a quill, sorry,' he said to the boy, trying to get rid of him.

'You can borrow mine,' Cho said, quickly rummaging in her bag.

Harry quickly signed the piece of parchment the boy was holding, who, looking delighted went off to show his mother.

Harry handed the quill back to Cho who put it back into her bag.

'Oh no!' she cried, 'I just broke it. That was my favourite quill!'

She sighed. 'I've got to go and send an owl. Why don't I do that and meet you back here and we can walk back up to the castle?'

'OK,' said Harry, thinking that it hadn't been the best date so far.

He watched Cho walk away and then turned and walked in the opposite direction, entering a small quill shop. A sales assistant in blue robes approached him.

'Can I help you sir?' he asked.

'Yeah,' said Harry, 'I'm looking for a quill, a fancy one.'

'Well step this way, we have a large selection of peacock quills.'

'Great thanks.'

He chose a large pink and gold peacock quill that came in a smart black box with a pot of colour changing ink.

He walked out of the shop and back up to The Three Broomsticks to meet Cho.

They walked back up to Hogwarts in silence, only commenting on the weather and the merits of butterbeer over pumpkin juice.

When they reached the entrance hall Harry said 'I've bought you a present.'

Cho opened the box and gasped with delight, 'Oh Harry its wonderful thank you! I've had a really lovely time with you today.'

'Me too,' said Harry.

She turned to walk down the corridor leading to the Ravenclaw common room and Harry started towards the marble staircase.

'Oh and Harry?' she called.

'Yeah?' he said, turning around.

'If you ask me to the Yule ball, I might say yes.'