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The Potters were your average wizarding family. James Potter was the heir to a noble pure-blood line. He was well liked by most that met him and held few prejudices except, of course, those held by most in the wizarding world; that elves, centaurs, merpeople, werewolves, vampires, muggles (non-magic humans), and pretty much every other sentient and non-sentient creatures were inferior to wizards. At school he was a notorious prankster and show-off always fussing his jet black hair to appear as though he had just got off the Quidditch pitch. While towards the end of his and Lily's sixth year his rather large ego was ever so slightly deflated when they started dating on a regular basis.

Lily Potter was a muggle-born witch, sometimes referred to as mudbloods as a derogatory term. While in school at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, she was considered brilliant and always remained at the top of her classes. She easily made prefect along with James' friend, Remus Lupin, in their fifth year. After dating for three years Lily tied the knot with James in June of '80. Thirteen months later she gave birth to a healthy pair of fraternal twins.

Harold and William Potter, otherwise known as Harry and Will, were your average twins in that they did everything together. Luckily for them they were fraternal not identical. So people didn't get them confused with one another, nor were they humiliated with identical clothes. Harry had the softer, more feminine features of his mother promising a beautiful figure in his later life. He had his fathers pitch colored hair and shocking blue eyes inherited from his grandfather William. Will on the other hand had a squared, masculine cut to his face, promising to become a ruggedly handsome young man. He had auburn hair which came from some far removed relative somewhere along the genetic line. Both brothers were already showing signs of advanced intelligence, walking at 13 months and having a wide variety of language at there young age near Halloween.


Wormtail cringed before a pair of crimson slitted eyes perched on a dark throne. He would have turned tail and ran had not the terrible set of eyes held him paralyzed like prey before the snake.

"Tell me, why should I let a rat like your self live?" queried the pale 'man' in a distinct hiss to his vioce.

"Master, I have news of the Potters m-m'lord," stuterd Wormtail.

"And why should I take the word of a traitor seriously?"

"I-I-I w-would never lie to one so powerful. N-never to the Dark Lord."



The smell of urine filled the air as Wormtail slowly stopped twitching on the stone floor.

"I know, do not think to lie to me. Your mind is not but an open tome to me. Now leave me to my own devices."

Wormtail and several Death Eaters left the torch lit dungeon leaving Voldemort to ponder the contents of the Prophecy Severus over herd. With a decision made, the room echoed with a gunshot and Tom Riddle nowhere to be seen.