thanx for the reviews... ummm, the problem with this poem was that it seriusly could've been written by any charater in the story...

Slightly Sinister Sinestra / SolidDreamer : I wasn't even thinking of Rey, but now that you mention it, it's not that farfetched

I actually thought that people would think it was Kira, cuz of the word Freedom, written with a capital and all, but the person who I had in mind was Shinn, so the cybercookies go to SweetYzak. congrats!

I had Shinn in mind because he lost it all. Rey's and Gilbert's words sounded so good to him, so promising. He knew it was wrong, hell, almost everybody knew it was wrong, but they followed through with it anyway (masochists!). I think even Gilbert doubted himself at a certain point, but set through with it anyway, cuz just like Lacus said: "First you must decide and then you follow through."

I think Shinn was doubting his actions ever since that episode in which he shot down Athrun and that chick. At the end he was in such doubt that it clouded his mind and he coundn't think clear, or else the battle with Athrun in the last episode would've lasted much longer. So basically that's the reason why he lost. In the end he understood that the destruction of Orb, all those dead and the destiny plan were totallyunnecissary.That's why he stopped fighting. In the end he found himself and decided to let go of his pain, to go and find freedom from the pure anger and hate that had held him for so long.

Thanx for reading