Hopefully you will like this new story. This time I don't know how it will end or anything yet so it's going to be different for me. It's set at the end of season 3 after Seth and Ryan have graduated. Seth and Summer are both going to Brown together and Ryan and Marissa are together and going to Berkeley. Kirsten and Sandy are putting their problems behind them and Sandy is going back to work at the PD's office.

Again I don't own the O.C etc.

Sandy was packing up the last bits of his stuff from his office, he really wasn't going to miss working at the Newport Group. He didn't like the business world and he didn't like what he had so nearly become, Caleb. He couldn't wait to get back to the gritty world of the PD's office. He had thought of going back on his own again but when his friend had said they had a job going he just couldn't resist and he thought it pleased Kirsten and lately he would have done anything if it meant making her happy. She was already getting upset that the boys only had a couple of months left at home before moving away. Selling the group had made a big difference to her he just wished it hadn't got that far. Things had just spiralled out of control,he hadn't meant to live and breathe work.

The sound of the phone broke his thoughts and he was shocked to hear his brother's voice. He hadn't spoken to Ben in ages and after taking a few minutes to catch up Sandy asked why he was calling. They didn't usually call each otherfor no reason.

"I think you should come and see Mom we're a bit worried about her and we just think she'd appreciate a visit from you." Sandy was surprised at this, he had only spoken to his mother a couple of days ago and she seemed fine. He wouldn't put it past her, for his sake, to lie or pretend that everything was fine but he just thought he would have been able to tell that something was up.

"I'm starting a new job on Monday so I'll have to see if I can take time off. How worried are you? Do you think the cancer's back? Has mom said something?" Sandy was starting to get worried now, maybe he could call Paul and ask if he could start the week after he would understand if his mom was sick.

"She's not saying anything; you know what Sophie Cohen is like way too proud for that. Just come see her, please. Let me know your flights and everything when your booked. I'll talk to you soon." With that he was gone. Ben was quite pleased with how the conversation had gone he was just hoping that Sandy wouldn't ring their sister before he had a chance to talk to her and explain why he had to get Sandy over here. He knew his sister wouldn't approve of him worrying their brotherwhen their mother was finebut he needed Sandy's help and he didn't think he would come otherwise.

After rearranging his starting date at the PD's office Sandy packed up and left the Newport Office for the last time, it wasn't a sad goodbye. His mind was on other things like hoping that Kirsten wouldn't mind him going to New York this weekend that hopefully she and the boys might want to join him but that was something he doubted.

He arrived home to find just Kirsten sitting in the kitchen, she had something in the oven for them.

"Hey hon. No more Newport Group!" He leant in and kissed her as she smiled. "While you're looking so happy I was wondering how do you feel about a trip to New York this weekend? The boys could come too."

"Sandy you start at the PD's office on Monday and I don't think your mom would appreciate a surprise visit from me."

"Aww honey she loves you really. Plus I'm notstarting until a week on Monday now because I really need to go. I got a call from Ben before he said they are really worried about mom and they want me to go and see her. They think she would really appreciate it. You know its very unlike Ben to call so I just want to go over there for a couple of days see how things are and I would really like it if you would come with me. I promise we'll spend a few days there doing anything you want and we'll drag the boys with us. It will be a nice way to spend some quality time together before they leave."

He could tell she was close to caving so he leant in and kissed her neck. "Okay, alright you win I'll come with you but I want the boys to come to and we are going to be doing lots of shopping." He kissed her lips and she smiled. She was so glad he wanted to spend time as a family. The old Sandy was coming back and although she wasn't looking forward to another meeting with her mother-in-law a family vacation would be good. Now they just had to convince the boys of that!