At Missouri's insistence they stayed at her place for almost a month. That was how long she claimed it would take them to rest and heal, and they knew not to argue with her. One day John got a mysterious phone call from Bobby, and afterwards he disappeared for a few hours. When he came back he had an envelope filled with cash and two concerned sons on his hands.

"I sold the Mustang." He announced as he dropped the envelope on the table. Sam picked it up and looked inside. Whistling he was amaze as he started to count the hundred dollar bills he saw inside.

"What the hell Dad, now what are we going to drive?" Dean said annoyed. It wasn't the same as driving the Impala, but the Mustang had been a sweet ride too and he hated that his father sold it without even telling them he was going to do it.

"Missouri says you can drive her car." He said with an amused voice giving Missouri a wink.

"Dad!" Dean cried out as he and Sam both winced at the thought of driving Missouri's 1988 Escort.

"No offence Missouri but it's a little tight for the both of us." Sam said remember how cramp they were the one other time they tried to drive her car.

"Drives fine though doesn't it boys." She said smugly going along with John's plan. "Oh and by the way I'll need you boys to run to the store and get me some groceries. If you hurry, you can get back before it gets too hot outside, you know the air conditioner doesn't work in my car."

Behind the boys, John stood trying to suppress his laughter. Missouri tried as well to keep a straight face not wanting to ruin John's surprise.

Knowing there was no way of getting out of this errand both boys sulked out the front door and around the back to the garage. Throwing the garage door open the boys stood there stunned by what they saw.

A shinny black, 1967 Chevrolet Impala.

"No way!" Dean looked at Sam shocked before running to the driver's side. Equally shocked Sam ran over the passenger side and jumped in. Dean slowly slid in behind the wheel and rubbed the dashboard with a loving hand. Both sat there stunned as they looked around. The same seats, the same dashboard, the same everything accept one thing…. The CD player.

"Alllrighttt." Sam started to laugh as he saw the new CD player in the dash. Dean automatically reached for the ignition and was pleased to find the keys were already there.

"Wanna go for a ride little brother?" He said with a new twinkle in his eye.

"You don't have to ask me twice dude, let's go." Sam said settling in on the passenger side.

Dean turned the key and sat for a moment listening to the engine come to life.

"That's my baby." He said with a big smile. Suddenly the deafening sounds of Metallica filled the car as Sam turned on the CD player.

"Oh no way dude. NO WAY!" He said looking horrified at the car stereo.

"Driver picks the music, shotgun shuts his cakehole." He laughed at Sam's expression. He put it in reverse and slowly drove down the driveway. Pulling into the street he looked over at Sam and Sam looked over at him.

"Should we do it?" Sam asked knowing what Dean was about to do.

"Damn straight we are." With that Dean threw it into gear and floor it leaving skid marks in front of Missouri's house.

"She's gonna kills us you know" Sam said as the car accelerated throwing him back.

"She has to catch us first." Dean laughed.


Authors note: You know I had to resurrect the Impala. Besides I wanted to end the story on a happy note. Thanks to all my faithful readers for the encouragement and the reviews, I couldn't have finished it without you. Now if I could only get back on track on some of my other stories…