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"Richard!" Adele exclaimed, a tight, fake enthusiasm in her voice as she balanced the phone between her ear and her shoulder, dumping the vegetables into the boiling pot of water. She had encountered this many times before, where her husband would call her and apologise slightly non-sincerely that he had to stay in the hospital for some extra paperwork and wouldn't be at home for dinner. But Adele Webber was used to it. Marrying a surgeon comes with a price. But surprisingly, this time, Richard had called bearing good news.

"Really? Oh thank god." Adele breathed a sigh of relief, now shifting the receiver into her hands as she stirred the soup with another. "How are they?" she enquired, then nodded as her husband filled her in.
"Alright." she said, agreeing to be descrete with the information that she would be sharing with the Montgomeries later. Then, the question she had to ask. "Are you gonna come home for dinner like you promised?" she asked, already prepared for the negative response. But to her surprise, the word was of three letters--"Yes."

At the word, Adele almost dropped her phone in surprised. She blinked, trying to find words to say. "Uhh..ok." she managed, wide-eyed. "I'll see you at seven then."


At the second ring, someone answered it, the voice frantic.

"Lindsey." Adele greeted from the other side of the phone. The redhead placed the phone back down and switch on the speaker as the rest of the family gathered. Her elder son's wife had joined them in the living room after their two children were asleep upstairs in the guest room.
"How is... have they...?" Lindsey's anxious voice trailed off.
"Yes, they found her." Adele informed. The four of them exchange glances, waiting in suspense for Adele to go on. Finding Addison doesn't mean she's alright, it just meant they found her.
"She's alright." Adele revealed, it was then they all breathed out the breathe they have been holding in, throwing their arms around each other with a tight embrace.
"How is she?" Evan asked, releasing his wife from his embrace.
"We don't know her condition yet. They're flying the doctors back to Seattle Grace now. But I know she's alright." Adele explained.
"That's good enough for us." Caleb told his wife, a hand rubbing against her back. She bit her lower lip and nodded in agreement.
"I'll let you know if there's anymore." Adele promised, shifting the phone in her hands.
"Thank you, Adele. Thank you."


In one of the helicopter was Keethan, a hand cuffed onto the railing at the side of the helicopter as he sat silently on the seat nearest to his son's small frame. He smiled at the sight of it, reaching out to brush a strand of hair off his forehead. He surrendered, and he will get to see his son again, alive and well.

Meredith and Izzie went into separate helicopters, George joining the paramedics with Meredith while Miranda entered the one with Izzie. Derek held on to his wife's hand as they rolled herstretcher towards the remaining helicopter. Reluctantly, he let go of her for the paramedics to push thestretcher into the vehicle. Quickly, he scrambled on, finding his hands back onto the limp one that was left hanging off the edge of the stretcher. Addison had an oxygen mask around her face, a blanket wrapped around her body with a black strapped pinning her against the stretcher.

"I'm here, Addie. I'm here." Derek mumbled, reaching out to brush a hand across her forehead, then bringing her hand up, he pressed a soft kiss on it. "Please be ok... please..." he whispered against her hand. He wanted her to be ok, he needed her to be ok. she's pregnant, and she's carrying a child. Derek might have a shot to be a father. How long as she been pregnant? He had wished it was just for a day at most. At least that way, the baby could have a higher chance of survival. But, could that be possible? And did Addison know she was pregnant? There were so many questions on his mind, but those were pushed back by a single prayer sent to the Powers that Be.


Ring. Ringring. Ringringring.

