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Summary: The rabbit is willing, but the master is weak. Will the rabbit's determination be enough for his master and his master's desire to finally admit their feelings?

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A Bunny's Helping Paw

By Snotty Chim-Chim

Part One: Will you be my Valentine?

Valentines Day is getting nearer as days pass by. Basically, the tradition circulating the whole of Japan should be met with vigor and enthusiasm; girls are running in and out of the stores, ordering and buying different kinds of culinary things necessary for their chocolate-making. But the scenario in Alice Academy is way different than that of the local town.

Class B of the Alice Academy Elementary School is subjected to another hour of boredom as their substitute teacher droned on the importance of Valentines Day.

Ruka Nogi listened intently on their teacher. He already knew the day's importance but he needs to make sure so as not to commit any mistake on the day itself. He can't help but cast a sideway glance to the object of his dreams… his desires… the love of his life.

As what was expected of their honor student, Hyuuga Natsume is found gazing intently on the window, with every intention of putting off the voice of their teacher. After what seemed like hours, he finally noticed the intense gaze directed at him by his best friend. He turned to look at Ruka but as their gaze met, Ruka quickly diverted his gaze, cheeks burning bright red.

Natsume frowned at the sudden reluctance of his best friend to lock gaze with him. Usually, they don't have any trouble with looking at each other's eyes but now, Ruka seemed out of it.

'I wonder why…' he thought. But before he could further think about it, Shoda Sumire attached herself to his left arm. Natsume saw Ruka flinch.

"Hey Natsume! Say… will you be my valentine?" Sumire asked hopefully. Natsume doesn't show any interest in her but she isn't someone who gives up easily.

Ruka definitely tensed at that, which, unfortunately for him, Natsume also saw. Natsume ignored Sumire and directed his gaze to Ruka's face.

"Ruka, are you alright?" he asked, voice dripping with concern.

"Don't worry about me, Natsume. I'm perfectly fine." Ruka answered, a small smile gracing his features.

"If you say so…" Natsume shrugged off Ruka's feeble response. He knows Ruka would tell him when he's ready. He turned to look at Sumire instead and at the hands latched upon his arm. He pried Sumire's hands off him and stood up.

"I have other plans." Natsume answered before walking out of class.

"Do you think he will like this?" Ruka asked his bunny for the umpteenth time that night.

His rabbit raised a placard saying, "Sure, he will!"

Ruka smiled at that. He looked at the calendar innocently lying on his desk; one more day to go before Valentines Day. He just has to make sure that Natsume will say no to every girl that'd ask him out and everything will be fine.

"Hey there, little girl." Natsume started his morning routine.

"What do you want?" Sakura Mikan asked rather defensively.

"Found someone to be your valentine yet?" Natsume asked.

"No, but I definitely will!" Mikan answered.

"Uh huh. Be sure they're willing to, not just out of blackmail." Natsume sneered. Ruka, who is currently standing beside him, blushed at that while Imai Hotaru looked calm and collected, as always.

"What are you implying at?" Mikan asked, not willing to lose this battle.

"Nothing. Come on, Ruka." Natsume turned to head to their dorm.

"Will you be my valentine?" Mikan asked one of her classmates for the umpteenth time that day but she still doesn't get any satisfying results.

"Do you want me to blackmail Ruka to be your valentine?" Hotaru asked Mikan, voice flat.

"Thanks for your concern but I need to get someone out of their own free will." Mikan said adamantly.

"I don't know if you will get someone before Valentines Day ends." Hotaru said dismissively.

Mikan suddenly turned to stone and cracked.

"You, of all people, should be encouraging me! Not the other way around!" Mikan shouted, pissed off.

"I am merely stating the most possible outcome." Hotaru said, unaffected by Mikan's wrath.

Yuu Tobita, on the other hand, looks like he wants to say something.

"What other plans, as you put it, for the Valentines Day do you have?" Ruka asked his best friend nervously.

"You'll see." Natsume answered nonchalantly.

Ruka wondered what his best friend planned for the day but let it pass. He, himself, is getting nervous as the day he's been waiting so eagerly for is only a few hours away. It would be his first confession of love after all.

"You can ask Yuu to be your valentine, moron." Hotaru said.

Mikan is about to retort when her brain started to actually digest what was being said. And she gave hear best friend a bear hug.

"You're a genius, Hotaru!" she said, beaming.

"It doesn't actua – " Hotaru trailed off. Mikan is currently waving her hands frantically to Yuu who had just passed by, not entirely keen on listening to Hotaru's reply.

"Yuu! Hey, Yuu!" Mikan called on.

Yuu found himself heading off to Mikan's direction as he sees her waving her hands frantically.

"What is it, Mikan?" Yuu asked.

