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Shinji Huntin' Season

Another frigging Eva fanfic by Raiden_X_

Chapter 1- Target Acquired

[At school...]

"Order in the court!"

Everyone got settled and sat down in their seats, ending their prattle. Rei was sitting at a corner, watching the window view. All eyes fall on the council; composed of Mana (treasurer), Hikari (council chair-woman), Asuka (secretary) and Yuriko (spokesperson).

"Today's order of business: BOYS!" declared Yuriko

This subject made instantly perked up in attention showing signs of intrigue and curiosity.

"The current #1 bachelor- Darian Yamamoto, has been recently relocated to Sakamura High. Thus removing him from being our main 'hunting' list. This meeting has been called to vote for the next #1 bachelor."

"Feh! All guys are dummkopf's!" said Asuka.

"....... anyway, please enter your votes."

Everyone blushed as they sent their votes via email to Hikari's computer. Hikari's laptop then summed up the total and calculated the results in percentages, then announced the results.

"The results are: 12% on Hintaru Miyamoto, 5% on Gisamo Kuwabara, 7% Daisuke Reijuta and 76% on.... SHINJI IKARI??!!!"

81% of the girls began to deepen their shade of red on their cheeks. But everyone seemed pale compared to the massive blush and anger plastered on Asuka's face.

"THAT IDIOT?!!, WHY HIM?!!!" Thundered Asuka.

"...well he's kin'da sweet and sensitive, he don't seem to the playboy type..." blurted Mana, who was nervously twiddling her fingers on the table, blushing. "...he not half-bad looking either," added an equally red-faced Yuriko.

Everyone seemed to agree with a dreamy look on their faces. They don't seem to notice a young voyeur at the far window, holding a stethoscope over the glass.

This doesn't look good! I better tell Touji right away Kensuke thought then ran off stealthily.

"WHAT?!!! You all are crazy! What you see in that baka-hentai I'll never understand!" with that, Asuka stormed off.

I'm not even done finding what I feel for him yet! Thought Asuka.

"It is settled then, Shinji hunting season starts tomorrow, MAY THE BEST GIRL WIN!!! Court dismissed!"

Everyone left the classroom chatting away. Rei was the last one to leave.


A challenge for an encounter with Ikari-kun? Perhaps....


[At the cafeteria...]

The customers at the cafeteria looked pitifully at the boy who suddenly started a sneezing frenzy.


WHAT THE HELL JUST HAPPENED!!! Thought Shinji, who was sitting alone at a table and drinking his tea peacefully...well was peacefully.

"Maybe I should switch to the other brand. I didn't know I got an allergic reaction to this one before..." Shinji deliberated to himself.


[At the basketball court...]

"Touji!!!" shouted Kensuke as he came, gasping for air.


With that Touji suddenly missed his 99th perfect shooting streak shot.

"DAMNIT!!! You made me miss my shot!!!"

"*huff* I-*puff* -haf- *wheeze* -tehribhol- *cough* -nuuws *huff* *puff* *wheeze *cough* !!!!!"

"What are you talking about? Calm down first!"

Kensuke collapsed in reply, out of breath.

"You should start exercising man! Yo' aint got no stamina to take distance runs!" Touji stated as he dragged him to the infirmary.


[At the classroom]

The bell rang and the students went in.

"Where's Kensuke?" asked stooge#1(Shinji)

"I brought him to the nurse. He collapsed on me before he tried telling me something." stooge#3 (Touji) said.

Both went back to their seats as the class representative started shouting orders.


Shinji was about to sit down when he had a bad feeling of dread as his ears start to twitch and burn with red. What he didn't know was that every girl behind him was looking at his back, especially his posterior. They sucked their breaths in as the boy abruptly stopped. Shinji started looking around to try and find the source of irritation bearing down on him. He calmed down when he saw Asuka half glaring at him and half ignoring him.

Hmm... I must be paranoid! It's only Asuka.

The feeling kept rising and decreasing as the girls kept looking at him covertly from time to time.

That allergy seemed to have me on the knots... thought Shinji as he rubbed his flaring ears while trying to feign interest on a Second-impact lecture.

The boy from the far corner of the classroom noticed this strange actions coming from the female part of the class.

That's strange. That's how they looked at that jerk, Darian!

The last bell rang and Shinji started off as quickly as he could walk out of the room to end his suffering somehow.

Almost all of the young ladies in the class sighed silently as the center of their affections left the building so quickly.


[outside of school...}

"I'll see ya tomorrow."

"Yeah...g'bye." Shinji said as both parted on their own ways.
Maybe I should go ask Dr. Ritsuko later if she could find some other allergies I don't know of...


{Touji's house}

When Touji got home, he received a call from Kensuke

{Hey Touji! I got to tell you something!}

"What is it?"

"I have bad news! The Girls club just announced Shinji as their new prey!"


{I'm serious! I eavesdropped during lunch.}

"You checked up on the girls alone without me?!! How could you?!!" Touji scolded, feeling hurt.

"...If you really are telling the truth, then we better make sure that none of the other guys knows about this or Shinji is in big trouble!"

They did not know that it was too late...


[Outside the school...]

"-Then I saw all of them staring up at his Ass!!!"


"I'm telling the truth!!"

"Why that little wimp?!!! The world has no sense anymore!!"

"What do you guys think we should do?"

"Do the same thing we did to that jerk, Darian of course!"


End of chapter 1

Next chapter 2 - Run, Shinji! Run!