"Hey, Brian." Lindsey greeted.
"Lindsey!" he greeted back, surprised at the call. Then, his next word was distant as he pulled away from the receiver to tilt his head upwards. "Audrey! The Montgomeries called!" Thumping footsteps followed. There was a soft click on the other side, indicating that the Shepherds had switched them on speaker. Knowing that the both of them are now standing on the other side of the phone, Lindsey swallowed.
"They found her." she said. Actually, they found all the doctors, but in this mother's mind, she was only concerned for her own daughter. The mothers of the other two doctors can worry about them. Lindsey smiled at the sound of a loud release of breathe.
"Oh thank god." Audrey muttered, but loud enough for everyone to hear. "How is she?"
"We don't know yet." Lindsey admitted with a soft sigh. "They're flying over to Seattle Grace now. Adele said she's alright, but they don't know for sure yet." Audrey and Brian nodded, their arms around each other. At least now, they know their daughter-in-law was alright.
"We're flying in tomorrow." Caleb announced, extending a silent invitation to the Shepherds to join them. Instead, Audrey shook her head at the announcement, not that either of the Montgomeries could see her.
"Don't you think we should let them... settle things between themselves?" she asked awkwardly. It did seem like Caleb and Lindsey had made up their minds about visiting, but Audrey had felt that this crucial moment could be it to mend Addison's and Derek's marriage once and for all. There was silence on the other end of the line. Then finally, Caleb spoke. "You're right." he said, agreeing with his in-law. His wife turned to him with a glare, obviously disagreeing with his opinion. Caleb reached out and placed a hand on her arm gently.
"Lindsey, it had been a stressful week for the both of them, involving life and death, even so. I believe that this will make the both of them see how much they can't live without one another." he explained.
"Make Derek realise that he's still very much in love with his wife." Brian corrected good-naturedly. The two couples had always thought that Derek and Addison were meant to be--even after the affair that Addison had with Derek's best friend. After the news, the Shepherds had shown up at the Montgomery's doorstep, allowing themselves into the house as their inlaws stood nervously, expecting them to start yelling and screaming about how their daughter had hurt their son. But instead, the first words that came out from Audrey's mouth had shocked them.

"Derek's an ass." she had said, settling down on their living room couch, already making herself comfortable without invitation. Even though with their mouths gaping, Lindsey had managed to say something in return.
"No...no. Addison shouldn't have--"
"Slept with Mark. Yes, she shouldn't have. But think about it, Lindsey. It's not soley her fault. Their marriage had been falling apart slowly all along. How many times have they turned up for family gatherings together?" she had reminded, turning around to face Lindsey. Lindsey had look away uncomfortably, but at the same time, relieved that the fall of their children's marriage had not created a wedge between the friendship the four of them had built up through the years. "It's either Addison turning up alone or Derek turning up alone. And if they're here together, one of them would be called back to the hospital, and the other wouldn't even bother to stop the other." Audrey had went on. The redhead had moved around the couch and sat down next to the blonde.
"How did we not notice that, Audrey? That our children's marriage was falling apart?" she had asked, almost softly.

Finally, Lindsey nodded to her husband that smiled encouragingly at her. "Alright." she agreed, nodding her head as she looked to the rest of her family for confirmation. "But do you think we should ge someone to see if they're alright? I mean, even though Adele and Richard are there..."

"I'll give Savvy and Weiss a call." Audrey promised.


"The missing doctors of Seattle Grace Hospital have been found at an unknown offshore island..."

Mark leaned forward as he increased the volume to the television. A crowd of reporters has crowded by the hospital entrance, rushing forward to the Derek as the paramedics and hospital staffs move to bring the three doctors in.

What is he doing? Mark thought, curious as Derek willingly let the reporters shove mikes into his face.

"How do you feel about this, Dr. Shepherd?" one of them asked. Surprisingly, instead of refusing to answer, Derek stopped in his tracks and looked straight up into the camera.

"Relieved. And grateful. If not for a good friend of mine, I would probably have never found my wife. Thank you, Mark Sloan. Thank you for not giving up hope, for having faith that she would be found. Thank you for trying, and thank you for calling." he said, then caused Mark to slump back down onto his couch with surprise written all over his face.


