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When Kirsten entered the room there was silence besides the beep from a machine every few seconds. His eyes were closed and she couldn't tell whether he looked peaceful or not his face was so bruised. She tried to see her Sandy but seeing him look like that was hard. She had never seen him look so vulnerable and it scared her. At least the tube was out of his mouth and he was breathing on his own. She didn't understand why his eyes were still closed though.

He heard the door open and could hear feet shuffle closer to the bed. That's how quiet it was, he could hear her walk. He knew it was her, could sense her as soon as the door opened. He assumed the doctor must have just opened the door for her as he only heard one pair of shoes.

"Kirsten?" It was barely a whisper and it hurt to even do that but she heard it. He felt her hand on his. He felt that tingling sensation that he got when she touched him, not all the time but the times when it mattered, when he needed her.

"Oh Sandy you do not know how relieved I am to hear you say my name!" Gingerly he opened his eyes and for the first time, in what felt like years, looked into his wife's eyes. She gently leaned forward and softly kissed his lips.

"I nearly die and all I get is a peck on the lips?! Honey, come on!" He smiled and laughed for a second, it hurt like hell when he laughed. Although Kirsten was kind of smiling at him he could see the tears that were starting to trickle down her cheeks. "Kirsten I'm sorry, for scaring you and not telling you what I was doing and just generally for getting us into this mess. Is Seth okay?" Trying to control her tears she looked him straight in the eyes and took both his hands.

"This is not your fault. It's not Seth's fault, it's just an unfortunate thing that's happened. Everyone is okay, you, Seth, your dad you're all going to walk out of here and that's all that matters." Thing, that was the only way she could describe what had happened over the last few days, not exactly descriptive.

"Mmm my dad, how is he?" His voice was so low and it sounded like it hurt him to breathe never mind speak.

"He's doing okay, I saw him before he was really worried about you and Seth. He's not like I imagined him, I'm sure he's going to want to come and see you. Only when you are ready of course."

"Kirsten lets not talk about him right now. Just sit with me, tell me how Seth is, have you spoken to Ryan and my mother?" Kirsten told her husband all that he had missed while he had been asleep, she thought it was probably one of the few occasions in their marriage when she had done nearly all of the talking and not been interrupted. Ryan, Sophie and Seth all got to see him although Kirsten went into him between each visit, she had to keep reassuring herself that he was doing fine and he liked her going in and out as often as she wanted.

The whole family apart from Seth and Sandy slept at the hotel the following night. Sandy had insisted she get some proper sleep and the rest of the family had agreed with him, including his mother. While it had felt nice to be in warm, comfy bed again she had missed Sandy, his arms and warmth. She couldn't wait to get back to Newport, their house and their bed.

Sandy had been moved out of the ICU after a couple of days which meant they could think of going back to California sooner rather than later. Seth and Daniel had both left the hospital with Daniel still keeping in touch with Kirsten to see how Sandy was. He hadn't seen his son since the shooting but he wanted to be informed of his well being and he wanted Sandy to know that he was concerned about him, it wasn't too late to have some sort of relationship with him. Sandy didn't even want to think about his dad though, at least not for the time being. He was surprised his dad hadn't snuck him to see him.

Sandy liked the fact that since he was no longer in the ICU he wasn't being watched all the time. However, when he woke up he felt like he was being watched and for good reason.

"Who's there? Dad is that you?" A figure stepped out of the shadow that took up much of room given that it was somewhere between late at night and early in the morning. It was only as the figure got close up to the bed that he realise who it was.

"Rebecca. What are you doing here?"

Kirsten arrived at the hospital early in the afternoon. Although she was glad her husband was just on a ward now she found it very annoying that she had to wait until the afternoon to see him and she could only spend a very limited amount of time with him each day. Kirsten always arrived first and then the others would come later, knowing that Sandy would appreciate them giving him time alone with his wife.

This was why she was shocked to hear two voices coming from Sandy's room; the doctors had usually well finished rounds by the time visitors got there.

When she opened the door she saw that it definitely wasn't the doctor.

"Rebecca?! What the hell are you doing here?" She looked from Rebecca to Sandy and back to the woman again. "Sandy what's going on?"

"Honey its okay, Rebecca just wanted to make sure I was alright. She heard what happened to Seth and Ben and well everything." Kirsten couldn't figure out for the life of her why was he being nice?! Did he forget that she ran again when they crashed that stupid rainy night?!

