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A Bunny's Helping Paw

By Snotty Chim-Chim

I caught myself thinking of the last moment I spent with you.

Maybe I'm a little lonely, but being far from you gives me a chance to realize

How much you mean to me and how much I miss your company.

Part Three: Someone Special

Ruka Nogi sighed; his eyes momentarily flickered to his boyfriend before focusing back to their homeroom teacher. It seems that another problem was manifesting itself.

They were currently discussing about the upcoming festival and they feel the need to elect a class representative. They don't want to add more burdens to Yuu Tobita, their class president; he already had so many responsibilities.

And so, the class chose the next best person available for the job – Ruka Nogi. Their homeroom teacher seems to be buying their reasons for making him the class representative.

It's not that he opposed the idea; he was just hesitant because it would mean he would get to spend less time with Natsume. It would be too hard trying to joggle his time between his work as a class representative and being Natsume's boyfriend; and to think that their anniversary falls on the same day as the festival.

"It's decided then, Ruka Nogi is now our class representative." Their homeroom teacher announced.

Ruka snapped his head to his homeroom teacher and was about to protest when Natsume stopped him.

"The job suites you; besides, it seems that nothing can change his decision." Natsume pointed to their homeroom teacher who was currently packing his things.

"But that means spending less time with you." Ruka looked at Natsume worriedly.

"There's nothing to worry about." Natsume placed a chaste kiss on Ruka's lips before going out of the classroom.

Ruka gazed on Natsume's retreating back, wondering if his boyfriend really approved it.

"It's not that I can exactly tell him what I feel, anyway. I'd only be a hindrance to his success." Natsume muttered under his breath.

Hyuuga Natsume went out of the high school grounds and heads to the dormitories.

He decided to avoid Ruka from now on.

It seems that the famous adage 'one shouldn't make decisions when angry' spoke the truth.

For Natsume's decision would only hurt them both.

Ruka's schedule started to get busy as the day of the festival draws near.

After their classes, each member of the festival committee needs to head directly to their office for emergency meetings. However, these emergency meetings occur on a daily basis. And so, Ruka found no time to talk to Natsume.

While Ruka walks to their office, he wondered why Natsume was avoiding him. His boyfriend seems to be avoiding him ever since the decision for him to be the class representative was made.

Whenever Ruka approaches the Natsume, the other teen immediately came up with numerous reasons to excuse himself.

His schedule was already grating on his nerves and his constant worry over Natsume wasn't helping at all.

He decided to talk to Natsume after his emergency meeting with the rest of the committee.

Ruka entered Natsume's room without bothering to knock. He had done this many times before that it had already become a habit.

'It seems that Natsume's been expecting me.'

Ruka sat down on Natsume's bed, taking in the unfamiliar surroundings. Books littered Natsume's desk; Ruka could barely see the familiar picture frame. Sheets were hastily thrown at the foot of the bed, clothes were thrown everywhere.

'Natsume's never been this untidy before.'

Ruka frowned. He started picking up the discarded clothes only to throw them in the washer. His frown deepened when he made Natsume's bed. Something is clearly bugging Natsume for him to be this disorganized.

Ruka was about to return the books on the shelves when the bathroom door opened and out came Natsume.

Natsume was too busy wiping himself dry for him to notice Ruka standing before him. When he looked up, however, he was not surprised to see Ruka in his room. He had been expecting this confrontation and hoped that he could tell Ruka the speech he had been practicing before.

Before Natsume knew it, Ruka pulled him close and kissed him fully on the lips.

After a few moments, when Ruka noticed that Natsume didn't return the kiss, he stepped back before punching Natsume.

"What the hell's wrong with you!?" Ruka shouted angrily. He knew deep down that resorting to this would only worsen the situation, but having your boyfriend ignore you for days on top of your festival responsibilities, he could care less.

"Nothing." Natsume regarded Ruka calmly.

"Nothing!? You've been ignoring and avoiding me for days now and you say it's nothing!"