The hospital securities kept the reporters away while the paramedics brought the doctors into the hospital, several men standing around the gurney to block the privacy of the doctors while cameras flash away. While Derek had been dragged off by the reporters, separating him from his wife, Miranda Bailey had left Izzie's gurney after being sure that the intern was alright and fall into steps beside the moving gurney of the unconscious attending.

"Addison!" Miranda called out. "Addison, can you hear me?" she yelled, but there was no response. Making sure that she was going to be the one who checked on Addison, Miranda turned to the rest of the staff with instructions.

"Bring Stevens and Grey for full body examinations. O'Malley, sign Grey over to someone else and come with me. And someone page the Chief to let him know we're here."

As much as George would have deserved the case, Miranda had to respect Meredith's privacy enough to not have a friend of hers examine her body all over. Besides, she needed someone else who is well and in-known of Addison's pregnancy, at the same time, level headed enough, to assist her.

While the doctors are brought away for examinations, Derek Shepherd scrubbed into surgery, pushing all thoughts and worries out of his mind as he operate on the child's brain. The operation was successful. The father of the child, Keethan, had been sent away to the local authorities to be dealt with appropriately.


After one full day in the hospital for overnight observation, Izzie and Meredith lay side by side on their living room floor, staring up at the blank ceiling.

"We're suppose to stay at home. For three days." Meredith said, repeating Miranda Bailey's instructions. Izzie sighed, nodding in agreement.
"And we can't go out without supervision." she added.
"Who gives out orders like that?" Meredith asked, obviously already bored out of her mind at 12pm in the afternoon. They had cleaned out the cupboards, rearranged the tapes in alphabetical order and refolded the clothes ever since 6am that morning. Being accustomed to the life of a surgical intern had caused their body to be adjusted to waking up early in the morning.

The both of them sighed in unison.

"At least you can cook." Meredith pointed out.
"No. Not really. I can bake though." Izzie corrected, turning to her with a shrug.
"Right. We'll live on cakes, cookies and muffins for the next two days." Meredith said, trying to add a little enthusiasm in her tone. Then, the doorbell rang, causing the both of them to sprang up from the position and towards the door.

"Alex!" they both cried out in surprise as they saw the visitor standing by the door, a hand shoved in the front pocket of his jeans.

"Hi." he greeted sheepishly. Before they could say anything else, he lifted up the paperbag in his other hand with a shrug. "I brought food."

"Great!" they exclaimed in unison, more concern about having company than having food. "Come in." Meredith invited, pulling the door open wider for the man to enter.

By the kitchen table, Izzie peeked into the paperbag while Alex tossed his coat onto the chair, settling down by the table. At the sight of what's in the paperbag, Izzie gasped, turning towards Meredith.

"Burgers and fries!" she exclaimed, reaching out to pull out a yellow potato stripped, then savoured the taste as she chomped down on it.

"Seriously?" Meredith asked, then turning to Alex with a raised eyebrow, sitting by the table with the two. Alex shrugged, giving a lopesided grin.

"Yea, well. Don't tell Bailey or she'll kill me." he said.

"Well, I wouldn't if there's a cheeseburger inside." Meredith said, only to have Izzie handing her a wrapped cheeseburger from across the table.

"What are you doing here anyway? Don't you have shift? Did you sneak out?" Izzie interogated as Alex reached into the paperbag for a fry.

"Meh, O'Malley convinced Bailey to let us take turns to keep you guys company until you're allowed to get back to work." he explained.

"So how's Addison doing?" Izzie blurted out, causing the two by the table to turn to her oddly. "What?"
"You're calling her 'Addison' now? What are you, best buddies?" Alex teased while Meredith let out a good natured laugh.
"But really, how is she doing?" Meredith asked, sharing a quick glance with Izzie. The both of them knew about Addison's pregnancy, but they just weren't sure how much about Addison's condition Miranda had let on to the rest.

"Turns out she's pregnant." Alex started. "And she had a miscarriage."

Meredith and Izzie nodded at the information, both knowing that a miscarriage is inevitable after going through what they had went through.


