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His prone form lay silent, beaten,battered and filthy on the cold,hard stone floor. His breaths coming out in ragged, prudent little puffs of air as pain coursed throughout his body

The man lifted his head with obvious difficulty and looked around for the millionth time at the prison which he had been sentenced to for god only knew how long, he had lost track of how many days he had been held captive here, and wasn't sure what was day and night anymore.

The walls were made of the same hard,cold stone blocks that made up the floor, and to his right was a heavy steel door, which was locked at all times, unless his captors came in to feed him the very little food he was allowed, or torture him. After a week or so, he really couldn't tell, he had given up fighting, knowing that it would only cause him more pain and punishment.

The man sighed for the hundredth time that day, (or was it night) and templated over his being captured. He still couldn't believe he had let them best him, as he had put up one hell of a fight, and he cursed every star that he had lost focus at the last moment.

The door to the cell opened and in came one of them. The man was short, but well built, with chopped brown hair that didn't quite reach his shoulders and cold black eyes, smiling a malicious smirk that made the man wince, this was not going to be pleasant, but then, when was it ever.

"So," The man stated, amusement dripping from his tone."How are we doing today?"

The man on the floor only stared up at his enemy with as much hatred his tired face would allow. The other man chuckled. "Carefully, pet, with that attitude, people would think you didn't like it here."

The man walked causally over to his victim, and kneeled down by him. "You know, I would have thought you would have broken by now." The torturer looked thoughtful for a moment before sighing.

"Why did you have to dissapoint me, pet? Things would be a lot easier for you, if you would just cooperate." The man stopped and frowned. "You really don't want to dissapoint me, again, or at all, for that matter, things wont come out nicely for you, you know?" The man prodded his victims broken rib very hard, causing said man to wince, but he didn't make a sound, not giving the other man any satisfaction.

The brown haired man's frowned deepened, and he said, " You do know what I'm capable of, pet, so why are you making it harder on yourself then it has to be?" This question was answered by silence, which only angered the captor.

"You've had your chance pet, now patience has worn thin." He said this with a voice that made the other man cringe inwardly, "I guess another lesson is in order."

Oh, god. The man thought, Please, God help me.


Harry and Daniel made their way to transfiguration. Daniel was explaining to Harry the components of a magical core, and how the wands strengths tied in with its powers. This was very fascinating to Harry, who had a fetish with all different kinds of magic, and had experimented with a lot of different magical types, but staying away from any magic that was to deeply submerged into the Dark Arts.

So, you see, when a wizard or witches wand is snapped, then that wizards' core weakens. Its doesn't zap it completely, but it does hurt the wizard quite a bit if he's used it for a while. The longer you use a wand, the stronger the bond between your core and the wand becomes, So if the wand breaks, you can imagine why it would hurt:" Daniel finished. Harry nodded, willing to admit he was surprised. For an eleven year old to know that much about such a difficult, and confusing subject was truly an accomplishment.

The two boys turned down the hall and found themselves out side their next class. The door a picture of a human being turned into a dog. Harry entered first and he and Daniel made their way over to the row of tables, which seated two, and sat, while watching the rest of the students continued to file in.

"Hello, class." Came a young female voice from the entrance. "My name is Madam Eiri. My class will compose of the art of transfiguring one item into another. In your 6th year, you will be learning about the art of Animagi and how to find your forms. Today, I want to begin to discuss the theory of Transfiguration, Now," She stated, walking over to her desk, "Who can explain to me the break down to Transfiguration?"


"When I call your name, you will come up here, place the sorting hat on your head, and when the hat places you, you will join your house table. Amiko, Hannah." Professor Mcgonagall called, as a young Japanese girl walked forward shyly.

Will Potter clapped with the rest of the hall as the girl was sent to Hufflepuff, but ignored the rest of the sorting. It was, of course, obvious that he would be sorted into Gryffindor, but the Boy-Who-Lived couldn't help but be a little nervous. Something was telling him something really bad was about to happen, and no matter how hard he tried to shake the feeling, he couldn't.

Will sighed to himself, very miserable, although he kept up the mask he was happy. His brother should be right next to him, being sorted as well, both boys starting at the school they were meant to attend together. But they weren't, and this made Will highly upset.

Despite popular belief, he did love his brother, terribly. When his father had sent Harry away, it started scarred Will, a huge gash that was slowly, but surely filly its way up with hatred for their parents.

