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Closing Down

By Audiodream

Chapter Five – Territorial

Max's POV

Her eye's were still shut, her breathing still steady and yet she was awake. She was purposefully laying still, leaning against Alec because her senses told her he was still asleep. She didn't want to disturb him, he had helped her so much last night with the hole in her body made by White and all.

White, he had become a pain in the ass. He seemed to be everywhere she turned. If it wasn't on the outside of the fence, then her new temporary tattoos reminded her. Then there were the eyes of all the transgenics looking at her to lead. The hatred, the fear of him: the transgenics were either afraid of what he stood for or just hated him for what he had done to so many of their kind. A constant reminder that they wanted her to lead that they had chosen her and that she had no idea what they were up against.

The bullet hole was just one of many more reminders. She was starting to realise how to appreciate what they had already achieved, the possibility of bleeding out yesterday made her see that. She wouldn't deny it, yesterday there had been the possibility she wouldn't make it and that had made her see what was right in front of her.

Transgenics had achieved a lot, they had a home, a place to belong; even if it was surrounded by National Guard. She now had people like her around her 24/7, and it made her feel whole. For years, she had searched for a home, and she had found it partially in Seattle, but she still had been lacking something. The security of it, the safety; she had always been looking over her shoulder for Lydecker and his soldiers. Now, she could feel safe with her own kind and she was starting to realise what a luxury that was. She also had Alec.

A friend, a confidant that was what he had become to her. Someone to always have watching her back and in return she would watch his. Neither asking the other to do it all they knew was that it happened. He had been there so many times for her in the past and she had only noticed it really yesterday when she was bleeding out on the table in HQ.

'This is how it should be' she thought to herself.

Alec's POV

His eyes were still shut, his breathing steady and yet he was awake. He noticed that Max was still asleep and wanted to let her rest, ever since she had taken over leadership he had noticed she hardly had any 'Max' time, she hardly slept. She only ate when necessary, and for an X5 that wasn't frequent. She needed to take care of herself: especially with her wound.

Yesterday it had shocked him. Hearing the gun go off, looking desperately for where the bullet had hit. Then seeing White standing by Max, he had blurred over to hit him over the head with the first thing he could find: a metal pipe. It had done the trick though, he went down and he could save Max quicker.

It had scared him how quickly she was bleeding out, so he did it as fast as he could and then after was relieved to have been as ked to stay. It was better than pacing around in his office, ears tuned in jus in case he heard something from the office next door. Instead, he had sat there all night with her. It made him feel safe, secure knowing that she cared about him just a little bit, like a true friend.

That was what she had become, a real friend. Someone who watched his back for him, and he for her. He didn't need to wear the Manticore mask to perfection around her, he could be himself and just relax. He could sit there, stroking her hair and making sure she was protected. He felt happy with that, he had something he hadn't had before: a real home.

'This is how it should be' He thought to himself.

Zack's POV

His family, all the ones that were left, were sat around him; but he couldn't get the images out of his head. All he kept seeing was Max being carried into HQ, bleeding and with her eyes closed. He was going to help when Jondy had dragged him out of the building with them. They hadn't even been told if she was alright: dead or alive. He needed to know. It was his baby sister.

Max had always been special to him, to them all. When Jack had first got his seizures, sometimes in his sleep he would knock over things or sleepwalk. One time Lydecker had found out someone from their unit had left the barracks and whilst walking around the facility had knocked over a cabinet full of bullets. Jack was about to step forward, sure to spend time in solitary confinement and a trip to Psyops if his seizures were ever discovered. The youngest of the group, Maxie, had stepped forwards instead and took his place. She had spent three weeks in solitary confinement for Jack. It wasn't the first time she had taken the blame for something that she hadn't done and it wouldn't be the last.

She had a slighter bigger spot in his heart than the others, something he had tried to ignore. After everything he understood what that feeling was. He loved her. Not in a way he should but he did. He also knew she loved him, just not in the same way. She loved him as an older brother that she had grown up with until she was nine years old, not as a lover.