"So you've noticed, huh."

"Of course I'd notice! I'm your boyfriend, damn it!"

"Yea, about that. I think we both need some time alone." Natsume avoided looking directly at Ruka's piercing eyes.

"What?" Ruka couldn't believe his ears.

'Natsume's breaking up with me?'

"Our relationship won't work. It was wrong from the very beginning and I think it's time to make everything right."

Ruka could only stare at Natsume.

"You don't mean to say that." Ruka stated in a quivering voice.

Natsume said nothing. He quickly averted his eyes when fresh tears descended upon Ruka's cheeks.

"You don't mean it." Ruka said one more time before rushing out of Natsume's room.

Natsume watched Ruka's retreating back before crumbling to the floor, tears streaming down his once calm and collected face.

Ruka dashed towards his own room. As he slammed his door close, he enclosed his bunny, Rein-chan, in a strong embrace.

"He doesn't mean it, does he?" Ruka desperately asked his bunny.

Rein-chan could only gaze at his master with sorrowful eyes.

One week had passed by since Ruka and Natsume's break up. Nobody, apart from Sakura Mikan, seems to notice the tension between the two.

Mikan decided not to interfere for the two are mature enough to settle the matter. When Ruka was forced to partner Natsume during class and they just won't cooperate with each other, however, Mikan decided that, no, they're not mature enough to handle this on their own.

Boys will always be boys, after all.

And so after their class, Mikan asked for Ruka's bunny.

"May I borrow Rein-chan for a while?" Mikan asked Ruka even before he could start packing his things.

"Why?" Ruka narrowed his eyes. He only allowed Rein-chan out of his sight if his bunny was in Natsume's hands.



"Just because. It's really important." Mikan insisted.

"Alright. Be sure give Rein back after the committee's meeting." Ruka reluctantly handed Mikan his bunny.

Mikan smiled in affirmative.

"Rein-chan, I need you to get something from Natsume's room. It must be something of great importance to both of them, alright?" Mikan whispered to Ruka's bunny.

The bunny nods its head before dashing to Natsume's room, determined to help his master.

Mikan waited for a while. When she can see the outline of Ruka's bunny heading towards her, she squinted her eyes to see what he was carrying. When Rein reached her, she was staring at the picture frame clutched in the bunny's hands. Her lips broke into a genuine smile.

'It's time for those two idiots to realize they're perfect for each other.'

Knock. Knock.

Natsume wrenched his eyes away from the place at the corner of his desk where their picture frame was supposed to be before answering the door.

"May I talk to you for a while?" Mikan asked.

Natsume nodded and stepped aside to admit Mikan in his room. He noted that Rein was being carried by Mikan.

"What about?" inquired Natsume as Mikan sat comfortably on his bed.

"Ruka." Mikan answered simply. She noted how Natsume visibly flinched at the mention of his ex-boyfriend's name.

"What about him?" Natsume asked indifferently.

"About Ruka and his relationship with you."

"Since when are you allowed to pry into our lives?" Natsume snapped.

"Ever since I became your friend."

Natsume was about to retort that they were never friends when Mikan cut him off.

"I'm not here to argue with you. I'm here to make you realize that you're perfect for Ruka. And he's perfect for you."

"He's not." Natsume countered.

"Do you really believe in what you're saying?" Mikan said hotly.

"I've thought about it a lot. He's better off without me."

"Well, you thought wrong. You've been an impossible mess ever since you two broke up. You've suffered enough in your life. This time, make yourself happy." Mikan said, standing up.

"But –"

"Open your eyes, Natsume. You're only hurting Ruka and yourself." Mikan handed him their picture frame before striding out of the room.

Natsume watched Mikan exit his room before looking at the picture frame clutched in his right hand. He traced Ruka's face with his left hand.

"Ruka." Natsume smiled sadly.

He silently hoped that he would be back to the time when both he and Ruka had smiles on their faces, just like the picture captured behind the frame.

Knock. Knock.

