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It was 1094 and the townspeople of the village that was over looked by castle Wyvern had surrounded a sorceress. She was on trial after she had decimated the village in hours with her power. No-one could contain her as she was so powerful.

"Zathandra, whom has been accused and proven guilty of the crime of decimating our village, find no other punishment suitable enough for you then to have your powers bound to your amulet. What say you before we get rid of you forever?" The village leader asked.

"You have to bind me to this amulet to contain me, and work it may, nothing will stop me returning to my power and finishing what I started. To rid the world of all life, but magic." Zathandra laughed.

"Begin the binding ritual." The leader said. Three apparently good witches, the fates to de exact, came forward. They held hands and began to circle around Zathandra.

"She with power great to keep/ return to you a slumber deep/ though your power cannot be met/ we bind you now to this amulet." The sisters chanted. There was a bright flash, a scream from Zathandra then nothing. The amulet fell to the floor. The leader picked it up.

"Is she contained in there forever?" He asked.

"Never say forever." One of the sisters said.

"Though Zathandra can never retake her human form, she may possess the souls of other females and use them as conduits." Another said.

"If they say the inscription around the amulet, Zathandra's essence will be released, and there will be no stopping her." The last one said.

"The only way to stop her…" The first one said.

"…is to kill the host…" The second one said.

"…and the spirit within dies too." The third one said.

"Both of them." The first one said

"And the only one to kill her is the one whose heart the host has control over." The sisters said together, and then they vanished. The leader looked at the amulet, praying that Zathandra would never again be released.

In the year 1998, Detective Elisa Maza was just getting home after her day shift. She dropped her coat and quickly had a shower. It was almost sunset and she wanted to be at the castle for when the Gargoyles woke up, especially Goliath. Since the Gargoyles had been accepted in modern day New York and no longer hunted, it left a wide gap for her and the clan leader to finally be together and they had been together for 18 months, with 6 of them being, in human terms, married. But each night was as exciting as the last when she was with him, and with her only spending half the day with him, she wanted to make every moment count. After her shower, she pulled on her dressing gown to dry herself off. Then, as she was getting ready, she started thinking of what he was going to do for her tonight. She was amazed by the way he treated her. He put all human men to shame. She flopped on her bed just thinking about it. Suddenly, before she knew it, there was a tapping at her window. Startled, she opened the curtains to her balcony and saw Goliath standing there.

"Wow, I must have been daydreaming longer then I thought." Elisa said to herself. Then she opened the doors and flung herself at him. He returned the favour and they kissed.

"I am glad to see you too." Goliath said.

"I've just been thinking about you." Elisa said.

"So I've noticed. Where were you? You said you would be at the castle." Goliath asked.

"Sorry, I guess I lost track of time." Elisa said, sheepishly. Then she went into her room to change. "So where are the others?"

"Lexington and Brooklyn are out on patrol, Hudson and Bronx are watching the television and Broadway and Angela are still arguing." Goliath said.

"Still, what's going wrong?" Elisa said.

"I don't know, neither of them will talk." Goliath said. Elisa came out ready. Her beauty never ceased to amaze Goliath. She had done something different with her hair and made a little more effort with her makeup.

"So, where are we going tonight?" Elisa asked.

"Anywhere but the castle, the atmosphere there has become tense, especially since Xanatos and Fox have been arguing as well." Goliath said.

"Them too? What is going on?" Elisa said.

"They are jealous of our relationship. Fox and Angela in all of their arguments have always asked why Xanatos and Broadway do not treat them as well I do you." Goliath said.

"That is ridiculous. I can't speak for Fox and Xanatos, but I thought Angela and Broadway had a good thing going." Elisa said.

"Nothing is as it seems at the moment." Goliath said.

"Ok, so the castle is a no go. What about the arboretum on Ellis Island? It'll be closed now, so there'll be no-one else there, just the two of us." Elisa said.

"That sounds good." Goliath said. He picked her up. She could never get over how safe she felt in his arms. It always reminded her of when they first met, when she fell off the top of the castle and he caught her. They jumped off the balcony and Elisa always enjoyed the thrill of falling, knowing she wasn't in danger. Then he spread his large wings and caught the air current and glided away. When they got to the arboretum, Elisa was right, there was no-one there. Goliath landed in a shaded area, not that it mattered at night. There were lampposts in the park, which gave the glade a romantic glow. When Goliath put her down, Elisa took a deep breath.

"Do you hear that?" Elisa said. Goliath listened.

"I hear nothing." Goliath said, giving her a puzzled look.

"Exactly, silence. No arguing, no bickering, no TV and no Bronx barking. Just you and me and the quiet." Elisa said, smiling. Goliath realised what she meant. When she wasn't looking, he picked her up. "Hey!" She giggled, acting shocked, but she loved it when he did that. She kissed him, then she jumped down and ran off. "Bet you can't catch me!" She called. Goliath smiled, shook his head and sighed, then went after her. His wings folded around his shoulders. He was looking around for her, but he had an advantage over her. He heard rustling in a tree and realised she was up one of them. He stood under a beech tree and hit the trunk with such a force that Elisa fell out into his waiting arms.

"I never win this game." She said.

"I have the added advantage of being able to see in the dark." Goliath said. Then he put her down.

"Alright." Elisa said. She took his talon and they just started walking through the arboretum. They were just enjoying each other's company and they were so in love that they didn't need to talk to each other. They found a high wall the looked like it would over look the whole park. Elisa got on Goliath's back as he climbed up. Goliath sat down on the top and Elisa sat on his lap with his arms around her and his wings to keep her warm. The view was beautiful and they just sat there.