"They're keeping her in the hospital until she wakes up. I wonder how the other Shepherd is going to react to that." he said, shaking his head.

"She's in a coma?" Izzie gasped, turning to Meredith only to find her expression mirrored on the other intern's face. "We need to see her." she said, turning to Alex. But before he can protest, Meredith laid the hamburger down.

"Bring us there, Alex."


"You knew about it all along, haven't you?" Derek demanded, anger flashed in his eyes as he stared down at the resident. For once, Miranda couldn't come up with a comeback. Derek shook his head and continued pacing in front of her.

"You knew about it all along and you didn't tell me. How could you! And you let her go?" he continued, and Miranda Bailey took it all in, only folding her arms in front of her chest as the attending went on. Finally, he stopped, shoving a hand through his hair.

"Did Addison know about it?" he asked, giving Miranda a chance to explain.

Miranda shook her head. "She didn't want to." Then, she sighed. "She didn't want you to know."

"What?" Derek demanded. "I had the right to know, Miranda. And you had no right to keep it from me. I am her husband!"

"She is my patient." Miranda responded calmly. "And she is my friend. And I chose to respect her decision."

"And your decision had caused the life of a child."

"I'm sorry, Dr. Shepherd."


Izzie and Meredith were led to outside the room where Cristina and George were standing by, watching as the argument took place inside.

"What happened?" Izzie breathed out, her eyes darting back and forth between Derek and Miranda through the gaps of the blinds behind the glass. It is the first time she had witness her resident taking in yellings from another person.

"Bailey revealed the news to Shepherd. Shepherd's pissed." Cristina explained blantly. "Did Dr. Bailey just apologised?"

At that moment, Meredith pushed open the door and stepped into the room.

"It's not her fault." Meredith said, her voice catching the attention of both doctors.

"What the hell are you doing here, Grey? You're not allowed to be here." Miranda said, folding her arms authoritatively in front of her chest. Meredith ignored Miranda Bailey's question and turned to Derek firmly.

"It's not her fault. She didn't know." she repeated, actually surprised herself to be defending the woman who is married to the man she love. But that wasn't her fault either.

"How could she not have known? She would have suspected it! She's a NeoNatal specialist, for god's sake!" he argued.
"But it's not her fault." she reminded him. "She couldn't have known."

"This is my wife we're talking about here, Dr. Grey." Meredith winced at the professional addressment. "And this is our family we're talking about, and you have no idea what it is like. You don't know her, and you definitely don't know me. And I don't need you to come in here telling me who's fault it is! Now get out of the room!" he yelled, turning to Miranda firmly. "Both of you!"

Reluctantly, Miranda Bailey stepped out, leading Meredith out of the room with her as Derek Shepherd slumped down onto the chair, burying his face in his hands.

"What happened?" Izzie asked the moment the door closed behind the resident.

"You're here too? What the hell is going on?" Miranda asked, turning to Alex for an explanation.
"We heard about what happened, and we made him bring us." Meredith jumped to his defense. Softening at the knowledge that her interns actually care about her friend, Miranda gave in. "Fine. But neither of you are allowed to practice any medicine. And after you've done your thing, go home. It is an order."

As Miranda Bailey made her way out of earshot, the four interns turned to Meredith.

"He thinks it's her fault." Meredith said flatly.
"What?" George and Izzie cried in unison. "How can he think that it's her fault? She doesn't even know this would happen!" George argued while Izzie shook her head, her brown eyes fuming with anger as she glared through the gaps of the blinds behind the glass.

"That's it, I'm going in." she declared, then pushed open the door before anyone of them can stop her.

The door slammed behind her, startling Derek. He looked up at the tall blonde who folded her arms in front of her chest.

"Dr. Stevens." he greeted, not looking at her directly. "Were you not ordered to stay at home?" he asked.

"How could you?" Izzie spat out, taking a step towards Derek as he looked up at her curiously, unaware that the interns had been outside the room eavesdropping on his argument with the resident earlier. "How could you even put the blame on her?" she continued.

