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The music pumped in a blinding rhythm. Swaying my hips to the beat I closed my eyes downed with the thought that it was the last night of summer before we start school. And it wasn't just school but senior year!

It seemed like just yesterday I entered high school. Taking my first big steps in life, like my first platinum card, my first fuck, my first heartbreak. And now it was going to be my final year of what people call the whirlwind years, I didn't want high school to end.

The dj changed the song, Pump It Up by the beastie boys blared through the speakers. Hell this may be senior year but hey its my last year I better go through it to the fullest, not an experience well be missed!

Twirling my hair into a high ponytail I moved from the dance floor to the table where my friends sat getting wasted. We had been together since sixth grade, and the six of us were inseparable.

First was Rachel Roth, my best friend, we hated each other's guts but when placed together for a science project we realized how much we had in common. I swear the teachers still regret doing that till this day. She was beautiful, black shoulder length hair with violet highlights that matched perfectly with her violet eyes. Not only was she beautiful, Rachel was incredibly rich, our whole school had cash but she was among the top. Her dad was a retired actor who now sold and owned vineyards of the best wine in Gotham. Her mother was the illustrator of top fashion magazines all over the world which meant Rachel was the first to know whenever something was hot and not.

Next was Gar, Rachel's boyfriend since freshman year and the comedian. He was completely vegetarian due to the diet his mother was on when he was born; ever since then you could never convince him to eat meat. His parents ran talk shows all across the state ranging from animal to celebrity lifestyles. Always happy he never knew when to stop partying but always new when to crack a joke, the problem was to get him to shut up. Garfield was hot, along with the two other guys in the group he pretty much was the most wanted guy in GPDS (Gotham private day school), with brown hair and forest green eyes he may not be athletic but he had the built of a swimmer.

Leaning lazily on the couch sipping on a martini was my boyfriend since last year, Richard Grayson. Every guy hated him for having me, and every girl hated me for having Richard. But anyone could see we where a match made in heaven. Richard had ebony hair that was spiked to perfection but when let down it let an air of mystery, but he only let it down for special occasions or for when we fucked. His eyes where so blue you would think they where from an animation, his pools where almost ink blue leaning on a crystal effect. The only word that could barley describe them was breathtaking. His adoptive father was Bruce Wayne, the richest man and next to Richard most notorious playboy in Gotham and probably most cities around.

The two making out between sips of beer where, Karen Breecher and Victor Stone. Having gone out since eighth grade they where the idol and stone of the group one was never without the other. Victor was tall and African American, the most athletic and muscular in all of GPDS; Karen was African American as well with a spunky attitude that matched her gorgeous frizzy black hair. His parents where world-renowned scientists. Karen's mother was a model and her dad one of the minor population of un-gay fashion designers.

And who was she? Who would not know who Korina Anders was? She was the girl all guys wanted and the girl all girls wanted to be. Her parents owned a chain of beauty and makeup productions called Star fire. The scents and colors where exotic and intoxicating, much like the heir of the chain. Her hair was a deep red that reached just above her ass, her eyes where an unearthly emerald that bounced with the light. She was 5'8, incredibly rich, sexy, smart, and seductive. You could just say the word perfect and everyone would assume you where talking about Kori.

" Yo Kor, you just going to stand their like a loner staring at us, or actually enjoy the last night before our spin off year!"

I laugh gliding gracefully between Richard and Gar. " We all know your celebrating because you never thought you would past second grade."

I grin teasing Gar as Richard pulls me into his lap. Enjoying the sensation of Richard nipping on the skin of my neck, god I felt like a goddess every time I was with him. "Hmm, Kor you taste so good, new soap?" he teases softly into my ear. God why is se so damn seductive, unable to stand my urge anymore I twist around in his lap pulling his head into a mind blowing kiss. I receive no protest as he opens his mouth allowing my tongue to roam free in his mouth.

I missed his taste, two months on a Caribbean cruise is way too long away from my Richard Grayson, enough time for him to cheat on at least fifty girls behind my back. Not that all of us where faithful, we have all at least slept with each other once. Remembering my first fuck was with Richard in ninth grade, we both where completely out of our minds, decided we were tired of being alone we jumped into bed together and did it. I also remember in tenth grade when Gar and I fucked one spring break when Rachel went away to the Bahamas, we went out to see a movie that got us so fucking horny we went straight to bathroom and fucked in the handicap stall. In that same year Rachel and I got so wasted we got caught making out in Victors pool house, we where both so embarrassed but somehow that just brought us closer. Then last year when me and Richard got in a fight I got so pissed I told him that I was going to fuck his best friend, and next thing I new me and victor where having sex in the boys shower room.

But don't get me wrong, everyone in Gotham high is like this, it's just our messed up rich spoilt life's that where just waiting to be fucked up!

" Kor? You all right?" I look at Richard realizing we had stopped kissing. I blush, " sorry just remembering."

He tugs onto my hair playing with the strands that fall across my eyes, " We still have one more year."

" Yeah I know." Sighing I steal his martini and down the rest of it in one gulp.

" And I intend to make the most of it!"

All of us raise our glasses, " To the best senior year ever, lets make it memorable for everyone, so when we leave GDPS no one will forget us!"

We clink glasses then gulp down the alcohol ready to spend the night wasted and the next morning for school completely hung over.

" Lets dance!"

Rushing on to the dance floor once again just in time for 50 cents Candy shop, " OMG they haven't played this song for ever!"

Rachel and I brake down into a rush of hip swaying dirty dancing. She smacks me lightly on the ass, " hey sexy, ready to party?' I nod and we are off, tonight I don't mind having all eyes on me, I feel truly sexy. Grinding up against each other Rachel sways her ass to the beat while I move my hands across her in mesmerizing movements. All eyes are on us.

Grinning we move wildly letting the music and alcohol take full control of our bodies. A crowd gathers around us watching with awe and admiration as we sway our designer clad bodies to the song. I feel firm arms press around me as someone twirls me then grinds up next to me as Alicia Keys, A woman's Worth, plays.

" Richard…?"

"Hmm?" he responds sliding his hands along my curves.

" I love you."

He stops dancing and turns me around to look him in the eye. At first I think hes pissed after we both agreed never to get too intimate. But then I see that gleam in his eye, the one he only has for me.

" I love you too."

He pulls me into a hot kiss, covering my lips with his. And im lost once again in his sweet mouth savoring his taste with my tongue. What would I be without him?

Braking away from the kiss and continuing the slow grind I glance at the people around me. Karen had already passed out on Victors lap as he fanned her head, Gar and Rachel where arguing once again as Tara stood next to Gar trying to look innocent. Then I look at Richard although dancing with me he eyed the petite brunette bartender. Not even the first day of school and Richard already was eyeing girls up. Realizing I followed his gaze Richard mumbles an apology, which I wave away with a peck on his lips. Apologizing once again I nod the walk absentmindedly towards the restrooms. Drying the sweat of my face and reapplying my lip-gloss I sigh,

this was going to be one hell of a year.

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