Title: Moment

Author: Sivan Shemesh

Fandom:CSI: Miami

Rating: FRT - 13

Disclaimer: Don't know them.

Summary: There are moments that you will never forget…

Beta: All the remain errors, are totally mine.

Warning: Angst, character death.

Spoiler: AU. "Lost Son"

Horatio POV'

I follow Speed when we enter in the jewelry store.

He wore his blue shirt, and black jeans, and his gun and badge were in his belt.

While I talk with the manager, I could feel swift of air, not knowing that Speed might find something.

Then I turned my head from the man, and saw Speed pulls out his gun, as he continued walking.

"Speed?" I call, but he didn't answered only pointed in his hand over the table, where I could see, a man hiding behind it, and then the door seemed opened.

"Speed…" I alert, as I pull out my own gun now, aimed over the door, ready to shoot whatever shoot.

I could hear Speed's gun, as he tried to shoot, and it seemed jammed.

And then, the moment of panic filled me, as I heard the bullets as they through the mirror, and then over Speed who was automatically laid on the ground, and I continued to shoot the guy, I shoot until I hit him, and then I turned over Speed.

I knelt beside him, and called for aid in my cell. Then I saw his gunshot wound, it looked bad, I put my hand to push it over the wound in target to stop the bleeding as I begged to Speed to breath, but all I could hear was to hear his gasping for air, and then he violently shivered, trembled beneath me, while I kept begging to him to breath.

But it seemed not working, as he bled from his mouth, still gasping for air, and violently shivered.

He was dying in front of my eyes and there was nothing for me to do.

And then, it stopped. There was no movement of Speed. I laid my ear over his mouth search for sign of alive, but there was none.

He was dead. My best CSI is dead.

I couldn't believe that he was dead. I didn't even notice Calleigh that seemed stood there for a while.

I sat on a chair, as all that I did was watched Speed's dead form, as I couldn't believe it.

Until I could feel a soft hand on my shoulder. I raise my head, and noticed to a comfort smile from Alexx, who seemed shocked, herself, seeing her boy lying on the ground, dead.

I took one last look of Tim 'Speed' Speedle, my best CSI that I enjoyed to work with, and with the grief that held my anger I stopped as Calleigh stared at me.

"Horatio…" she called softly.

She was pale by the dim light of the store; I swear that I could see tears leaving her eyes.

"Will you be okay?" she asked me with worried.

I looked over her eyes, and for once I didn't know what to answer, I knew that I want to solve this case, but with Speed's death, I didn't had any answer for her.

The End

So you love it? Hate it? It was suppose to be a 100wordsdrabble…