Dead but Alive

I kill your kind once every few centuries

I feed on beings like you

I'm asked is it better than chocolate?

Hell ya I answer

But I'm not a mindless killer

And I'm not always feeding on you

I do eat food once in a while

But not usually

Only to get what I want from all of you

My delicious red wine

You wouldn't want to drink it though

It might come from you

You'll never know

All those beautiful and handsome people that come up missing and are never found

My name is Kelik

But my true birth name is Mars

The Goad of War and that God of Blood

Yummy that sounds so delicious

And guess what I have chosen you

Why you ask

Because now you know I and I have become hungry

You could become a threat

Please don't hurt me

Don't worry there will be no pain

It will feel as if you're floating

Then you'll be gone

No please whatever you do

Just please let me live

What's there to live for?


Like what

Life in general, my friends and family

If you kill me then who will play my solo on the violin in orchestra

Who will keep my life long memories alive

I will always have and remember them

But they won't be alive

You will forget them as you will forget that you had once killed me

Fine let me decide what to do with you

So you want to stay alive and do the things that you like to do

Then there is only one that I will let you live

You shall become Dead and Alive

Like you

Yes my dear like me

We shall roam free

Never age or die as like the living

Ok but I shall not awaken

My family will hunt you down

And why is that so

Because I am a witch

Of one of the most powerful bloodlines
plus I will become powerful with your blood in me

Well well I thought I could since a strong era around you

But I didn't realize that it was that strong

So as you know I will become as powerful as you shall become

Yes you shall

To die or be like you

I choose Death but Alive

Drink as I drink

My blood for your blood


Wait, wait

What is it?

Shall I dread the sun?

As a new member a little bit yes

But you will be of my line so not very much at all

So no you really won't be bothered by the sun

But it will hurt

Yes it will at first feel like a little pinching then nothing at all

Just until you feed


Yes, you shall drink the most delicious red wine better then you could ever imagine




Now drink as I drink


Now we must sleep


Ouch my head

What's with this headache?

Man do I feel drowsy

Hungry too

You're awake

Good now we can find some food

Food, yes I am starving what's to eat



Remember we drink

And we eat only when absolutely necessary

Like for instance

Here let us feed first

Then you will remember it all

Ok then where's this drink

We'll go find it

It should be walking by around now

Excuse me

You'll see you'll see

There right there

That's a person like you and me

No that's not quite so

O ya


I said you'll see

Hey you


Ya you



Stand her up like this

Drink here

But its blood

Damn fucken bitch I have told you over three times that you will understand as soon as you drink

You'll get your fucken memories back


Ok ok



Let go

I said let go

Ouch you smacked me

Do you want to kill this person?

Sorry I couldn't help it

I no I no

I did the same thing when I had my first drink