After leaving HQ they were directed to another building, there they met a transgenic called Tes. She told them she was in charge of supplying new transgenics with living quarters. She showed them to building E, between eight of them they had two apartments. Two of the larger apartments, according to Tes. Zack, Zane, Jace and her baby would share one and in the next Krit, Syl and Jondy, and Brin would share.

"Well this is the first one, " Tes said showing the seven adults the first apartment on floor 3. "Ok, so it isn't the Ritz, but it is shelter, it had water, both hot and cold, and electricity. So you have lighting, could hook up a stereo or TV if you can find one." She said.

Zack looked around the apartment he would be staying in. It reminded him a lot of Max's old place, although some of the walls had holes in them and the windows were cracked. It looked alright enough. He asked how many rooms there were, there were three. So they could have one each and Max, the toddler, could share with his mother.

"So how does this place work? We saw sentries, so there has to be some sort of system in play." He asked he, he needed information. He had to make sure everyone was safe inside the fence. He wasn't saying Max didn't have what it took, but he had more experience, he knew what it took. Tes looked at him curiously, trying to figure out why he was asking. She must have come to her conclusion as she answered the question.

"Yeah we have a system. Everything goes through our leader, Max. She makes all the hard decisions. She founded the transgenic council, eight transgenics. She's the head, problems come to us, and we bring them to her. She fixes them with the help of the council. Way it works." Tes said nodding her head towards the sentry post just outside. "If you want some kind of job, Medic, Sentry, Command, Defence, Missions, you have to sign up and get your orders. You can do that through the designated commander. In other words one of the eight transgenics on the council."

"Sounds good. Where does Max stay? Where does she bunk down?" Jondy asked, Zack looked at her. Jondy, Krit and Max had been extremely close back at Manticore. Always together, their nickname was the troublesome 3, always getting into trouble those three were. Partially because of their shark DNA, they had time to kill. Krit had met Max only once since the escape, and Jondy never has. For several years after the escape, no one apart from him knew Max had made it out, he hadn't told them because he knew they would try to find her and that would just get them killed. Jondy had blamed herself for Max, she used to say she had just left her there under the ice, that she should have stayed and helped her baby sister.

"She doesn't, as far as I know she doesn't have an apartment. If any of us ever find her asleep it is in her office on that awful couch. We don't know how she does it but she manages to stay awake for days sometimes weeks, it's amazing." Tes said, Zack noticed the spark of respect in the transgenics eyes when she talked of Max. It made Zack proud. The transgenics in Terminal City seemed to have a high level of respect for their leader.

"So when will we get to meet her, Max I mean." Jace asked looking down unconsciously to her one and a half year old son named Max. He still hadn't asked her about that.

"Up to you, she's always around when she isn't on missions, seeing old friends or up on the space needle. Can I ask, what's the fascination with Max? Sure newbies sometimes try to stalk her and become best friends, but I've never had a group of transgenics ask so many questions." Tes asked, once again on guard. Zack realised they had asked one too many questions about their baby sister.

"She's our baby sister." Krit told her before Zack could stop him.

"Wha-Oh, 09'rs. So you're Zack. She was worried about you, she sent two of us out there to keep an eye on you but you vanished, she almost left TC to go look for you but then there was stuff with, well, stuff." Tes said with a smile, she seemed less tense now, as if she had found a treasure. So she had heard about them. "If you want to see her I can take you to see her now, I'm sure you already saw her office, you know with the stairs in the middle of the room. Right up there."

Alec's POV

Terminal City was where he belonged, it was his home. He was now officially second in command and he was needed. TC was a place where any type of transgenics could come and feel wanted and loved. As long as they weren't there to kill other transgenics. That was a slap on the wrist and back on the outside of the fence for them. Not that that had ever happened, yet.

Terminal City was getting by, but he and Max both knew they needed more supplies, money and repairs to make it work properly. That was why he and Max were out almost every night, stealing money from drug dealers and criminals, using it to buy medicine, clothing, artillery, technology for Dix and Luke, food and any other supplies they needed. Max was the one making all this possible.

