WARNING: If you expect happy endings, then I advice you to leave. This story is unpredictable and twisty, so it's better for you turn and leave this page if you want a "happy ever-after".

HWOARANG'S POV…and to think that he's a badass or something, but no. Because in this story…he's on his mama's pants.

Endless Love

By: Elie

Have you ever felt so scared that you might want to run away and hide until everyone would become so oblivious about you? Or that you were just living in a terrible lie?

Did you even know that your own purpose in life was just to make someone happy? And did you really know how too late it was…too late to even make that happiness last for eternity?

I had, and I would never forget what she said to me…she told me…I was the one who made her feel free, and that she was happy…so happy that she –

If you happened to pass by and noticed an auburn haired guy laughing crazily with his army peers while drinking beer, that'd be me. But I must tell for only being twenty-one…it is my decision, and I'm prepared to die for the country I loath for- Japan.

My real name is Hwoarang, but since I'm adopted by an old, loving Japanese couple, I now go in the name of Ishiro Kaze and all I want is to help end the war. Being in the military is my ultimate goal, and finally…I'm accepted.

I've been here in the permanent military base in Japan from only two weeks ago. I'm happy and sad for no reason at the same time. It has been only two weeks, yet I miss Korea. I wonder when will I be able to go home again, and when will the war end. I seek for an answer, and I believe I can find it in my own hands.

My life, as I describe it, is like a sad lullaby. I try to cheer myself up by shaking the thoughts of my past away before it can even get to me. Everyone has their own happy childhood memories, yet for me, all I can say is…not a single event got out of turmoil.

You see, I was born in the year when Japan had its need to conquer other countries for power, and Korea was its nearest.

Our family was poor. My father and mother were farmers, and their harvests were just enough to feed us. And, at a young age, I understood them, and asked for no more for I was contented. But it was ironic that the most kindest and hardworking people on earth had to die so soon…yes, my family was killed by Japanese soldiers and I was the sole survivor.

Why did I survive again? Of all people, why me? I had an older sibling, and her name was Ok-soo. As far as I could remember, she was beautiful and had a long, auburn hair just like mine. My sister was like a mother to me since she stayed at home to tend after ourselves…probably, she could've helped our parents in the field too, but maybe she just wanted to look after me. I was just five then – young and naïve – and I weren't of any help, though I just tried hard to be a good boy.

One thing that I would never forget about Ok-soo was that she saved me. She could've saved herself or our parents first, but I don't know why she chose me. Our house was burnt, and the Japanese soldiers trapped us inside. We couldn't get out, and the only way was our window connecting to the river outside. But even before all of us were roasted and turned into embers; Ok-soo pushed me out.

From that moment on, I was just floating in the river – tired and somber. I realized then that I was now an orphan…still young, naïve – and useless. But the memory of my sister, Ok-soo, still stuck to my head even before I awoke in a decent bed with two unfamiliar faces hovering above me.

I was lucky enough to have had found two people – kind, loving, and impotent. They couldn't bear any child, and the hurtful fact was that they were Japanese. Since then, I was in the line of hatred and appreciation for Japan. Because of the war they had caused, my life had been tainted by blood, and not only mine, but also of my fellow Koreans who had lost their loved ones.

A few years later, I graduated in a good military academy ran by Japanese soldiers whom I secretly still had a grudge with. Yes, I sought justice and I was thirsty for vengeance…for my family, especially my beloved Ok-soo.

Though I must say it was painful to live a life in Korea where I had to ignore my fellow Koreans, even my friends when I was a child. Little did they know I was already called Ishiro Kaze, so, my foster parents had to take me from my hometown to the city. There, I should speak Japanese all the time for practical reasons. If the Japanese, aside from my foster parents, learned that I'm Korean by blood, they'd definitely punish me and the couple who took me in. And I obviously didn't want that to happen…indeed, it was difficult to live in a lie.

The time came when I had to undergo an even advanced training in Japan. The war between America and Japan was getting fiercer and we soldiers had to prepare ourselves. But I know what to do, and someday, I will join the Americans. I need that revenge.

But how come the time when you almost had your goal in the tip of you finger, there comes distraction? It seemed that I was the type to fool around with women, but honestly, I'm not really interested. Women weren't my priority, but my peers would constantly tease or mock me for being a wimp when it came to them, which I knew wasn't even true.

Then I was wrong, because when I met her, from that moment I knew…she'd be the one I'd die for. She was like Ok-soo, in a way that she was also different. Oh yeah, actually I couldn't explain…it is odd for me to be so happy when she's around, and I tried my best to stay what I really am, because when I first met her, I was drunk, so I was a bit giddy and excited or whatever I felt during that time. But I knew for sure…she liked my happy exterior, and I would continue to become happy even if I feel pain, just to see her smile…

Unfortunately, she was a geisha, an apprentice one. And I knew the time would come that I should leave her behind, and for her to control her feelings towards me. Maybe it's our destiny…

But no matter what, that could never stop us from loving each other…even if she's just a geisha and me as a soldier…As long as she calls me Hwoarang, and not Ishiro, we will last in time.

This isn't just about me, this is about us. Her name is Asuka Kazama, and this is our story…


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