"Dr. Stevens, this is my--"
"She's your wife!" she yelled, slamming a fist on the table. Derek drew in a deep breathe and stood up from the chair, coming eye to eye with the intern, not believing that someone of a lower authority would barged into the room to tell him off.
"You're damn right she's my wife! So what gives you the--"
"She is your wife, damnit!" Izzie cut him off. "And you're sitting here, getting pissed off about the point that even though she had suspected her pregnancy, she went off to another country to help those in need. And do you know where your wife is? She's lying in a hospital bed, unconscious for more than 24 hours. And all you care about is to put the fault on her because of a miscarriage. She has only been pregnant for 3 weeks. THREE WEEKS"
"And the fetus that is 3 weeks old is my child, Dr. Stevens! She should have known better than to be going to a foreign country with a live growing inside her!" he reminded her. She stared at him with disbelief, and before she could stop herself, her hand flew up and strike Derek across the side of his face. Derek placed a hand on the sore spot, shocked. He stared back at the intern, about to demand her out of the room but she went on.
"It's her child too! How do you think she will feel about it? Have you ever asked yourself what she went through those days where we were shut in a room, denied of basic needs, while with the knowledge of a live growing inside her? Have you thought that she might have died? Did you think she knew that our flight would be hijacked? Did you even BOTHER to visit her now that she needs you the most? She's in coma, Dr. Shepherd. Your WIFE is in coma. And all you are doing now is to shut yourself in this room blaming her for something she hadn't plan on happening." she said, then paused to challenge Derek to come up with something to yell back. But he only looked away. Nodding in satisfaction that her words had got the attending thinking, Izzie backed away and headed towards the door.

"And if you're even thinking of punishing her in any way, I don't know what kind of husband you are."


Savvy and Weiss turned a corner, giving each other a supportive squeeze in the hand as they stepped into the room. The both of them froze by the doorway, the sight of their close friend had taken them back by surprise. Addison had an IV tube inserted into the side of her arm, an oxygen tube placed under her nose to aid her breathing. The both of them had heard the news about Addison's disappearance and of her being found again. Like other close friends of the Shepherds, they had thought it was best for them to spend time with their family, then visit them a little later when everything had stabilised. But as soon as they had received a call from Audrey Shepherd, they had taken the earliest flight down to Seattle.

"Oh my god." Savvy muttered, placing a hand to her chest as Weiss released his hand from hers and wrap his arm around her shoulders. As though sensing their presence, the two interns by Addison's bed looked up, each giving them a smile as a form of greeting, backing away slightly as they approached.

"Oh god, Addison." Savvy whispered as she stood by the bed, brushing a hand across her friend's forehead. As the interns started out of the room, Savvy looked up to them. "Where's Derek?" she asked, frowning as the two of them looked to each other. Then it was Izzie who finally spoke up.

"He's... absorbing the news." she said descretely. But it seems like Savvy and Weiss had known better.

"He should be here." Weiss said, then Savvy nodded encouragingly to her husband.
"Go." she said. "I'll be here with Addie. Go talk some sense into him."


Izzie and Meredith led him to the room where all the yellings had taken place. Standing a distance away from it, Izzie gestured to the room.

"He's all yours." she said, nodding with a forced smile.

Weiss thanked the interns briefly, then headed towards the room, wrapping his hand around the knob. He stopped, lifting another hand up to knock on the door instead. But there was no response. Derek Shepherd had reasoned that if someone had an emergency in finding him, the intern, resident, or attending would page him. Weiss sighed, leaning against the door as he knocked again.

"It's me, Derek." he said. And when not getting a response still, he twisted the knob and entered, closing the door behind him gently.

His friend was lying on the couch, staring up at the ceiling blankly.

"What are you still doing here, Derek?" Weiss asked, pulling the chair towards the couch and settled down on it.