He knew they had become incredible friends but that hadn't explained the pang of jealousy he got every time she left TC and went over to Logan's. He felt a strong sense of jealousy every occasion they were seen together. He understood now, under the cover of darkness in Max's small office, that he was staring to feel love towards her. He would never tell her though, no that would be too much. She had so much gong on at the moment with TC and the runes she didn't need that as well. He still hoped one day though she would feel the same way about him. That every time he walked into a room her heart would be a little faster, just like his did for her. That every time he wasn't watching she would study his face, just like he did to her.

Max's POV

She literally hit her head on the roof when she jumped up out of the sofa when there was a rap at the door. She looked at the door, then at Alec and smoothed her untamed hair. She opened the door just as Dix was about to knock again. She smiled and he looked past her shoulder to see Alec standing up from his position on the couch.

"What can I do for you?" Max asked politely with a great fat smile that she was sure Dix knew was faked. Truth was she was a little flustered to be caught sleeping in the same room as Alec, let alone with her head rested on his lap.

"Um, hi Alec, Max. We found out how White and his friends got into Terminal City and Mole thought you would like to see it. We got it down on the screen if you want to see it." She smiled and nodded agreeing. She glanced back at Alec, who was copying her earlier move of straightening out his hair and clothes. He nodded telling her silently that he was coming as well.

It turned out Mr Aimes White and his companions had found a back alley into Terminal City, one even she didn't know about. There was a slight gap in the wire near the south wall. He and his tac team had opened it further and just stepped in.

"Alright people listen up. That hole in the wire could be a problem for us, so I want maintenance on it straight away. If you need any equipment or supplies let Alec know and he'll get them for you. Got it? Good now lets get back to work." She yelled to the small number of Transgenics still in HQ.

"You heard her, get to it!" A male voice yelled over the bustle of HQ. She had to be imagining it or was that voice familiar? Nearly knocking over the computer she turned around and was faced with a scene she had hoped for over the past twelve years. All of her family back together again, in one room, one city. Wordlessly she walked over to Zack and hugged him tightly, as if never to let him go again. She had been so worried when Ralph and Zero had reported in that he had disappeared. Anything could have happened.

"Good to see you again Zack, for a minute there I was worried." Max said with a smile. She looked over Zack's shoulder and saw six other people, and a little boy.

"Jace." She sighed, she was glad her sister was safe, with her baby boy. Max looked down at him. He had big brown eyes and brown hair just like his mother. "Oh he is adorable Jace, what's his name?"

"I already told you, he's called Mac. After his Auntie." Jace said, beaming with pride over her young son. Max smiled her thanks and moved onto the next.

"Brin good to see you sister." Max said smiling, happy she had her sister back. Brin smiled and embraced her baby sister.

"Syl my sista." She said as she dragged her into a great big hug.

"Zane, good to see you. Wow you've grown so much." They enfolded.

"You too Maxie, you too." He said, with his blue eyes beaming. Max smiled and stepped towards the last female of the group: Jondy.

"Jond, I've missed you so much." Max whispered as she embraced her.

"I've missed you too Maxie, I missed you so much." Jondy told her, green eyes glowing. Max stepped back and faced the tall brown eyed guy.

"Krit, how ya been?" She hugged him, he smirked and told her that apart from having to spend eleven hours in a car with Zane talking about cars it had been all good.

She had her family back, they were all there and they were all safe. It was fantastic; it was what she had dreamt about for years. Meeting back up with them, all of them together not having to worry about Lydecker and his men. Just relaxing.

She felt like she was in heaven, she was sat in headquarters surround by all of them. Just kicking it back and drinking and laughing.

"So you're CO?" Zack questioned, she tensed slightly, this could go horribly wrong if he took it too far. She put on her best smile.

"Yep, don't know how you did it all these years Big brother." Max told him, in the sweetest most level voice she could muster knowing what he was trying to do.