The auburn haired boy felt terrible about everything that his parents put his brother through, and he couldn't forgive them for that.

But another thing that also caused the boy to hate, was the fact that Harry had not written to him, nor made any other attempt to contact him. Will was convinced that Harry, no matter how many things he had had to suffer because of their parents and the rest of the wizarding world, because Will was the boy-who-lived, that Harry would realize it wasn't Will's fault, and continue speaking with him, It hurt immensely.

Then an idea struck,as he glanced at his parents who sat at the staff table. What if he hadn't written or anything because he was waiting for the right moment? Maybe he hadn't contacted his brother because he knew how angry their father would get over it? Hope flew throughout Will's being and he smiled the first, true smile he had in a long time.

He just had to be patient, and wait for the letter he was sure, no positive, would come, he knew Harry wouldn't abandoned him, he knew it.

Will was snapped out of his thoughts when his name was called, and made his way nervously to the stool, after receiving encouraging nods and smiles from his parents.

Will start at the darkness the hat had induced by being slipped over his eyes.

"well, If it isn't the next Potter. I was hoping to see you brother, but he would have been before you, so I'm just going to assume I'm not going to be seeing him. Anyway, on to sorting you. Well well well, you put on a brave and noble face, but you have some very dark secrets, and a lot which you hide. I'm afraid I can not put you into the expected Lions Den, You'll find your true path in.."



Harry rolled over in bed and glanced at the illimonus alarm clock on his bed side table, and sighed.

3:25, It read. Harry had awoken after having an extremely bizarre dream.


Harry was standing on a platform, a light was blaring at him, but off the stage, it was dark, although he could tell there were people there, resolute whispering bouncing off walls and tables.

There was a buzzing in Harry's ears that wouldn't go away, no matter how hard the raven haired boy tried. After a few moments, the whispers and buzzing only got louder and Harry found himself staring at a hood figure, Harry himself unhooded.

"It will be mine. The source of Slytherian's power WILL BE MINE!" The figure lunged at Harry, his hands clasped around Harry's throat, his skin burning from the touch. The crowd grew wild with screams and cries of fear and outrage while the man continued to squeeze the life out of the boy, who was slowly losing conscience, while the invisible flame continue to burn him unrelentingly.

Suddenly, Harry felt saw a bright light in front of his face, it was so close, it felt as if it were coming from his own body , the man screamed and leaped off of Harry, staring in at his hands. His hood had fallen, and Harry recognized his face, but couldn't figure out who he was. The man's hands began to blister and turn to ash as it slowly traveled up his arms and spread throughout the rest of his body, all the while he screamed, "Murderer!" until he collapsed completely, his whole body had turned to dust.


Harry mopped his sweaty face on the blankets and rolled over to his side, trying desperately, but failing miserably to attain any sort of drowsy feeling.

A while later, Harry got up frustrated and turned the light on his bedside table, glancing at the boy's bed next to him to see if he had disturbed him, and continued when he seen he had not.

Harry leaned over the side of the bed and opened the draw, grabbing a parchment notebook and a self-inking quill he had gotten for his birthday.

Harry leaned back against the headboard, opening the cover and began to write:

Dear Remus,

How are you?First day of class were exhausting, but satisfactory all the same. I met a... well, I guess you could say friend. His name is Daniel Poth, and he is rather intelligent. He independently studies different types of magic and the relationship the wand has with the magic core of a witch or wizard. Its quite fascinating, actually. Anyways, Just thought I'd write, see how things were at home. Hows Sara?

Please tell her hello for me, would you?

Well its late and I have to get up early,

Love Harry.

P.S. Have you ask Sara out yet? You really should you know, she's a wonderful lady.

Harry finished the letter with a grin. He had noticed the attraction almost instantlyand was grateful. True, Harry enjoyed having Remus' as a ... Father, (it was still hard to call him that) but Remus needed someone in his life, a companion, a lover, or even a spouse, and Sara and him seemed to just click, by their way of interaction.

The smile vanished a moment later, He knew he should have mentioned about what had taken place earlier in his potions class, and then later about the dream, but Harry couldn't quite bring himself to burden himself anymore then he already had. First, he had taken Harry into his home, then the adoption... He need some time for himself..and Sara.

Harry grinned again and yawned, finally feeling drowsy. He folded the letter and place it on his nightstand, deciding to send it in the morning.

He would tell Remus, or someone if anything got to serious, he decided and snuggled into his covers, falling into a world of darkness.


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