"Anou… Will you be my valentine?" Mikan tried hard not to blush. The idea of her asking a boy to be her valentine is… embarrassing. Of course, she doesn't mind that much asking other boys out, but Yuu is not just any other boy. He is her friend! What if he thinks she has a crush on him? That would definitely ruin their friendship!

Yuu looked at her and simply… blushed.

"Sure." Yuu said. He tried and completely failed to hide his extremely red face. Of course, he can use his alice to make them hallucinate… but Mikan has a nullifying alice, right? That would mean…

"Oh, I need to get something in my room. See you later, Mikan!" with that, Yuu hurried off to the direction of their dorm.

"Is it just me or is Yuu hiding something?" Mikan thought out loud.

"You're not as dense as I thought." Hotaru commented while Mikan glowered.

"Who are you calling dense?" Mikan asked, steam coming out of her ears.

Hotaru just put her newest invention in front of her best friend's face. It is a giant mirror that is as light as a feather; the only difference is that it doesn't reflect her looks but it does shout: "You're the dense one here, buddy!" while something close to a reflection points an accusing finger at her.

The day started off just fine, for most of them anyway. Hyuuga Natsume and Ruka Nogi are trying their best not to be smothered by the pile of chocolates that had somehow find their way to their dorms' doors, all of which came from their avid fans. They both ignored it of course; one, having no care at all while the other one has something more important in his mind to care.

"Be sure to give him this, Rein-chan. Alright?" Ruka's bunny nods its head before darting towards Natsume's room, carrying the chocolates that Ruka made.

Hyuuga Natsume thought that staying inside his room all day is the better option since his fans would gladly seek him out and hand him those disgusting chocolates. Not that he dislikes sweets; it's just that those chocolates aren't from him.

A soft knock on his door broke him out of his thoughts. At first, he ignored it, clearly thinking that it is one of his fans. But the persistent knocking annoyed him to no end and he soon found himself yanking hard on his door and blinking confusedly: No one is around to actually knock.

When he turned to shut the door, a soft push alerted him that his guest is just not as tall as him. And so, he looked down and found himself looking at a bunny; Ruka's bunny, no less.

He scooped the bunny in his arms for him to be able to look at it properly. A bar of chocolate found its way to his left hand and he frowned.

"Is this from Ruka?" he asked.

The bunny nods in affirmative.

A small smile graced Natsume's face. He quickly led the bunny to his room and made his way to his desk. He found a small piece of paper and wrote down something.

"Give this to Ruka, will you?" he said to Rein before giving the folded letter to the rabbit. The rabbit raised its placard which says: "Hai!" before darting out.

Ruka nervously pried the letter off his rabbit. 'If Natsume decided to reject him…

He opened the letter.

he seriously doesn't know what he'll do.'

And read its contents. Smoothly written on the piece of paper were the words: meet me in my room.

His heart would definitely jump right out of his chest if he didn't place his trembling hand on it.

'Would Natsume punch him? Would Natsume throw the chocolate, his chocolate, in the bin in front of his face? Surely, Natsume is not that bad, is he?'

Gathering his courage, he picked up the bouquet of roses lying on top of his desk and pick up the card. He walked straight to Natsume's room, fortunately avoiding other students.

He swallowed hard when he found himself in front of Natsume's room. He inhaled… exhaled… and tried to calm his heart before knocking.

Knock. Knock.

No sooner had the second knock vibrated through the empty corridor; the door swung open revealing a newly showered Natsume.

Ruka braced himself for a punch… to be screamed at, but nothing came. Instead, he found himself being pulled towards the room and the resounding lock of Natsume's door made him open his eyes.

Natsume is sitting on the edge of his bed, holding out his chocolate.

"Well, what's the meaning of this?" Natsume asked.

Ruka now stood in front of Natsume and held out the bouquet and the card. He inhaled sharply before saying,

"Will you be my valentine?"

Ruka felt both the bouquet and the card being tugged out of his hands, and soon found himself face to face with Natsume. He doesn't need an answer for what Natsume did next is more than enough.

Natsume's hand found Ruka's nape and gently pushed it to press his lips to Ruka's. The kiss started out slowly and gently but as Ruka's mind started to catch on, he found himself wanting for more. He straddled Natsume while pushing him back on the mattress. He quickly and hungrily assaulted Natsume's sweet lips, earning a moan from both of them.

Natsume rolled them over and pressed Ruka's lithe body flat on the bed. He smirked triumphantly before moving his fingers in between them to slowly unbutton Ruka's shirt, all the while kissing Ruka on the lips passionately. As he was about to throw the garment away, a knock on the door reverberated to the large room.

"Natsume! Are you there? Persona's looking for you." Sumire's voice cut through the door.

Natsume reluctantly stood up to open the door while Ruka rolled off his eyes and wore his shirt back on.


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The bunny's name, Rein-chan, originally came from the word 'pheromone' itself. Pheromone is said to be coined from the Greek word 'pherein' which means "to carry."

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