"Well, you know if it's too hard I could always take over, you know give you a breather." Zack said with a serious expression, she felt her blood boil. Who did he think he was? He had only been there five minutes.

"Thanks but no, I got Alec; he is always willing. He's SIC." Max told her big brother, trying to tell him no way. She knew Zack, he would lead them to escape and evade.

"Yeah but come on Max, I've got more experience, I know what to do, besides he's just a faulty side of Ben. Arrogant, Cocky and a totally stupid clone." Zack said with a smile that was all but friendly. She glanced over at Alec, he oblivious, well he looked that way but by the way his back was tense she could tell he had heard her brother.

"Do not come here and talk about things you know nothing about. He is nothing like Ben was, he isn't faulty. Neither of them are faulty. They are two separate people, do not make the mistake of thinking Ben was a saint, he wasn't. Alec has been here and helped set TC, helped our people. He is not just a stupid clone, if anyone is acting stupid Zack it's you." Max told him leaning forwards with a bit of a clipped voice, she was really angry. She wasn't in the mood for her leadership or Alec's to be threatened, or any other TC residents.

"Maxie we've survived this long by running, protecting ourselves. You're leaving them in the open. If it was me in charge I would run, so would you if you had their best interests in mind." Zack was standing now, he was threatening what they had all worked hard to build. She was about to reply but other people in headquarters stepped in.

"Yeah and look where that got you, five out of the original twelve that escaped back in 09 are dead and buried. We don't want those kinda odds." Alec said standing besides Max.

"All I'm saying is you are at risk here-"

"You've been living in gaga land for the past six months, what do you know about our situation here? YOU don't even know what our situation is, you don't know how we got out. YOU don't know about the threats we have, the opinions of the other transgenics. You've only made assumptions, which are way off base, Farm Boy!" Mole told him, sporting his regular cigar and shot gun.

She looked at Zack, her oldest brother. He was too much interested in becoming leader that he didn't even think about the possibility that she wasn't forcing them to stay there to fight, make a stand.

"Fine I see I'm not going to get anywhere, you are all too blind to see what is right in front of you." Zack said taking a step back and holding his hands up in sign of surrender. "But Maxie, come on you're a liability, you should have gotten out of Seattle a long time ago, you know that. Just like you know we should get out of here now, but Logan has you wrapped around his little finger, like always." Zack told her, she couldn't be bothered to fight him right now. Not when he had everything backwards. "Think about the objective, that's all that matters."

"No, everything matters but the objective." Jace said from her seat. Max smiled at her and then started for the stairs to her office.

"That's fine, if you want think place to be a mini-manticore. For Christ's sakes Max you've even got a mess hall." Zack smirked.

"Not like Manticore, Manticore in the dark. TC in the light. Here Joshua free to paint, free from basement, free to see sun, free. Gem free to have baby, free from Psyops. You free from hiding." Joshua told him looking up from his painting. "Thanks to Max. Max gets transgenics out of Manticore, saves us, protects us. Looks after us."

"Conversation over, I'm going out. I'll be on my pager." Max said turning away from the group that had formed. She walked away with her eyes closed, trying to hide the tears that were building up underneath her eyelids.

She had wound up at her all time favourite spot: the space needle. She loved this place, because she could see the whole city. Apart from the place where she spent all her time at, Terminal city was hidden behind taller buildings if she sat on this side of the needle. It helped her think, not being able to see it. Make her think about it in a clearer head space.

She didn't blame Zack for pressurising her to hand over leadership to transgenic central, it had been all he had known since he was born. It was what he was trained to do, bred to do. He had to realise that they weren't back at Manticore though, they were here trying to find their place in society, in the world. He had to see that even though she was appointed CO over him it didn't really mean that he was less, no one was less. After all she was just a girl, a girl in a big world with so much expected of her. But still she knew it would turn out alright. She knew that because she had her family around her, all 300 plus of them. It felt good knowing they had her back, and in return she would always have theirs.


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