"I don't care, get out. Get out of this room, get out of this hospital right now!" Kirsten moved around the room so she was close to Rebecca. "Why have you come back now? Do you need Sandy's help again? Do you want to leave him high and dry yet again?"

"No Kirsten listen to me I just wanted to make sure that he was okay. I heard what happened to Ben, I saw your appeal on the TV for Seth and then somebody said it was Sandy who had been shot. I needed to know, see, for myself that he's not dead, that he's going to be okay."

"Well now you know, now you've seen, you can get out and stay out. Out of our lives forever, when I say forever I mean forever. Do you have any idea the strain you put on our marriage last time you popped up?"

"I think that's down to the strength of your marriage."

"Rebecca there aren't many marriages stronger than ours."

"Sandy don't worry I'll fix this. Rebecca. Outside. Now." She was eyeballing the woman, Rebecca wasn't sure whether to punch first or run. Kirsten didn't give her the chance to do either. "Now listen to me, I get that you think you love my husband and that you think you should be married to him. But the truth is if you had really loved him you never would have left him, especially if as you claim you are innocent. If you had loved him you would have stayed and fought to be with him but you didn't. You ran away and in doing so you broke his heart. He might have forgiven you for that but I haven't. I know his heart is the most precious thing in the world. I also know that had you stayed he still would have found me, we are meant to be and that is something you have to accept." Kirsten couldn't believe how strong and certain she sounded because she sure didn't feel that way inside.

"Kirsten I haven't come to get Sandy back, honestly. I couldn't have him back if I wanted to anyway. He's yours, he has been since you met I guess. I really just wanted to make sure he was okay and I know that you may find that hard to believe and you really have no reason to trust me but it's the truth." Kirsten had to admit she did look like she was being sincere. "Now I know he is going to be fine I'm going to go." She entered Sandy's room to say her goodbyes and Kirsten sat outside. She could hear everything, Sandy didn't sound too upset which she was relieved about. Sophie appeared from round the corner as Kirsten was getting up, knowing that Rebecca would be about to exit the room.

"Kirsten why are you sitting out here?" She hadn't finished the question before Rebecca had come out of her son's room.

"Rebecca Bloom. Well, well, well I never thought you would have the nerve to show up again." Kirsten was shocked the Nana didn't seem pleased to se her. "What on earth could you possibly want with my son now? Did you want the doctors to take his heart out so you could literally stamp on it this time?" Kirsten had never seen her mother-in-law look this angry before and that was saying something given that over the years most of her anger had been directed towards Kirsten.

"Sophie, I just wanted .."

"Dear I'm afraid you must have me mistaken for someone who cares about what you have to say. I see you are leaving so don't let me stop you. Make sure we never see or hear from you again though. My son doesn't need you, he has a family, he has people that he loves and who love him back. He has a wife who has never left him and who he would never leave. So I suggest you try and get yourself a life." Kirsten had to sit down, she had never heard Sophie speak of their marriage like that. She thought Sophie would have rejoiced in the fact that the Jewish girl had come back for her son.

"Sophie, I, I don't know what to say."

"What Kirsten? You think I don't know how much my son loves you or how much you love him back?"

"I just assumed you would have preferred Rebecca to me."

"Believe me Kirsten, I always wanted both of my sons to marry nice Jewish girls but Rebecca Bloom broke my son's heart and as much as it pained me to see it you repaired it. Except he loved you more than Rebecca, he loves you more than anything. That girl, in fact I guess any girl unfortunately, would never replace you in my son's heart. Rebecca was replaceable, you are not. I might not like it, you may not believe it at times but it's true. I know my boy." There was silence as Kirsten took all this in. when she thought about it she realised that it made sense that Sophie wouldn't like Rebecca, if any girl did that to either of her boys she would never forgive them and for the first time in many years she could see her and Sophie had things in common.

"Thank you." She smiled at her mother-in-law and for a second they shared a real bond.

"Now go see my son before all this niceness gets too much for me!" She laughed, glad that they shared this moment but knowing that it would be years if ever that they would share another one like it.

"Honey, I swear she just .." Kirsten covered his lips with hers stopping him saying anything else, slipping her arms around his neck. They stayed like that for a few minutes until Kirsten pulled away from him slightly.

"I love you. You love me. That's all that matters." Her lips resumed their familiar place with his.

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