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Authors note: There are a lot of theories on how this season will end and this is only one of mine. Of course they could totally be jerking us around and do something like having John wake up hearing water running and find Mary in the shower, ala Dallas. Could they be that twisted? I think they could just be. I'm interested in reading stories about how others think the season will end. I'm putting out the challenge. Get writing people.


It was finally over. The words still warm on his lips he watched the demon disintegrate into a million specks of dust and disappear, its scream still echoing in his ears. A sound John knew he would not soon forget. He ran to Sam, who had collapsed over the strain of the final push to trap the demon.

"I'm okay Dad." Sam said weakly as he allowed John to help him up. He stared at what was left of the demon suddenly aware of the immense relief he felt. It was hard to fathom that it was really over. A million thoughts went through his mind at once. He looked over at John for confirmation and saw John nod back to him. It wasn't a dream; the creature they had sought all those years finally was destroyed.

John and Sam barely had time to celebrate their victory when they heard Dean yelling from someplace near by. Rushing outside they saw a battered Dean being pushed into the Impala by Meg. Shoving him in the passenger side, she ran around to the driver's side and drove off. John and Sam ran to the truck and jumped in. John floored it as he got on the interstate behind her. Meg drove hard, speeding in and out of the slower traffic without a thought of the danger she was to those driving around her. John tried to keep up, always keeping the Impala within his sight. He and Sam sat stone faced and quiet as John weaved around the slower cars trying to catch the faster black car. Meg sped up even more when she got around the traffic and was now in a wide open lane. Sam gasped as a semi changed lanes in front of them and John had to brake hard to avoid hitting it. Within seconds they had the Impala back in view again. It took agonizing minutes before John could get around the slower cars and into the open lane as well.

When they were only 1/4 mile away, they saw the car start to swerve back and forth. They both screamed Dean's name as they watched the car go flying off the side of the road. John slammed on the brakes and they ran out of the truck in time to see the Impala roll to its top and burst into flames. Within seconds the vehicle exploded throwing John and Sam back as they ran towards the burning car. Sam got up and tried again to reach the Impala but John quickly grabbed him and held him back. The flames engulfing the passenger compartment had now reached the trunk and set off a torrent of explosions as the bullets and other weapons responded to the flames. John prayed his son died quickly.

Sam struggled in his father's arms, screaming Dean's name, before succumbing to the horrible thought that his brother had just died in front of him. John pulled Sam back up to the side of the road and they stood there watching as the fire continued to burn. Other cars pulled up as well and people soon joined them unknowing that the two men standing on the side of the road were watching the one person who meant the world to them die in the most horrible way possible.

Soon law enforcement vehicles showed up as well an ambulances and fire trucks. Sam heard someone from Highway patrol ask John if they had seen what had happened. John spoke with strained emotion as he told the officer one of the victims was his son. After a few more questions the officer left with the impression that the car went off the road during what he assumed was a domestic dispute. John of course could not tell him it was because his son had been kidnapped by a demon bitch and car went off the road because his son was fighting back. Two hours later John and Sam were still standing there as the medical examiner pulled two bodies from the wreckage and brought them up to the ME's wagon for the ride back to the morgue.

"We should have tried Dad." Sam spoke to John as they sat silently back at the motel room. It wasn't so much of an accusation as much as a wish that he could have done something, anything, to save Dean. Suddenly a sob that was long held back surfaced and Sam got up quickly. Determined not to cry in front of his father he walked to the bathroom and locked the door. John could hear Sam's cries for his brother. He did the only thing he could do for his youngest son. He granted him the ability to cry in private. His heart breaking as well John got up and exited the motel room, getting inside his truck. It was only there, alone in the trucks cab, that he allowed himself the cry as well for Dean. Years of repressed emotion rolled through his body. The truck shook as John clutched the steering wheel and sobbed freely. Memories of Dean as a child, Dean as a teenager, Dean as the man he became, flowed through John's mind.

He could only mutter, "I'm sorry. I'm sorry." Repeatedly as he leaned over and rested his head on the steering wheel. Then came the memories of Mary. He thought he would feel a sense of satisfaction now that her death was avenged. Instead he felt an overwhelming sense of guilt that his obsession to avenge her lead to the death of her most precious boy. He could only apologize to her as well and beg her for forgiveness.

He didn't know how long he sat out there. It was only when he heard the motel door open that he looked up to see Sam standing in the door way. Sam's face wet with tears, his eyes wide with fear as he searched for his father. The relief on his face as he saw his father sit up in the truck. John saw his sons fleeting fear. He got out of the truck, walked up to Sam, and grabbed him, hugging him tightly. Father and son stood in the door way and cried together finally sharing the grief that had threatened to consume them.

Three days later and a thousand miles away, they found themselves in driving aimlessly through the rolling hills of Tennessee. Without a mission, they had no reason to head in any particular direction. They stopped periodically for food and fuel, resting in motel rooms at night as usual. Silence had become their norm. Conversations were short and mostly revolved around where they were, and where they might be heading. It was safer that way.

John observed Sam as he slept slumped against the trucks door. He was happy to see Sam sleeping even if it was in the middle of the day. He knew Sam was having nightmares about his brother, he could hear him crying out at night. They seemed to match his own nightmares about his oldest son. The fear Dean must have felt as he realized he was going to die. It was the sound of Dean's voice however, calling his name that made him sit up at night, heart pounding, with sweat pouring down his face. There was something nagging in the back of his consciousness. Something he couldn't quite get to surface until one night he realized what it was. It was strange sense of hope. He tried to dismiss it but it still nagged at him. How could it be? Any chance at hope disappeared in the flames of the Impala. Still it was there, lurking, taunting him and for a moment he allowed himself the dream that Dean was still alive. It was quickly squashed as he remembered the results of the autopsy confirming the body burnt beyond recognition was his oldest son. He never spoke to Sam about his dreams knowing he couldn't burden him with even more pain.

On the morning of the fourth day, Sam paced around the motel room like a caged animal. John knew something was bothering his son but he didn't know how to broach the subject without eliciting the conversation he knew he didn't want to have.

"Sam!" he barked looking up from the laptop. He could see Sam struggle. The evidence was in his body language and on his face. Whatever was bothering his son he had to find out, and find out quickly. Sam looked like he was ready to burst.

"Sammy talk to me. What's wrong?" John tried to keep his voice low and smooth. Sam looked over at him not quite sure what to say. Finally he could no longer hold back.

"Dad Dean's alive."


Author note: I decided to leave it on a cliffhanger just as I suspect the season will end on one. I have more ideas on how to continue, but I think I'll let you all decide if you want me to.