Ruka lifted his gaze from his album to glance at the clock and then at the door. It was about time Mikan hand his bunny back.

Sure enough, Mikan stood outside with Rein in her hands when Ruka opened the door.

"About time." Ruka was about to take his bunny back when Mikan entered his room.

"I need to ask you something." Mikan said as she eyed Ruka's room with interest. She noticed the album lying innocently on Ruka's bed.

"What is it?" Ruka asked.

"Do you love Natsume?" Mikan went straight to the point.

"He doesn't need me anymore." Ruka averted his eyes.

"That doesn't answer my question."

"What do you want me to say?" Ruka asked, exasperated.

"Only the truth, Ruka."

"I love him. But he doesn't need me anymore, so I let him go." Ruka couldn't prevent the raw emotion he was feeling from showing.

"Apparently, you don't love him enough to make you realize the truth that he still needs you."

"He broke up with me! What the hell does that mean then?" Ruka blurted out.

"That's what you've been telling yourself all this time, wasn't it? If you love Natsume at all, you wouldn't do anything that might destroy him."

"What do you mean?"

"You mean to tell me you haven't noticed that he's been a mess ever since you two broke up?" Mikan eyed Ruka incredulously.

"Of course I noticed."

"Well then, what the hell are you waiting for?"

Mikan placed Rein on Ruka's bed before heading outside.

Ruka's gaze lingered on his and Natsume's picture before plopping down his bed.

"If I want him back in my life, I guess that leaves me no choice then, ne Rein-chan?"

He smiled as his bunny nodded.

The day of the festival arrived and so as their anniversary.

The committee decided to put up booths to cater to everyone's whims. As the festivities started, no one noticed that two students were missing.

Natsume pulled open his door but before he could step out, someone blocked his way.

"Ruka." Natsume acknowledged.

Ruka couldn't stop himself from smiling when he heard Natsume say his name. It had been a long time since he last heard Natsume's voice.

When Natsume saw Ruka's smile, his breath was caught in his throat. Natsume already forgot how beautiful the real Ruka look with a smile on his face. Of course, he had seen Ruka smiling on their picture everyday but it just wasn't the same.

"Please, don't push me away." Ruka said desperately before claiming Natsume's lips.

This time, Natsume doesn't need any further coaxing for he eagerly returned the kiss. He already forgot how Ruka's body fitted perfectly against his own. After realizing that both of them were out of breath, Natsume slowly pulled away.

"You know, I caught myself thinking of the last moment I spent with you everyday. Maybe I'm a little lonely, but being far from you gives me the chance to realize how much you mean to me and how much I miss your company. So please, give me another chance to make everything right." Natsume sincerely said.

"No," Natsume froze as Ruka's first word left his boyfriend's mouth. "I should be the one apologizing. I've been an idiot for prioritizing the festival preparations that I could hardly pay you any attention."

Natsume visible relaxed. He led Ruka to the windows and Ruka placed his head on Natsume's broad shoulders.

"I apologize for thinking that our relationship was wrong." Natsume mumbled, not used to apologizing before.

"Well, we're the only ones who can make it right." Ruka stated as his gaze fell on the fireworks display.

"Aa." Natsume leaned down and kissed Ruka's forehead before dragging his boyfriend to his bed.

"Happy anniversary." Ruka smiled sweetly as Natsume ripped off his clothes.

"Hotaru, come on!" Mikan continued to drag her best friend from one booth to another. Hotaru gave up long ago trying to pry Mikan's strong fingers off her wrist.

"You love me, right? Can you get that for me?" Mikan pointed to a stuffed toy that closely resembles her grandfather.

"Haven't you heard me before? I only love myself." This time, Hotaru managed to free herself from Mikan's grip.

"Hotaru!" Mikan shouted indignantly.

As Mikan was too busy sprouting comments on how stingy her best friend was, she failed to notice that Hotaru was already manipulating her latest invention to get the stuffed toy Mikan had previously pointed.


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