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Normal P.O.V.

Just Another Mission

It was a damp and dark morning. The kunoichi crouched in the back round, ever observant of her clear-eyed prey below her. Fingering two kunais in her hands she waited expectantly for an opening in which she could attack. Without warning, the brunette flung the kunais at her former teammate. But Neji, as alert as ever, spun on his heel and pulled off his Kaiten. As the chakra built up around him the kunais fell short of his shield and fell to the ground, useless. Great! I just gave away my position! Tenten chastised herself but only half-heartedly. She knew she could never best Neji when it came to surprise attacks.

"Found you," a warm voice whispered behind her. Startled, Tenten twisted on the branch unsheathing more kunai to defend herself with. But in the process, she lost her balance and fell off the branch, forty or so feet in the air. Falling, Tenten tried to find her bearings to land on any oncoming branch but gravity was working against her and she couldn't find the strength to twist. She shut her eyes. Protective arms wrapped around her as she fell nearly halfway to the ground. Holding her close to him, Neji jumped from branch to branch making his decent. Inhaling his scent, Tenten clutched his vest and snuggled closer, relishing the brief moment. They reached the ground and Neji let her down.

"Careless," Neji muttered as he looked off towards Konoha, the Hidden Leaf Village, and their home. The brunette stood beside him and watched the sunrise with him. Neji had been chosen as successor of Hyuuga Hiashi, the father of his beloved cousin, Hyuuga Hinata. Because of that, Neji had doubled his training hours in order to prove to the Elders that he had what it took to protect the clan. And as always, his most trusted sparring partner and friend, Tenten, helped him train.

"Are you ready to return? Tsunade-sama called for a briefing." Tenten reminded him. Neji nodded and the two returned to the village. In the early mornings of Konoha, many people were already awake.

"Yo, Tenten, Hyuuga!" Kiba waved and Akamaru barked a greeting. Neji nodded a greeting and Tenten waved back. They passed several other chuunin like themselves and stopped to chat with a few. But no morning was complete without the hyper antics of a certain blonde troublemaker, Uzumaki Naruto.

"Hey, Hyuuga! Open your eyes a bit! You look a little tired!" Naruto laughed as he scaled by on the rooftops. Tenten smiled in spite of herself.

"Naruto-kun, stop being such a jerk." Tenten scolded as he ran off. She glanced at Hyuuga. He seemed unfazed by Naruto's remark. Why should he? He is the Prodigy of Konoha. A promising Hokage even. But Tenten knew he didn't desire the highest rank of Hokage at all. He wanted to proceed as Head of the Hyuuga Clan and change the fate of the Branch Family, if he could. Tenten remembered the fight Neji had with Naruto four years ago. They had been twelve and already participating in the Chuunin Exams. Naruto had hit a sore spot when he brought up Neji's role in the Hyuuga Clan. Neji was forced to remember that he was a member of the branch family and his only duty in life was to protect the successor of the clam, then Hinata-sama. But four years had past and Neji was the new successor, much to Hinata's delight. And he no longer beheld the burden of the Hyuuga Cursed Seal on his forehead.

By now they had let themselves in to the Hokage Tower where Tsunade-sama's office was. Tsuzune, Tsunade's assistant admitted them after a brief glance. The Hokage had been bent over the paperwork and now straightened up looking at her visitors.

"Neji, Tenten, I have a mission for you." As expected in Konoha, many people submitted requests and had them completed as missions by the many powerful shinobi. This was just another mission for the two. "The Kazekage of the Hidden Village of the Sand had another child." The two exchanged confused glances. The Hidden Village of the Sand was the village where their friends, the Sand Siblings, resided. What sort of mission did Tsunade have to offer them? "The Kazekage had a child. This one is…as he feared….another demon-possessed child. But this child has proved an advantage to him, or so he says. The child's powers are yet unknown but its existence is not. Already other villages have attempted to capture this child as means of a weapon. You should be careful though. The mother and mid-wife died in the process of the birth. And anyone to come within touching-distance had died a horribly painful death." Neji and Tenten exchanged skeptical looks. "No one wishes to go near it. He sends for us to send a pair capable of looking after the child for the time-being. Your mission is to go to the Hidden Village of Sand, retrieve the child, and return here to Konoha with the child safe and sound. As this child is vital to the survival of the Sand Village, I want the two of you to recruit as much shinobi as possible to aid you to during the journey and back. And I advise you…pick pairs that are capable of each other. I don't want the couples to bicker in front of the child and traumatize it in its early life." She laughed to herself and glanced out the window.

"Tsunade-sama, you say "it" like you don't know what gender it is," Neji commented. Tsunade looked back at Neji.

"That's because…," she said quietly. "Nobody outside the village is courageous enough to find out."