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Captain Sam Carter, PhD, eyed the experiment before her with a critical eye. Her assistants watched her, waiting for the final verdict. Much time and effort had been lavished on it, crucial as it was to the over-all project. "No," she said at last. "I liked the sofa better against the north wall."

Teal'c nodded silently and grabbed his arm of the couch.

Jack started to follow suit, but paused. "You're sure? You don't need to see what it looks like against the south wall again? No sudden urge to see if we can nail it to the ceiling?"

"No, I'm sure," Sam said, trying to suppress a giggle. She hadn't been that bad, had she?

"For what purpose would one wish to attach seating to the ceiling?" Teal'c asked.

"One wouldn't." Jack shot her a mock glare. "Unless one was obsessed with … new and unusual furniture rearrangements."

"Jack's just joking," Sam said to the alien when Jack's explanation didn't help. Teal'c raised both eyebrows in acceptance of his human commander's foibles, and bent to his work again, this time with Jack's help.

"Hey, guys, Janet and I are almost done in here," Daniel said. Sam turned to see him standing in the entrance to the hallway. He frowned, watching his teammates haul furniture. "Didn't you just put that there?"

"Yes, Daniel," Jack growled.

"Oh. Well, anyway, Janet and I are just about done clearing out the baby's room, and we're hungry. Should we order take-out?"

"Sounds good to me," Sam said. Even if they had groceries in the house, which she wasn't sure, she was too tired to cook, and she hadn't been doing the kind of heavy lifting the guys had.

"I vote for pizza," Jack said. "You have an opinion, T?"

"I do not, O'Neill."

"I think I'm in the mood for Chinese, actually," Sam said.

"Well, Janet wants Mexican," Daniel said, "but I've got to go with Sam on this one."

"Chinese it is," Jack said. "Menu's on the fridge. Make sure you get some almond chicken."

"And some sweet and sour pork," Sam added. She turned back to Jack and Teal'c as Daniel headed in to the kitchen. "Do you guys have things under control out here?"

"Yeah," Jack said as he and Teal'c picked up the (empty) bookcase to move it back into position.

Sam left them to it and went in search of Janet.

The room they'd chosen for the nursery was right next to the master bedroom; Jack had been using it as a junk room since he'd moved in. Most of it had been filled with boxes he'd brought from the house he'd shared with his ex-wife but never bothered to unpack, relics of a lifetime tossed haphazardly in boxes. After all of Sam's stuff had been brought in to the house, Daniel had volunteered to use his archaeological skills on the boxes to get the room cleared out while Sam, Jack, and Teal'c rearranged furniture. Janet had volunteered to help him.

"Hey, Sam," Janet said, looking up from her dusting as Sam entered the room.

"Janet, thanks," Sam said, looking around. It was amazing how much room there was when the boxes were cleared out.

"No problem, Sam," Janet said with a smile. "All we did was move the boxes from one room to another, really. You and Jack are going to have to be the ones to go through them all—and yours—and decide what goes where, what stays in boxes, all that stuff."

Sam grimaced. "Don't remind me. Unpacking and decorating was always the worst problem I had with roommates, no matter where I was stationed."

"Really?" Janet said, with a raised eyebrow. "You're lucky."

"Well, actually," Sam said, "I never really spent enough time in my quarters to get into trouble with my roommates. I'm kind of a workaholic, if you hadn't noticed."

"Why, no, I hadn't," Janet said with a twinkle in her eye. She finished her dusting and glanced around the room. "Let's go see what the guys are up to, shall we?"