"An intern yelled at me, Weiss." he said, causing his friend to raise an eyebrow. Derek turned to Weiss with a sigh, pushing himself into a sitting position. "I... I blamed Addison for the miscarriage." he revealed, his blue eyes looking away from his friend as he said that. Weiss only nodded, encouraging him to go on. "It's not her fault, I know that. But... it's just easier, you know."

Weiss sat by, listening without interuptions. Derek needed to let his thoughts out on somebody. At least now with Derek coming to his senses, it would be easier for Weiss to convince him that he needs to be by Addison's side.

"She asked-the intern-she asked if I had thought that Addie might have died. And I realised I haven't." He admitted, laughing at himself while his gaze fell to his hands. "All I have been thinking is how Addie could have went away even suspecting that she's pregnant, how I should... punish her for what she did." he said, shaking his head. "Am I a bad husband, Weiss?" he asked, looking up to his friend. Weiss looked down, unable to answer the question. Derek sighed, running a hand through his hair.

"I know I am." he said sadly. "What should I do, Weiss? Tell me what to do."

This time, Weiss looked up at him. "You should be with your wife. Go to her. She needs you, Derek. She needs her husband."


The next time Addison Shepherd opened her eyes, she was met by the worried look on the resident's face. Savvy had called in for help when she saw Addison's fingers and eyelids twitching. Now Savvy stood a distance away from the bed while Miranda examined Addison, making sure that she was alright.

"Addison, can you hear me? Open your eyes, Addison." Miranda had instructed. And Addison obeyed.

"Oh thank god." Savvy muttered under her breathe as she saw the green eyes of her friend's.

"How are you feeling?" Miranda asked, pressing a hand on Addison's shoulder as she tried to push herself up.
"How is the..."
"I'm sorry, you had..." Miranda swallowed, unable to break the news to her. But Addison understood, she nodded, closing her eyes and drew in a deep breathe. It was her fault. She shouldn't have board the flight even with just a suspicion of her pregnancy. She should have known better.
"Does...Does Derek know?" she asked, her voice still raw.

At the question, Derek entered the room, running a hand through his hair nervously as he casted a smile to Savvy's direction. Miranda looked up, acknowledge Derek's presence with a nod, then beckoned him in with a tilt of her head.

"He's here." Miranda said softly as Addison nodded again, turning to face her husband slowly as Savvy and Miranda headed out.

The moment Derek made his way to the side of her bed, Addison reached out and clutched his hand in hers. "I'm so sorry, Derek. I'm sorry." she cried, allowing the tears that welled up in her eyes to now flow down her cheeks. She had never let herself cried in front of anyone, but she didn't care if Miranda would have seen her tears now. Derek is here, and with him, she can be herself, she can let go of her emotions. But now she's afraid, afraid that Derek would leave her because of what happend.

"It's my fault, Derek. I should have known. I'm--" Derek placed a finger gently on her lips, stopping he as he lean forward and kissed her on her forehead.

"It's nobody's fault." he said, a smile spreading across his face slowly.
"But I should have--"
"No. You couldn't have." Derek cut her off again, now rubbing her hand with his. Addison swallowed, looking up into her husband's blue eyes.
"You don't blame me?" she asked softly. Derek wanted to say he never had, but it would be a lie. Instead, he shook his head.
"I don't." he promise, bringing her hand up and press a kiss against her soft skin, another hand reaching out to brush against the side of her face, wiping the tears away.

"Thank you." she smiled as he sat down by the side of her bed with a smile of his own.
"How are you feeling?" he asked.
"I'm okay." she nodded, licking her dry lips. "When can I leave?"

Derek shook his head with a laugh. "Not so soon, my lady."

Addison nodded with a light laugh. "Will you be here to keep me company?"

"I will." Derek said. "On one condition."


"When you get well, promise me we'll make another baby." he said, leaning nearer to his wife as his voice dropped into a whisper. "And I'm sure our child will have really fabulous hair."

Their lips met, fusing together into a kiss.

"I promise."

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