Weasley and Malfoy

One hour after the encounter Draco Malfoy strode into the Great Hall, still annoyed over that little girl Weasley. Why in Merlin's beard had God created that family he wondered. Draco knew loads of people he'd prefer before them, like those crazy Lovegoods, or even the Longbottoms.

He slid down by the Slytherin table, just to discover he had a perfect view over the vixen herself. With a sigh he turned towards Blaise, who still didn't seem to have recovered from Ginny Weasley's words.

"Is she following me or what?" Draco asked and nodded towards the girl who practically was sitting facing him.

Blaise looked up and smirked.

"Maybe you're her new victim..." he said smugly. "Now that she's been dumped again."

"Yea, because she was really affectionate in the corridor before." Draco drawled in a voice dripping with sarcasm. He turned his eyes towards Ginny, but as soon as he did something hit his eyes. It was like a flash of light, stronger than anything he'd ever experienced before. He flinched and leaned back furiously with his eyes closed. "What in Merlin's beard was that?"

"What was what?" Blaise asked, stuffing a potato into his mouth as if nothing had happened.

"The light! Like a flash! You can't have missed it."

Blaise froze and turned his head towards the blonde beside him. "You really need to get laid."

Ginny was caught in her own world. Sitting at the Gryffindor table in the Great Hall this was her favourite thing to do. She would decorate her plate with food, pour herself a glass of pumpkin juice, and then fall into her own thoughts.

I wonder if the Malfoywretch has ever gotten any love. I doubt his parents are affectionate with him... Bloody hell I am more affectionate than they would ever dare to be! He does have the Slytherin girls though... but that can hardly be counted as love, adoration is what that is. It must be really fun. Growing up hating everybody only to die lonely...

All of a sudden she looked up. Something had made her trail off. Something, or someone. It was as if something, like a shock, had run through her body. She shuddered and scanned the room. "Colin?"

"What Ginny?"the young man at her sideanswered tiredly.

"Is it cold in here?"

"You're always freezing Gin."

"Oh, right, I forgot." She sighed and stood up. "I... I'm not hungry... I meet you at... at charms, okay?"

Before Colin could answer her she'd rushed off with her hands around her neck. He tilted his head to the side with a concerned look on his face. That look in her eyes... she'd never looked so far away before, and Ginny was the queen of daydreaming.

"Colin!" Someone exclaimed from the other side of the table, ripping him away from his thoughts and causing him to miss how a certain Draco Malfoy rushed after his best friend.

Why did Draco Malfoy rush after Ginny Weasley? Doesn't that seem rather misplaced? Well, maybe it does, but I can assure you that everything has a very sensible explanation:

Draco was still sitting at the Slytherin table, still confused by what just had happened, Okay, maybe it was just plain imagination. Someone's playing a trick on me, thats it!, when Professor McGonnagall stopped before him.

"Mr Malfoy, Mr Zabini." She said and pinched her eyes at the two. "I have here your new schedules. As you know a new class has been added to your education, which has caused a few changes. There's also a letter with information about the class. I recommend you read it now."

She handed out the papers to them, and moved down the table to give the rest of the Slytherins their notices about the new schedule.

Blaise looked after her. "That witch still gives me the chills." He said with a frown.

Draco smirked and noticed the new class had been put on Wednesdays, straight after lunch, in the hall on second floor.

"Hey Draco," Blaise said and snickered. "Have you read the letter?"

"I just got it, Blaise."

But Blaise couldn't wait. He was a quick reader and had already gone through all the information and read something he knew his friend certainly wouldn't like. He read outloud:

"Since this is a new class we've been allowed to mix the years which we have done to a certain level. You may therefore find that you will not only be having this class with fellow students from the other houses, but also from different years. This, we hope, will encourage you all to interact better between houses. Furthermore we have given each student a partner. The couple will work together for as long they attend this class, and will also go through the examinations together. We hope you understand that therefore you will be able to cooperate."

Blaise stopped and Draco looked at him. "Yes, and what?" Said he, still trying to figure out what Blaise was in such a knot about.

"And your partner is Ginny Weasley." Retorted Blaise.

"Funny Blaise," Draco said and brought his glass of juice to his mouth, but at the same time as he was about to swallow he glanced down to where Blaise was pointing on the letter and read: "Draco Malfoy and Ginny Weasley." He looked up at the girl on the other side of the room who had just risen to leave. A furious expression was growing on his face and you could almost hear how he gritted his teeth. "I am not going to allow it." He said in a dark voice before storming off after the girl.

"Something's wrong... really wrong. Could Hermione have made a mistake?" Ginny was saying to herself as she walked through the halls.

"Hey Weasel!" A voice hissed from below the stair Ginny Weasley had just climbed, and she spun around forcefully.

"Draco Malfoy." she said and crossed her arms as he began to make his way up to her. "That's so sweet of you, comparing me to a weasel, but right now there's only one animal in here I can see, and it's not the redhead."

Draco snorted. "Shut up Weasley, we need to talk."

It wasn't as if she wanted to make fun of everything he said, especially not now when the way he stared at her told Ginny the best option was to escape, but somehow the words just jumped out of her mouth like frogs. "Are you breaking up with me?"

"Its about the new class." Draco ground out. He was beginning to lose his temper. Soon that little girl would wish she'd never been born a witch.

"Draco Malfoy! That's so sweet of you, wanting me to tutor you. But I'm sorry, I'm really busy. I guess you'll have to find a book in the library instead."

She'd reached the edge of the hill. Draco Malfoy could endure much. He had been taught to. People with much money and a pure family tree would always be mocked and hated, that's what his father had told him year after year. Not until Draco attended Hogwarts did he know how right Lucius had been: 'They just loved to hate the Malfoy's.'

But Ginny Weasley had gone too far this day. Quickly he reached out his right hand and grabbed her by the neck; the very next second he'd slammed her against the wall. He didn't think she had even had time to notice what happened to her.

"You filthy little prat!" He hissed and grabbed her protesting arms with his left hand.

That was when it happened. He knew he wasn't hurting her, not much, but still, when he looked her in the eyes he could see how much pain had struck her. She was fighting to fill her lungs with fresh air and it was as if she couldn't move. It could have been a trick, Ginny Weasley was a good actress, but no. No one could express pain in their eyes in that way in pretend. He stared at her, trying to figure out what to do, when she managed to open her mouth. "Malfoy..." she whispered, with pleading eyes. Then she took a deep, painful breath to be able to increase her voice: "Please let go of me, let go of me, now!"

Surprisingly, Draco let his hands fall to his sides, and he watched how Ginny collapsed on the floor. Tears were streaming down her face and she was taking big heaving breaths where she lay. "What have I done?" Draco could hear her mumble. "Merlin, what have I done?"

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